The Best Time of Year to Move to Kuwait: Weather Considerations and Tips

It isn’t easy to define the best time of year to move to Kuwait, especially if it depends on the weather conditions. Kuwait has a specific climate, with sweltering summers and cold winters. Winter starts on December 6 and ends on February 15. This season has low temperatures and a lot of rainfall. Furthermore, a very cold, Eest northern wind blows. On the other hand, summer is marked by high temperatures, humidity increases, and dust winds blow. Professional packers and movers in Kuwait adapt to those conditions quickly, but you should still choose the perfect time for moving.

Which is the best time of year to move to Kuwait?

It is crucial to understand the weather conditions when preparing to move to Kuwait. You should know that moving to this country depends on many factors, and the weather could be one of the most important.

Road with fog
The best time of year to move to Kuwait is out of the winter season.

Summer is pleasant and has low prices

The warmest months, between May and September, are great for organizing a relocation due to low prices. You should hire international movers Kuwait offers on time and prepare for it properly. If you want to move during the summer season, wear proper clothing, drink water, and follow the recommendations for handling the heat. That way, you will not have problems. For your children, it is best to organize moving before school starts to give them time to adapt.

Moving during winter is a wise decision

The best time to organize moving is between October and March when in Kuwait, it is winter. For those reasons, residential moving companies Kuwait has have a lot more work during that period. We can consider it a peak season. Due to all the above, prices are logically higher in winter, and it is for sure that you should expect a crowd.

Pay attention to warnings

Regardless of the weather conditions, there are many reasons to be careful when moving to Kuwait. You should prepare for many situations that could cause problems.

Ramadan is a specific time of the year

Ramadan completely changes life in Kuwait. People do not work during the day or with reduced intensity, so they cannot organize a move. If you have not heard of it, learn how Muslims celebrate Eid before coming to Kuwait.

  • It is a huge festival, and most companies do not work on those days – people are usually on the street and in mosques;
  • This is a period when temperatures get high, so it is not the best time of year to move to Kuwait;
  • You will not easily find a provider of packing boxes in Kuwait during this time.
Sea deck
It would be best to move in spring or fall.

It is more challenging if you come from colder countries

Coming from countries with low temperatures, the best time of year to move to Kuwait for you would be between November and February. This is the coldest part of the year, which would make it easier for you to adapt to the new country quickly. Lastly, don’t forget to book a moving company on time! This is an international relocation, so you can’t skimp on hiring adequate help, as you’ll 100% need it!