Tips for young couples moving to Kuwait

Moving in itself is quite the challenge. But moving to a whole different country even more so. On the other hand, a change such as living in a new country can be incredibly beneficial to you and your partner. It’s exciting to think you have a clean slate in a new place. You can build up from scratch, a new home, new friends, new lifestyle. But before you make this crucial move, we at Easy Move Kuwait have gathered some tips for young couples moving to Kuwait in hopes to help you out on your journey.  Continue reading “Tips for young couples moving to Kuwait”

Last minute packing tips for moving overseas

Moving abroad is a challenging and complex task, whether you have done it before. First of all, you will need to find your new home or a place to stay in the new country you are moving to. Secondly, you will need to prepare and pack all items you want and need to bring. Thirdly, you will need to find a way to transport your goods safely. All the time you need to keep your budget in mind. Also, you need to prepare mentally for such a huge change. There is no doubt, most people find packing as the most demanding of all of these tasks. For that reason, our experienced Easy Move Kuwait experts will ease this process for you by sharing useful packing tips for moving overseas. Also, we will remind you of many important things you should think about when moving overseas. Let’s start! Continue reading “Last minute packing tips for moving overseas”

The things Europeans living in Kuwait miss the most

Living in Europe and considering moving to Kuwait? Even if it sounds like a radical step, you are not alone. According to recent studies, there are about 18000 Europeans living in Kuwait. Believe it or not, for many expect around the globe, Kuwait is a popular destination. The main reason why so many people from Europe move here is looking for better job opportunities and of course, higher salaries. Luckily, for many Europeans, it is pretty simple to build their careers due to the constant demand in the oil industry but also financial sector. Kuwait is well known for its high standards of living and big salaries. So if you want to improve your career, meet new cultures and improve your lifestyle, stay with us. Our Easy Move Kuwait will help you prepare for this step. Also, you will find out what things Europeans living in Kuwait miss the most. Continue reading “The things Europeans living in Kuwait miss the most”

5 reasons why Americans are moving to Saudi Arabia

Many people all around the globe dreaming about living in America. On the other hand, many Americans want to move to another part of the world. Are you considering moving from America to Saudi Arabia? Well, you are at a phenomenal place right now. Many people ask why do Americans are moving to Saudi Arabia. What we have noticed is that they have used to relocate to more exotic destinations where they can enjoy good weather all year round. Also, Americans always searching for new trade markets and better jobs opportunities. There is no doubt, Saudi Arabia has become more and more attractive to foreign people. Thus, Americans are among the people who are glad to move here. But what attracts Americans the most to come to Saudi Arabia? Stay with our Easy Move Kuwait experts, and you will get the answers! Continue reading “5 reasons why Americans are moving to Saudi Arabia”

How to get used to summer heat in Kuwait

If you are preparing to move to Kuwait, there is no better place to be right now. Whether you are moving your business or home to this country, you will need to get ready for relocating to Kuwait. Luckily, our moving and logistics experts will be glad to help you out. Our job will be to ease your moving preparations and remind you of the things you can expect after the move. Before you start doing your moving tasks, you need to explore your new surrounding. This way you will be ready to adapt to your new environment once the relocation is over. One of the hardest questions that bother many people around the world is: what are the ways to get used to summer heat in Kuwait? Kuwait is well-known as one of the hottest countries in the world. Still, you can find your way to adapt to heat. Continue reading “How to get used to summer heat in Kuwait”

Starting a small business in Saudi Arabia in 2021

Are you considering starting a small business in Saudi Arabia? What is different in the year 2021? Saudi Arabia still has one of the top twenty economies in the world. It should be noted, that it is one of the largest economies in the Arab world. It has shown to be an ideal business platform for both global large-scale and small business investors in the Middle East. Although it was challenging in the past for foreign companies looking to establish their businesses in Saudi Arabia things have changed in recent years, even months after the Covid – 19 strike. This is because today, the Saudi Arabia government truly welcomes investments from foreign firms as part of its Vision 2030 plan.  Expats can now 100% own their own companies and small businesses in Saudi Arabia. If you are moving to Saudi Arabia on business, you are welcome! Continue reading “Starting a small business in Saudi Arabia in 2021”

How to bring your used car to Kuwait?

Listen, we all know. Moving can be an extremely arduous process. From having to organize and plan the entire move, to the actual relocation. And everything in between. However, one of the hardest parts of the move is relocation is knowing how to ship your vehicle. In fact, knowing how to bring your used car to Kuwait is quite a complex procedure. However, it doesn’t need to be like that. Continue reading “How to bring your used car to Kuwait?”

What is a reverse culture shock and how to deal with it?

Returning to your home country might leave you feeling out of place or slightly disoriented. You might feel the same way that you have felt when you were relocating to Kuwait or leaving it. This is called a reverse culture shock. It is completely normal to feel this way for a while. Read the text below to find out how to overcome this feeling. Continue reading “What is a reverse culture shock and how to deal with it?”

Best practices of global shipping – 2021 edition

Being a successful company that deals with global shipping in today’s day and age is proving to be ever-growing more difficult. You need to comply with customs regulations, industry practices and choose the right transportation options. However, doing that can be overwhelming, to say the least. Given the fact of the daily, ever-changing circumstances. In the hopes of smoother sails, we’ve drafted this guide with the best practices of global shipping. So, with that in mind, let’s show you exactly what you need to do to thrive in today’s industry. Continue reading “Best practices of global shipping – 2021 edition”

3 ways to track air cargo

Are you thinking about shipping your goods by air?  Are looking for an air freight company? Or are you just exploring the options for tracking your cargo? If yes, use Easy Move Kuwait overview to find out 3 ways to track air cargo. Shipping goods by air is the fastest and the safest way to transport goods. But what happens with your goods along the way, starting with the first mile, storage time, time at the airports, and the very last mile. How do you track and trace your goods? Continue reading “3 ways to track air cargo”