Shipping a bike to Kuwait – a thorough guide

There are some things you will need to think about before shipping a bike to Kuwait. For instance, are you able to ship something to Kuwait successfully? There are several things you will need to be thinking about. For instance, you will need to think about everything you can about laws and regulations about shipping. In a way, you will be able to do your shipping process without any issues only if you know-how. Of course, you can also make sure to find an amazing shipping company. Then, they will be doing all the work instead of you. Sometimes it is better to hire professionals to help you out than to make a mistake. After all, you are not a professional shipper, and you do not know what to expect when it comes to this one. So, we highly recommend that you hire some experts or read our guide! Continue reading “Shipping a bike to Kuwait – a thorough guide”

Dealing with summertime move to Kuwait

What is the best season to move to Kuwait?  Are you preparing for yours? Summer might not be the best time to explore Kuwait but depending on what parameters you are moving you might not have a choice but to take the advantage of the sunshine. Undoubtedly, a lot of people plan to move during the summer due to work and changes in professional life. So, it is no surprise, that summer is the busiest time of the year in the moving industry as a huge number of people relocate in this period. However, moving is challenging regardless of location and period. Thus, have a look at some hints on moving to Kuwait during the summer months that can help you go through this process smoothly. Continue reading “Dealing with summertime move to Kuwait”

Relocating from Europe to Kuwait City

If you are considering relocating from Europe to Kuwait City, know that it is a very popular location for expats. To give you a better idea, know that they encompass about two-thirds of the population. It has a great financial sector, is renowned for its oil industry and high salaries. A bonus is that you do not have to pay taxes on your earnings to Kuwait. Foreign citizens are not allowed to own property because of foreign ownership restrictions, therefore renting a place out would be your best option. Continue reading “Relocating from Europe to Kuwait City”

International shipping during the pandemic – what has changed?

There isn’t a person on the street that hasn’t heard about the Covid-19 virus and its impact on the world. This widespread virus has changed everything. The way we work, live and communicate. It has seeped so deep into our society filling every nook and cranny, fundamentally changing the way things were. For better, or worse. So, no wonder why international shipping during the pandemic has proven to be quite a challenge. From the first global march lockdowns of 2020…o the Ever Given mega-ship that blocked traffic in the Suez Canal for almost a week in March of 2021. The first year of this pandemic hasn’t been easy on global trade. And, in the midst of this uncertainty, we are here to ask and answer one simple question – what has changed?

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Features of a decent transport company

Planning a long-term move to a distant location? No need to worry, Easy Move Kuwait is a company with well-trained professionals who will help you out all the way through your relocation process. On the other hand, you need to make sure you need to know all about the company you’re hiring to help you move. That’s you should check out our great tips to help you decide. Also, you will see what you need to look after when planning a move. Moreover, you’ll learn all about the features of a decent transport company.

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How to inspect your car before and after shipping?

When you plan on relocating, you will likely have some of the more difficult items in your inventory to pack and safely ship to a new location. One of them may be your car. If you are organizing a shipment of your car, there are a few things you should know in order to do it properly. In this article, we are going to cover all of the ways you can inspect your car before and after shipping. Furthermore, we are going to cover the most important reasons why you should hire professional and reliable movers that can help you with international car shipping

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Should you trust online reviews when choosing a warehouse?

Whatever service you want to use there’s a high probability that you’ll look it up online for comments and ratings. That’s not a bad idea but can you trust every review online? For that reason, you need to pay attention even to the smallest details. Here are just some things we at Easy Move Kuwait want you to know before you give your trust online reviews when choosing a warehouse. Make sure to process all information and choose the warehouse that fits your needs the most.

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How to pick the best company to help you transport your possessions

When you’re moving it’s difficult to do it by yourself. For that reason, people hire professional movers. They make the job easier and will do it quicker than you. However, there’s still one question that we at Easy Move Kuwait want to help you answer. How to find the best company to help you transport your possessions? It takes a lot to answer it, but here are just some things you need to pay attention to when picking movers.

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Preparing your expensive stuff for relocation

Listen, we understand. Moving can a terribly stressful experience. Research suggests that it can be one of the more demanding experiences you can undergo. And for good reason as well, right? Just think about it. You first have to make a plan, make sure everything is neatly packed, order vehicle shipping, and much more. And that’s not even considering the question of preparing your expensive stuff for relocation. That thing alone could be too much to handle for some. So, how does one prepare for such a move? Does it need to be that hard?

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Moving from Kuwait to Europe

Moving long-distance is not an easy process to handle. However, moving from one continent to another is something you should plan one step at a time. Without a proper plan, moving from Kuwait to Europe can easily become complicated. Besides getting ready, there will be some changes you should prepare for. For example, if you never lived in Europe before, you should learn about the culture and different ways of living. The most important thing when moving long-distance is to plan ahead of time.

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