How to Calculate International Moving Expenses

Learning how to calculate international moving expenses is essential. Moreover, a complex process like this involves several factors. The great place to start is by getting quotes from several reputable movers Kuwait residents and those abroad rely on. They can estimate the costs based on the above factors and help you understand the cost breakdown. In addition, ensure you have asked questions and clarified any uncertainties before making a final decision.

How to calculate international moving expenses?

The cost of an international move can vary greatly depending on several factors, including the distance of the move. Furthermore, the volume of goods being moved and the mode of transportation will both influence the final cost. Then, there’s the cost of packing and unpacking services, customs and duties fees, and others.

Distance and weight

The distance between your location and your new place is the first factor, and one of the most significant at that, that will determine the cost of your move. The farther you move, the more expensive it is likely to be. When calculating the cost of relocation, international moving companies typically take into account the price per kilogram or cubic meter. Of course, the cost per kilogram or cubic meter can vary, depending on the country of origin and the destination. In addition, different companies have different rates per distance and weight.

a person counting money while trying to understand how to calculate international moving expenses
Are you trying to understand how to calculate international moving expenses? Well, you can start by taking into account the weight of your items and the distance that will be covered.

Volume of goods

The number of belongings you are moving will also impact the cost of your move. The more items you have, the more packing boxes in Kuwait you will need, and the more expensive it will be to pack, transport, and unload them. The cost of packing and unpacking your belongings will also depend on the volume, but also on the fragility of your belongings. Consider hiring professional packers to ensure your belongings are packed safely and securely. Now, whether you need to store your belongings temporarily before or after your move, you must factor in the storage cost.

International storage

The cost of international storage can depend on many factors, which may include the location, duration, size, and type of storage unit required. Residential moving companies Kuwait offers calculate the cost of international storage depending on the country of origin and destination and the specific storage option and level of service offered.

  • Get estimates from several reputable international storage providers to understand how to calculate international moving expenses.
  • Compare their services and prices to determine the best option for your needs and budget.
  • Review the terms and conditions of the storage contract to understand the costs and benefits included in the price.

Include additional costs

To better understand the cost of an international move, you should obtain quotes from several reputable global moving companies. The sections should provide a detailed breakdown of the estimated costs, including transportation fees, packing and unpacking charges, customs and duties fees, insurance, and other related expenses.


Most moving companies offer basic coverage as part of their moving services, typically covering lost or damaged items up to a certain amount per pound. However, companies may require you to cover the total value of your belongings. Therefore, it is recommended to consider purchasing additional insurance to protect your belonging during transit.

Custom and import taxes

Customs and import taxes are fees that the government of the destination country imposes on goods that are being imported. The number of customs and import taxes charged relies on several factors. This includes the value of the goods, the country of origin, and the type of imported goods.

The customs process involves the inspection and clearance of goods by customs officials. In brief, they want to ensure that everything complies with the laws and regulations of the destination country. Import taxes are typically calculated as a percentage of the value of the goods you want to import for a particular reason. They, too, can vary widely depending on the country of destination and the type of imported goods.

A person signing a document
You need to remember that there will be customs and duty fees to cover.

Check for hidden costs

In addition to customs and import taxes, there may be other fees associated with international shipping, such as port fees, handling fees, and documentation fees. Carefully reviewing and understanding all the costs of international shipping is paramount. Moreover, you must factor them into your budget when planning an international move.

How does the type of shipping affect the price?

The cost of an international move can vary depending on the mode of transportation used for shipping. Sea and air freight are among the most common types of international shipping and factors that can impact the costs.

Sea freight

Shipping by sea is often the most cost-effective option for international moves. Companies calculate sea freight costs typically based on the distance between the origin and destination ports. But the cost includes the volume or weight of the shipment too and the type of container used. Additional fees may include terminal handling charges.

A boat in the middle of the ocean
Sea freight is a preferred method of international shipping.

Air freight

Shipping by air tends to be more expensive than sea freight but can be a faster option for time-sensitive shipments. Companies typically calculate the air freight cost by taking the shipment’s weight and volume. Additionally, they can use the distance between the origin and destination airports. Additional fees may include handling, customs clearance, and documentation fees.

Land freight

Shipping by land is typically only an option for moves within a continent or region. Yet, companies calculate the cost of land freight generally based on the distance between the origin and destination. They include the volume or weight of the shipment as well. Furthermore, you can include tolls or fees for crossing borders or using certain highways.

Inform yourself of all the costs

As you have realized by now, the cost of an international move can evidently vary depending on many factors. These include the volume and type of items you want to ship, packing and unpacking services, along with customs and duties fees that may apply. Although seemingly complicated, it is easy to understand how to calculate international moving expenses. Should you follow our guidelines, we are sure everything will be alright.