Best shipment tracking software in 2021

Software and notifications are just as important as trucks and cargo aircraft when it comes to delivering items in e-commerce. The majority of eCommerce company owners will never see a shipping container in their lifetime. They will, however, be exposed to package tracking software that is accessible over the internet. Customers have come to expect to see it as well. Despite the well-known costs of bad delivery, most merchants fall short when it comes to the last mile. In fact, 58.6% of consumers believe shops are only mediocre at fulfilling last-mile delivery expectations. And, due to the Amazon Effect, standard benchmarks for those expectations are only rising. Bad shipment tracking may lead to extra expenses such as supply chain delays, workflow obstructions, customer support charges, and, worst of all, lost clients. This is why Easy Move Kuwait is here to share with you the best shipment tracking software in 2021. Continue reading “Best shipment tracking software in 2021”

Pre-move paperwork when relocating your vehicle too

When moving to a new country, it’s only expected you’d want to bring your car with you. Now the issue arises when you’re not sure what paperwork when relocating your vehicle you need. But fret not, we at Easy Move Kuwait are here to show you the step-by-step process. It’s nothing overwhelming, and by the end of the article, you’ll see it won’t even take up too much of your time. Now, let’s get started! Continue reading “Pre-move paperwork when relocating your vehicle too”

Shipping construction goods explained

As usual, we are here to clarify what certain things are for. Today, we will try to bring you closer to the topic of understanding how shipping construction goods work. Although that seems a bit tough to explain, trust us, it’s a piece of cake. Anyway, you should get in touch with professionals such as Easy Move KW to understand the process of shipping goods in general. On the other hand, we will try to tell you how these things work without confusing you. Continue reading “Shipping construction goods explained”

Shipping your car to Saudi Arabia explained

So, you made a decision. You are migrating to Saudi Arabia. However, your vehicle is too precious to leave behind. That is why to make thorough research about shipping your car to Saudi Arabia before you start the process.  Car shipping to Saudi Arabia is a very difficult process with numerous obstacles and quirks.  You are going to need to hire a professional company that includes specialist car shippers in order to ensure the job is completed to the maximum satisfaction. Your precious car should arrive in Saudi Arabia completely safe. You will need to learn all about your options. Starting from the cost of shipping a car to methods of shipping your vehicle. A good company will give you all the necessary details. In addition, you will feel safe and your car will be safe too. Continue reading “Shipping your car to Saudi Arabia explained”

All the benefits of warehouse automation

There is no doubt, it seems like everyone is talking about warehouse automation and its pros and cons these days. . Although this is a popular topic these days, we are not talking about a recent innovation. Warehouse automation is known since 1953 and the first automated storage and retrieval system were made in 1960. Nowadays, with the booming of e-commerce, warehouse automation is more and more important. Automation is rapidly changing the warehousing industry in many ways. Also, robotics continues to emerge as a large and influential market. There are numerous benefits businesses can gain from the latest technologies. To help you understand all advantages of warehouse automation, we will share with you the answers of our business leaders and warehouse Kuwait experts. Stay with us and find out precisely how companies could profit thanks to all benefits of warehouse automation. Continue reading “All the benefits of warehouse automation”

How to spot fraudulent movers?

The moving industry is constantly expanding all over the world. New moving companies pop up almost every day. With many start-up moving companies you may be wondering how to find the best company to move your home or relocate your belongings. Finding reliable removal companies on the market may be quite easy. On the other hand, it is important to know exactly how to check the moving company to avoid having to deal with unreliable moving companies. If you are wondering how to find reliable movers, use advice from professionals. Keep reading and find out how to spot fraudulent movers. Continue reading “How to spot fraudulent movers?”

Dubai custom services – all there is to know about free zones

Keeping up with things related to transporting goods and customs services is very important. This is especially the case when you’re the one shipping and taking care of the logistics. In that case, you ought to also know about free zones. This is something you could really benefit from. However, to relocate in general, you could use help from Easy Move KW. We will not only help you relocate but teach you a few useful tips. Continue reading “Dubai custom services – all there is to know about free zones”

Starting a small business in Saudi Arabia in 2021

Are you considering starting a small business in Saudi Arabia? What is different in the year 2021? Saudi Arabia still has one of the top twenty economies in the world. It should be noted, that it is one of the largest economies in the Arab world. It has shown to be an ideal business platform for both global large-scale and small business investors in the Middle East. Although it was challenging in the past for foreign companies looking to establish their businesses in Saudi Arabia things have changed in recent years, even months after the Covid – 19 strike. This is because today, the Saudi Arabia government truly welcomes investments from foreign firms as part of its Vision 2030 plan.  Expats can now 100% own their own companies and small businesses in Saudi Arabia. If you are moving to Saudi Arabia on business, you are welcome! Continue reading “Starting a small business in Saudi Arabia in 2021”

Guide to importing textiles to the US

Whether we are talking about clothes, yarns, or accessories for furniture, importing textiles to the US needs to be researched prior to sending. If you are running a business that deals with textiles in general, knowing the overall rules and regulations of the country you are sending the items to is very important. As the US has multiple government agencies working on regulating the textile people import, you need to ensure that everything is done according to those regulations and laws. However, if you are uncertain about how you should approach this, your best solution is to hire a company that can help you, like Easy Move Kuwait. With a professional logistics company behind your back, you reduce the chances of issues that might occur during the transportation period. Continue reading “Guide to importing textiles to the US”

Business opportunities in the Middle East

The economic models of many Middle Eastern countries have been changing in recent years. What business opportunities in the Middle East are emerging nowadays? Primarily, these economies have based their wealth on oil, but technology, transportation, e-commerce, education are new emerging branches. Consequently, they could remake the entire future modern economies in the Middle East. Across the Middle East, foreign ownership has traditionally been very hard to establish. However, governments in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain, and the UAE  have started to change this, making their economies progressively accessible to foreign investors and startups, especially in technology and fintech. Continue reading “Business opportunities in the Middle East”