Best shipment tracking software in 2021

Software and notifications are just as important as trucks and cargo aircraft when it comes to delivering items in e-commerce. The majority of eCommerce company owners will never see a shipping container in their lifetime. They will, however, be exposed to package tracking software that is accessible over the internet. Customers have come to expect to see it as well. Despite the well-known costs of bad delivery, most merchants fall short when it comes to the last mile. In fact, 58.6% of consumers believe shops are only mediocre at fulfilling last-mile delivery expectations. And, due to the Amazon Effect, standard benchmarks for those expectations are only rising. Bad shipment tracking may lead to extra expenses such as supply chain delays, workflow obstructions, customer support charges, and, worst of all, lost clients. This is why Easy Move Kuwait is here to share with you the best shipment tracking software in 2021. Continue reading “Best shipment tracking software in 2021”

How to select the right supplier as a shipper

When it comes to transporting your belongings, it is important to find a reliable supplier.  And another important decision a shipper should make is to identify its suppliers. With all the efforts there is a long list of requirements. Hence the decision is mostly based on price. Even though it is important to have a good supplier relationship. It will result in higher levels of efficiency. Yet it alone will not secure the deal. That’s why it is important to know how to select the right supplier as a shipper. So, Easy Move Kuwait will guide you and help you choose the right supplier. Continue reading “How to select the right supplier as a shipper”

How to reduce supply chain costs?

Modern supply chains are more complicated and widespread than ever before, which can result in risks and financial loss at any and every step. Companies have been grappling with cost-cutting in recent years, as cost-cutting behemoths like Amazon placed pressure on firms to cut expenses while still delivering rapidly and effectively. However, before you get into a cost-cutting mindset, you must first understand where to focus your efforts. That is where we at Easy Move Kuwait sep in. We are more than happy to share with you what we have learned over the years. In the next few paragraphs, we will share with you some of the best ways to reduce supply chain costs. Continue reading “How to reduce supply chain costs?”

Air cargo’s top challenges at the moment

If you’ve ever shipped something overseas, you know how reliable air freight can be. It has quickly become one of the most widely used and trustworthy methods of transporting your cargo. There are surely more positives than negatives. Still, it’s good to stay informed and know all the ins and outs of the service you might be thinking of using. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of air cargo’s top challenges. Here at Easy Move Kuwait, we like to always be open and transparent, that’s exactly why we’re tackling this topic. Continue reading “Air cargo’s top challenges at the moment”

How to import a vehicle from Kuwait?

Are you wanting to import a vehicle from Kuwait? Kuwait has long been known for being a significant importer of new American automobiles. The Kuwaiti vehicle market is also proud to be the eighth-largest U.S. export market for automobiles worldwide. However, the process of shipping a car from Kuwait covers many different areas.  That being said, attempting to negotiate the process alone might not be the brightest idea. We strongly advise you to choose professionals experienced in the field so that everything can go smoothly. Luckily, at international car shipping, you will be able to find all the information you’ll need on hiring the best professional help for the job. And in the next few paragraphs, we’ll try our best to cover the basics of how to import a vehicle from Kuwait. Continue reading “How to import a vehicle from Kuwait?”

Guide for handling hazardous cargo

Running your business successfully requires a lot of effort. You always need to know what your next step should be and pay attention to important processes that your business is consisted of. When it comes to the shipping industry, you surely know there are some goods that are considered hazardous. Unluckily, those dangerous items could cause harm to the well-being and health and of those who are handling them during transport. However, this could happen only if the mentioned items are not properly controlled. So, if you do everything properly, there will be nothing to worry about. What we do next is to give you some advice on handling hazardous cargo. Our Easy Move Kuwait experts will remind you of important things to pay attention to. Keep reading and think about all operations during the transport of dangerous items. Continue reading “Guide for handling hazardous cargo”

How to identify good freight forwarders?

If you have a business with shipping needs, there is no better place to be right now. Whether you plan to import, export, or shipping your cargo internationally, we are just what you are looking for. We know how is like to be in your shoes and how hard it can be for you to handle transport, storing, customs clearance, cargo insurance, etc. Since we can easily handle each of mentioned steps, we want to help you out in running your business successfully. Although we can offer you our services at first, today we want to remind you how important is to find and hire reputable freight forwarders for your business. For that reason, we will help you learn to identify good freight forwarders. Stay with experts from one of the finest international shipping companies in Kuwait and learn a lot. We will help you conduct your business plans smoothly! Continue reading “How to identify good freight forwarders?”

Steps for shipping medical equipment

Medical equipment, much like any other type of equipment, will need some specific care during shipping. This is nothing you need to worry about though. We at Easy Move Kuwait are here to offer the foolproof steps for shipping medical equipment. Following our steps will provide you with the safest option for shipping your medical equipment. Additionally, your equipment will be ready for use immediately! Continue reading “Steps for shipping medical equipment”

How e-commerce growth causes changes in warehousing sector?

There is a lot going on ever since the pandemic took off. Thanks to it, e-commerce became even more popular than it was ever before. Moreover, it affected dropshipping as well. That’s why now we will show you exactly how e-commerce growth causes changes in warehousing in a few words. Anyway, if you’re interested in shipping something yourself, be sure to check out our Easy Move KW page, and learn more. We are there to make your logistics business easier. Continue reading “How e-commerce growth causes changes in warehousing sector?”

Top air freight trends to watch in 2021

During many years behind, air freight was an important part of transporting goods for many businesses worldwide. Every businessman knows that air freight is an ideal way for international transport of cargo and shipments. Besides, air freight is a safe and fast way to transport cargo to any part of the world. Whether you need to transport delicate and valuable items such as electronics or high-in demand goods, air freight will be all you need. If you decide to book air freight Kuwait, you will be surprised how many flights are already booked. Maybe you did not know but behind us are months of strong air cargo performance. Moreover, air cargo becomes in demand, a competitive mode of transport. Today our moving and logistics experts will remind you of some air freight trends to watch in 2021. After you read our article, you may wish to consider this transportation method. Continue reading “Top air freight trends to watch in 2021”