shipping crates

A quick guide on engine shipping crates

This topic is not particularly well covered on the internet. And it is easy to see why. International moves are common. Air shipping, sure. But something as particular as engine shipping crates is not really something anyone does often, if ever. But it is exactly things like this that one needs advice and help about. Ever since

A sign "house for sale"- Downsizing from a house to an apartment

Downsizing from a house to an apartment – tips and tricks

Moving from a house to an apartment usually means moving to a smaller home. Which implies that you probably won’t be able to bring all of your belongings with you. Furthermore, choosing what to leave behind is the hardest part of moving for some people. But luckily for you, downsizing from a house to an

Man looking at notes and thinking what to do before your movers KW arrive

Things you should do before your movers KW arrive

If you have ever moved before, you know how complicated and demanding this process is. Of course, hiring a full moving service is the best and most convenient way to move. And in doing so, you will immensely ease the process of your relocation. However, it is not only about pack and move. You will

Man using smartphone for staying in touch after a long distance move

The secret to staying in touch after a long distance move

Moving is hard. But, not only because of the paperwork, packing, and unpacking. Moving is also hard because you are leaving your loved ones. And that is probably the hardest thing to overcome. Especially if you are moving long distance. But it this day and age, there are many ways of staying in touch after


Making an inventory list for air shipping – simple guide

We live in a globalized world with a globalized economy. Items manufactured in Bangladesh end up in shops in Italy for buyers from Kuwait. The whole world, its oceans, and skies are now interconnected and interdependent logistical chains that span the globe. It is, no doubt, a marvelous time to be alive. But with all

a motor

How to prepare your motorcycle for shipping

If you want to prepare your motorcycle for shipping there are a couple of things to watch out for. Since moving, in general, requires juggling multiple things at once. From planning to packing, moving and then unpacking. It is easy to see why people shy away from moving by themselves. Now, if you take into

a house

How to unpack a house in a day – simple guidelines

A lot of people move each year. It is counted into millions. But, even as we are something of a modern nomad nation there are still those among us for whom a move is a first one. Who knows, you just might be that one? Maybe a student, leaving home for the campus. Maybe a family


Commercial cargo transport – tips and tricks

When you hire moving services Kuwait and decide to move to a different country there are some tips and tricks you need to take into consideration for commercial cargo transport. Today everything and everyone is connected. Things that were deemed impossible just 40 years ago are now a reality. People can move from one side

piles of papers - understanding movers contracts and paperwork doesn't need to be that hard!

Tips for understanding movers contracts and paperwork

There are two parts to every move. The obvious one is the physical one. You will need to pack and move a lot of things during the process, so a lot of attention falls onto that part. However, there is the other one that people don’t often even think to mention. This is the paperwork.

Looking at fireworks before Packing in a hurry for your KW move

Packing in a hurry for your KW move

Packing in a hurry for your KW move is not something that is recommended. However, sometimes the situation requires you to act quickly.  Is it actually possible to properly organize a move to Kuwait and pack your belongings in a hurry? Of course, it is possible. But, you will have to act quickly and prepare