Basics of business culture in Kuwait

When you have business relations around the globe, it is good to learn about the various business etiquettes. Each country has its own way of nurturing particular business culture. Learning about the business habits of other nations leads to stronger and more stable cooperation. Local customs regarding clothes, tardiness, and language may help us have a better understanding of people and build stronger business ties. With a view of establishing good relations, a top-class moving company Easy Move Kuwait offers a short guide through the business culture in Kuwait. Learning about the local business customs will help you improve your trading and negotiation skills. Continue reading “Basics of business culture in Kuwait”

Tips to a successful customs brokerage process

The current customs environment is strict. A successful importing profile depends on compliance and accurate information. To make sure you have a trouble-free customs process, it is critical to remain diligent, to take reasonable care, and to be accountable. Easy Move Kuwait will help you uncover what is customs brokerage, and give you tips to a successful customs brokerage process. Continue reading “Tips to a successful customs brokerage process”

Is zero carbon shipping even possible?

In terms of volume, 90% of all goods worldwide are transported by shipping. Globalization relies on moving goods across oceans, such as oil, computers, clothes, and food, making almost anything more affordable and easier to obtain. The shipping of goods by sea, however, consumes roughly 300 million tons of very dirty fuel. International maritime shipping produces nearly 3 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions, giving it a carbon footprint similar to the one of a mid-sized country. We raise numerous questions, is zero carbon shipping even possible? Here at Easy Move Kuwait, we will uncover what are the biggest problems and resolutions to reduce carbon emissions. Continue reading “Is zero carbon shipping even possible?”

Benefits of moving to a warmer climate

You’re still thinking over your decision to move to Kuwait? Perhaps you’re unsure due to the climate of the region, or some other issues you may be facing. But you might be surprised to find out that there are many benefits of moving to a warmer climate! A change might be just what you need, and if you’re not afraid of the heat, Kuwait offers so many wonderful things to experience. Let us at Easy Move Kuwait give you some examples and ease your worries. Continue reading “Benefits of moving to a warmer climate”

Best practices of shipping parcels to Qatar

Some of Qatar’s land and air borders have been closed as a result of the ongoing turbulence in Qatar’s foreign relations. As a result, the delivery should be handled and organized by a reputable and trustworthy shipping service. You don’t have to worry about your package or things being handled by Easy Move Kuwait. We can offer you a smooth and easy shipping experience. All you have to do is fill out the quote form and we’ll take care of the rest for you. We make it simple and safe to ship to Qatar. That being said, we will gladly let you in on what are some of the best practices of shipping parcels to Qatar. Continue reading “Best practices of shipping parcels to Qatar”

Reasons to expand your business to Dubai

If you are looking to relocate or grow your business, you should expand your business to Dubai. A lot of moving companies in Kuwait now offer services that will ease your growth or transit to Dubai. A couple of decades ago, Dubai was just a hot sandy desert, but the country is now experiencing perhaps the fastest overnight development in history. A report by the Global Financial Centres Index places Dubai as the eighth-best financial center in the world. Dubai has become one of the most attractive business locations for investors. Dubai’s economy is very strong and continues to grow and diversify all the time, making it very conducive to domestic and foreign businesses alike. Continue reading “Reasons to expand your business to Dubai”

Best practices for logistics companies to respond to COVID-19 Crisis

Lockdowns in several regions of the world have resulted in the closure of some portions of the industry. While others have remained open. Often, this has been done in isolation from a comprehension of how an integrated supply chain functions. Each component is dependent on the subsequent or preceding link in the chain. As a result, ports have remained accessible but access to equipment and inbound and outgoing transit has been restricted. Already, bottlenecks and difficulties arise. One of the most pernicious spillover consequences of the reaction to the COVID-19 outbreak has been a shortage of labor. Hence, an inability to manufacture and transport goods. Luckily, we at Easy Move Kuwait have come up with some solutions to these problems. And we are glad to give you an insight into some of the best practices for logistics companies to respond to the COVID-19 Crisis. Continue reading “Best practices for logistics companies to respond to COVID-19 Crisis”

High value shipping protection measures

Shipping valuable items require special handling by freight forwarders. The safety of any shipment depends on taking certain precautions to make sure it reaches its destination. You should use high-value shipping protection measures during the pick-up, transportation, and delivery of goods. Digital video recording systems, armored transport, and additional insurance coverage can enhance security. Using the best shipping company in Kuwait you can rely on, makes this process much easier. Shipping high-value goods require a number of factors, including current events, customs, legislation, geography, and transportation infrastructure. Logistics costs are affected by a variety of factors. These include distance, business practices, and the quality of the goods that are transported. Continue reading “High value shipping protection measures”

Why is container loading inspection beneficial?

When shipping with a container there is a lot of things that could go wrong. If you are frequent at shipping and/or ordering a large capacity of goods, you might already have evolved a system. It should ensure efficiency and that your merchandise arrives safely and with minimum damage. You might ask, why is container loading inspection beneficial? Here at Easy Move Kuwait, we help you understand if an inspection is necessary for your situation and when to conduct it. Moving companies in Kuwait developed a process for clients that need reassurance while shipping. This will help guarantee that the supplier will follow your loading plan and instructions. Continue reading “Why is container loading inspection beneficial?”

Most popular car brands in Kuwait

Cars are a typical means of displaying riches around the world, and a portion of the Middle East nations’ money derived from oil is appropriately spent on cars. Kuwait, like the majority of other nations in the area, has an insatiable passion and enthusiasm for automobiles, which has resulted in the country’s rising reliance on automobiles. While some automobiles serve as a method of displaying riches without saying a word, others function as a need. We at Easy Move Kuwait have come to love Kuwaiti cars as well. And we are excited to share with you some of the most popular car brands in Kuwait. Continue reading “Most popular car brands in Kuwait”