Easy Move offers advanced and professional logistics & transportation services for the needs of our clients. We understand that not everyone has the same requirements when it comes to relocation of property. This is why our logistics department is here to determine the best course of action. Depending on your cargo size and the distance, we will determine the fastest transportation route and method. This will go to ensure that your belongings reach their final destination within arranged deadlines and in mint condition. This is important to us, since we value time-efficiency and productivity. We are firm believers in the concept of planning and organization. And this is why we provide our customers with a detailed plan of the forwarding process from point A to point B.

Phase 1: Forwarding

This is the first of our logistics services, where we evaluate the best means of transportation for your belongings. Depending on the needs and time-frame, we offer transportation by: air, sea and ground. We employ only the most modern transportation means, of course:

  • Air – direct flights from Kuwait to any larger distribution center in the world. From there, the cargo reaches the final destination with ease.
  • Sea – top-of-the-line cargo containers that can withhold the long journey without causing any harm to the content within.
  • Ground – Easy Move has access to a modern and regularly serviced choice of trucks and vans. All this is to ensure safe transportation, no matter the distance.

Phase 2: Storage

If the need arises for the items to be temporarily stored before reaching your new residence, this is something we can arrange. We offer short-term storage options for all our customers to ensure the safe arrival of their belongings. Depending on your needs, we have storage units of all sizes, with and without climate-control. And all storage facilities are secure and guarded to provide peace of mind for our clients.

Phase 3: Handling

The final of our logistics services. Our experienced logistics crews make sure that your cargo arrives at the final destination in one piece. We then unload and unpack all larger and robust items. And once everything has been approved by the customer, we take our leave.

Supply Chain Management