How to ship large and heavy items internationally?

Packing and shipping of small items are relatively easy. But, how to ship large and heavy items internationally. It is relatively complicated without a little help and tips. This is the thing where you have to ask for help. Logistics companies in Kuwait believe in the concept of planning and organization. So, you can contact us and let us help, we will determine the fastest transportation route and method. Many people are afraid to ship large items, especially if is in some other country. But, they do not have to with the right company and simple tips.

Man is lifting heavy box
Do not complicate. There are few simple tips to ship large and heavy items internationally easy and quickly

Ship large and heavy items internationally by following these steps

There are few simple steps and everything will be easy. Fortunately, we are here to help you. You can do this in many different ways, of course. You can send items via sea freight Kuwait for example. But first, you should do something before you ship any item. Follow these three steps. Let’s start.

#1 Measure

You will need to know the total volume of your large item and also the weight. The price depends on it. Volume is easy to measure. First, measure the length, width, and height of your item you will ship. Then, multiply those numbers together and you will get the volume. For example, an item is 3 feet long, 2 feet wide and 4 feet high. So, the volume is 24 cubic feet (3*2*4=24). Keep your measurements consistent when performing your calculations. Do NOT mix meters with feet or feet with inches. Doing it will give you incorrect volumes and may end up costing you much more.

Ruler for measuring
Take a ruler and measure the large item you have to ship, that’s how you will know the volume

#2 Shipping equipment

After you have measured your item volume you should choose the large shipping container or large shipping box. Packing must be able to fit your item. For example, if your volume is up to 50 cubic feet, then the box or container must be at least 50 cubic feet too. The problem is if your items don’t fit in one of our containers. What to do then? Luckily, we have solutions for that too.

plastic wrap, scissors and duct tape for packing
The equipment you will need to secure your item. Duct tape, scissors and plastic wrap with bubbles

Fully wrap the item all around at least twice with plastic wrap and secure with lots of duct tape or 2-inch packing tape. After that make a box. Take cardboard cartons or cardboard sheets and make large overlapping sections with the cardboard adding 3-4 inches on every dimension and stick them together. The good thing is it does not have to look pretty. Crush up newspaper into balls and fill in the bottom. Do the same for the sides and lastly, the top to secure your item(s).

#3 Shipping options

Everything is packed. You are finished with that. Now, you should choose shipping options. There are pros and cons to any shipping method, of course. But, there are some main categories.

  • First is real-time shipping quotes – automatically calculated by a carrier.
  • The second is fixed shipping charges – you define.
  • The third, free shipping – you can offer that.
  • The fourth – Advanced shipping functionality. If you want to ship large and heavy items internationally, you have to choose one of these options.

Real-time shipping quotes

This is a popular option. It allows your customers to pay the exact shipping fees. Real-time quotes are calculated by package size and weight, destination and departing address. As you can see, this is not a good option for large items that you want to ship internationally. It is for merchants who sell small to medium-sized products or store owners still working to fully understand their profit margins and shipping models. The con of this option is that you will probably end up breaking even on shipping costs.

Flat rates

It requires a bit of preparation because you should figure out your average cost of shipping. Fixed shipping include flat rate per item, flat rate per order, ship by weight and by order total. It is designed for people with a standardized product line of similar sizes and weights. It is more for shipping small packages internationally. Also, if you sell a variety of products with different sizes and weights this method will not work.

Free shipping

If you’re considering offering free shipping in any capacity, then you will need to know how much it actually costs to ship your products. That will help you make the right call on whether or not you can offer free shipping. It is ideal for just about every business. Although you’ll need to crunch the numbers.

Advanced shipping functionality

Earth from the space
People are connected in every way. It will not be a big problem to ship an item, even to the other side of the world. It is possible

This might be your solution. Because it is for high size variability within your product catalog, multiple shipping origins including drop shipping, and particularly large items and freight requirements. A benefit of this option is you will have full control over shipping rates and be able to define preferred carriers and shipping methods. Also, another benefit is that you can manage shipping activity across carriers, accessing key order information like time in transit. Find shipping companies in Kuwait and calculate everything.

It is not complicated to ship large and heavy items internationally. Now, you have all the information you need for it. Measure, pack, and ship. Choose your way to send it and which cargo transportation method is the best for you? What is the best solution for you? Watch the video below and get some more information. Of course, check the company you will hire to ship your large and heavy items internationally. Be sure and protect yourself, it is the most important thing. Good luck.