How To Prepare Your Refrigerator For A Move

It is crucial to prepare your refrigerator for a move correctly. Although professional movers will tell you to leave it and buy the new one after moving, there are situations when you must consider taking it with you. In that case, you should prepare it in a way that will protect its fine lines and corners from scratches and damage. It should be better to hire one of the best moving companies in Kuwait and rely on professionality and proper support. Also, pack the refrigerator so you can start using it immediately after moving.

Prepare your refrigerator for a move

When preparing a refrigerator for a move, cleaning it and throwing away perishable items is essential. You will indeed have food that is still good for consumption, so plan to clean and use it accordingly.

Clean the refrigerator

You cannot transport the refrigerator with the food, so firstly, you need to get rid of it. Check all dates and throw away everything expiring in the next few days. Suppose you want to avoid throwing food, organizing a party, or serving all you can for workers in the moving company is an excellent way to use it smartly. Professional international shipping companies in Kuwait have experienced workers that will recommend the best usage of the food and other items. You should also have storage for the food you will not throw away. Ask friends or neighbors to keep them in for a while in their refrigerators. When cleaning, use specialized chemicals to prevent mold from forming.

The inside of a refrigerator
It is crucial to prepare your refrigerator for a move properly.

Defrost the refrigerator

If you are dealing with a short-notice move, you might not have enough time to defrost the fridge. Melting the ice inside takes a little, so keeping it in the same stage would be better. This is possible when you organize local moving on the same day. However, residential moving companies Kuwait offers are concerned about safety in this case. Sometimes is better to prevent the worst scenarios and defrost the refrigerator. There are ways to expedite the process.

Make moving safe

Refrigerators have shelves and other parts that could break and scratch during moving. You need to prevent all damages before moving. It is essential to remove glass shelves. Also, it would help if you wrapped the refrigerator in plastic to avoid scratches.

Protect the device and movers

When organizing the moving of one of these devices, you should pay special attention to safety. Since they use electricity and water, you first need to prevent malfunctions.

  • If you want to prepare your refrigerator for a move safely, you need to check all cords and wires;
  • Disconnect everything properly before packing;
  • Companies will organize shipping to Qatar fast, but you should still prepare for a long transport in case something prolongs it.

Measure all

Remember that your refrigerator is a large and hefty item. It would help if you asked everyone you know to help pack and transport it. Providing as many hands as possible to lift the machine and take it to the vehicle is essential. However, remember to measure the downstairs area, staircases, and hallways. You will need space for maneuvering, and each mistake will have consequences.

Protect the walls and floors

Since the refrigerator is very heavy and large, you should protect all that comes in touch with it during transport. Firstly, you should take care of the floors and walls of the home. Regardless of the number of people that will carry it, you need to prevent mistakes and falls. However, this should be easy. Use blankets, pillows, and protective pads and wrap all corners, walls, and furniture pieces that are on the path where you will carry the refrigerator.

Transport the refrigerator properly

Many ask if they need to transport the refrigerator upright or lie down. Professionals always recommend an upright position, even if you have cleaned and defrosted the fridge. The reason is the water that these machines have inside, which can spill.

Do not lift heavy items

No matter how confident you are, this is not a moment to act bravely. More likely, you will need to use help from several strong people. Otherwise, you risk having back pain or even more difficult injuries. Professionals recommend using dollies and wheels for transporting heavy machines, at least in places where it is possible. You will be thankful for this advice when the whole process has ended.

Food in a fridge which you will have to remove when trying to prepare your refrigerator for a move
Clean the refrigerator and throw away all perishable items before packing.

Use belts and ropes

Although those items can damage sensitive refrigerator parts, using them as much as possible is crucial to make the process easier. Ropes and belts significantly facilitate lifting and carrying and can shorten the time needed for the job. However, they can damage the device, so you should wrap it below the belts. Specialized stores have excellent protective materials made for these purposes.

Remove door

If you have cleaned and defrosted the refrigerator, you can remove the doors to make the transporting easier. In this case, you should use only professional tools and equipment and make sure that nothing will damage any part of it. You can ask professionals for help, too. Along with movers from the company, you can request a professional repairer. They will put the door back after moving.

You should transport the refrigerator upright.

Choose a proper place in your new home

After moving, you must do several things before putting the device in the new kitchen. In most cases, you will easily find a new place for the refrigerator if the old owners leave the functional kitchen. Ensure electricity is available and accessible, and plug in the device. If you removed the door, ask the repairer to help you again and return all parts. Now is the time to return glass shelves and other pieces and fill the refrigerator with food. If you prepare your refrigerator for a move correctly, you will significantly save time for relocation.