Shipping Furniture in Kuwait: What You Need to Know Beforehand

Shipping furniture in Kuwait can be significantly complex, so many people consider leaving their pieces behind. If you are one of those people, you should think again. There are reasons you should consider when transporting furniture and pieces of it. Before making a decision, Easy Move Kuwait will pack and cheer for you.

Shipping furniture in Kuwait

If you still doubt whether transporting furniture is a wise decision, you should consider all steps you should take before it.

Wall with a clock on it
Shipping furniture in Kuwait could be challenging.

Is shipping your furniture worth of effort?

The first question is if your new furniture fits into the new place. To decide, take some measurements before you hire a moving company. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of money bringing that beautiful couch in for nothing. As workers in the company say — always measure twice and ship once. Also, Kuwait’s climate can be completely different from other climates. You will maybe need to leave it outside for prolonged periods. It would help if you considered hiring warehousing companies in Kuwait in that case.

Prepare equipment and packing material

When shipping furniture in Kuwait, start with equipment. You will need the proper tools and equipment for shipping, assembling, and protecting. Professional cargo companies in Kuwait have all you need, so rely on them.

  • Among other items, you will need to prepare a lot of duct tape, especially to seal large boxes;
  • You will need professional tools for reassembling furniture;
  • Organizing shipping to Qatar needs time, so ensure you have prepared all the tools in advance.

Make sure that you have prepared everything properly

When shipping furniture, you should consider a lot of things. As established, you will need adequate tools and packing materials. Furthermore, relying on the moving company is crucial at this moment.

Prepare the furniture

Furniture has parts you can easily remove, like door handles or ornaments. You should remove everything that can fall off during transport. For instance, if moving a desk, check if its drawers are empty. Do not leave anything inside. After all, doors can open, and you can lose precious items. We advise you to learn more about furniture disassembling so you can separate everything into smaller parts.

Modern bedroom interior including pieces that will soon be going through the process of shipping furniture in Kuwait
Some pieces of furniture are better left behind.

Sensitive parts and items

It would help if you were extremely careful with antiques. Packing and protecting those pieces isn’t as easy as others. If you have expensive frames or detailed tables, prepare unique packing material. You can lose expensive pieces or damage them during transport. For that reason, estimate the moving costs and the value of those items before packing. Furthermore, be careful with furniture with fragile parts, most of which have glass. Use only excellent packing material for those purposes, like wrapping plastic and paper, not newspaper, to avoid dark spots and marks. You will see the color spots on the bottom of the page newspapers, too. You can also use towels and blankets to protect fragile parts.


People usually leave mattresses behind since they take up a lot of space. However, you can use them as protection. Put the bed on the bottom of the vehicle, and pack fragile items on the top. Leave old mattresses with stains and buy new ones after moving. They are not worth carrying with you. We hope that, with the newly found knowledge, you have realized that shipping furniture in Kuwait isn’t that difficult. That said, we encourage you to make this job even more manageable!