Pros and Cons of Relocating to Qatar

Are you thinking about relocating to Qatar? You are at the right place. We can give you all pros and cons of doing so. If you are leaving Kuwait and moving to a tiny Gulf nation, consider using help from international movers Kuwait. You need professional moving help when moving from one country to another. You can have smooth and easy relocation to Qatar.

Relocating to Qatar

Qatar has a lot to offer. With its high quality of living, great education, and excellent health care can be a warm country for all ex-pats. Qatar isn’t just the skyscrapers and shiny malls of Doha; it is much more. If you are moving to Doha, you will see that this country is also a great place for all of you searching for exciting job opportunities. Qatar has success in oil, banking, financial services, and technology, where you can start your new career.

Before you start packing your belongings for relocating to Qatar, read the pros and cons of this family-oriented place.

A view of the city that one might see after relocating to Qatar
Relocating to Qatar could be challenging.

Finding a home in Qatar: Pros and cons

When you are planning your move to Qatar, it is important to find a new home for you and your family. You should find your next place to live before you hire logistics companies in Kuwait to help you ship your stuff to Qatar. So, you need to know your new address where your stuff can be shipped and delivered. Finding a home in any country isn’t easy, so you should read our pros and cons of searching next home in Qatar.

Searching for houses in Qatar: Pros

Ex-pat accommodation in Qatar is constantly being built, so you can find your dream house easily. Most houses in Qatar and complexes have on-site amenities such as pools, gyms, dry cleaners and cafés.

Cons:  Limited choice of accommodation

Accommodation choices in Qatar are limited to villas and high-rise apartments. So, searching for a home in a popular destination with a big waiting list and similar facilities can be frustrating.

Lifestyle in Qatar

A common stereotype about living in Qatar is that it is a conservative and traditional country. Qatar has many things to do and see while you are living there, so take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about these places. It is a country with constant population growth and economy, which lead to a more attractive lifestyle.

Pros – plenty of exciting activities

People in Qatar are friendly and open to ex-pats. Everybody that comes here to live with great international shipping companies in Kuwait will have a lot of exciting activities to do. You can quickly start conversations with your neighbors and colleagues at work and with the large ex-pat community that lives here. Families have a lot of great places where they can find fun, from schools to large mom’s groups. The best part is the climate, which is slightly unpleasant during summer, but you will have a lot of pleasant days in winter.

A high skyscraper in Qatar
Searching for houses in Qatar can be easy because this country has a constant growth of ex-pat accommodation.

Cons – not too many outdoor activities

Although they have great outdoor activities opportunities, Qatar’s people are interested in something other than these options. The biggest problems are too high temperatures most of the year, and lack of green areas for walking and rest. You can go outdoors only in some parts of the day, which could be uncomfortable.

Safety in Qatar

When moving to another country, you must research the country well. The most important is will you and your family will be safe there. You can be relaxed when Qatar is about. It is a country with a meager crime rate.

Pros – it is a safe country

With the lowest crime rate in this part of the world, Qatar is the safest place for you and your family. The best part is that it is the safest place for women and men, with a low petty crime rate.

Cons – traffic could be unsafe

Qatar is known for attentive driving, which remained the same despite stringent laws and regulations. Professionals operating within shipping companies in Kuwait recommend using their services to avoid problems in driving and transporting. You should also use the metro and public transportation as safer options.

Skyscrapers in Qatar at night
Education in Qatar: Qatar is investing big money into education, science, and technology, and it has the best teachers from all around the world.

Working in Qatar

Many ex-pats come to Qatar for a job, but you can easily change the company and the position once you come here. It is for sure that this country supports employees in many details and provides excellent support for their families.

Pros – they have high salaries

If you have decided to move to Qatar, among the pros and cons of relocating to Qatar is now working in this country is positioned. They have high salaries and possibilities to upgrade your working positions. Many large companies support their employees and families so that you can expect great scholarships and benefits.

Cons – relaxed work culture

Unlike many worldwide companies, companies in Qatar have a relaxed working culture. It does not mean that you will be able to avoid a job whenever you want. Most companies do not have strict working times or regulations for all employees. Many companies have specific working times, and you will sometimes need help to finish the job in one day. Stay calm about the transport, though. Professional freight forwarders in Kuwait will be open the whole day. Another problem is language since only a few talk English frequently.

Cost of living in Qatar

Regarding the cost of living in Qatar, the biggest pro is affordable fuel! And the biggest con is that Qatar’s living cost is quite high. Generally, food in Qatar is expensive, and household goods are too.

Education in Qatar

If you are moving with your children to Qatar, besides hiring the best Kuwait movers for your relocation, finding the perfect school for your children is also important. Everything should be ready before you move to this Gulf country. So, make sure when you start your search for your new Qatar home also to find the best education for your kids.

The public school system in Qatar is for locals because it is taught in Arabic. But, most private schools follow an American or British curriculum.  The biggest pro of education in Qatar is the quality of education. Qatar is investing big money into education, science, and technology, and it has the best teacher worldwide. But, be aware of limited space in schools and the high tuition cost, so this is the con of education in Qatar.

Other pros of relocating to Qatar

  • Qatar has a great lifestyle – entertainment and cultural attractions are developing
  • You can easily make friends in small and ex-pats communities
  • If you are moving with your children to Qatar, many moms’ groups and activities for kids in Doha exist
  • Qatar has many museums, cultural events, and beautiful desert views
  • Winters in Qatar are mild and great because you can have outdoor activities like beach picnics
  • The country has low crime rates
  • Salaries in Qatar are relatively high
  • The ex-pat community in Qatar is small, friendly, and welcoming. You can find many ex-pat activities – ex-pats clubs, events, shopping, etc.
Qatar as seen from the air
Qatar has a great lifestyle – entertainment and cultural attractions are developing. So, you can enjoy many activities and events.

 Cons of relocating to Qatar

  • Extreme weather – very hot summer, which can make Qatar from June to August a ghost country
  • Because of the hot temperatures during the summer, Qatar doesn’t have a lot of outdoor activities
  • Doha doesn’t have a walkable downtown area; if you want to visit shops and cafes, you will need to drive
  • Be patient at your new work because it is possible that many of your coworkers don’t know English or they know its basics – English isn’t their first language
  • Be prepared for the culture shock, but if you are moving from Kuwait, you will not have a big culture shock because many things are similar in all Gulf countries
  • Qatar has a divided society
  • Driving on Qatar roads can be difficult because of their driving manner

Healthcare in Qatar

PRO: It is easy to have health insurance in Qatar

If you are an ex-pat who is moving to Qatar for a job opportunity, your employer can provide your health insurance. In another case, you must apply for a Hamad Card in order to have health care at the Hamad Medical Corporation.

 CON: Ex-pats are still not comfortable with healthcare in Qatar

After relocating to Qatar, many ex-pats are still uncomfortable and afraid of being treated in a foreign country instead of their home countries.