A quick guide on engine shipping crates

This topic is not particularly well covered on the internet. And it is easy to see why. International moves are common. Air shipping, sure. But something as particular as engine shipping crates is not really something anyone does often, if ever. But it is exactly things like this that one needs advice and help about. Ever since the last few decades shipping and air freighting have become increasingly cheaper and affordable. You can now make as mall business out of selling things on E-bay and alike. And, for some of you, collectors, car lovers, and auto-mechanics, shipping engine parts are quite a necessity.  Continue reading “A quick guide on engine shipping crates”

Making an inventory list for air shipping – simple guide

We live in a globalized world with a globalized economy. Items manufactured in Bangladesh end up in shops in Italy for buyers from Kuwait. The whole world, its oceans, and skies are now interconnected and interdependent logistical chains that span the globe. It is, no doubt, a marvelous time to be alive. But with all of that possibility, everything just gets so much more complicated. You want to take advantage of what the global economy offers you, but you are not sure how. It just looks too difficult to send stuff by ship or a plane (we will be focusing on air transport in this particular case). So what do you do? Well, you get informed on exactly how you should go about making an inventory list for air shipping. Continue reading “Making an inventory list for air shipping – simple guide”

Commercial cargo transport – tips and tricks

When you hire moving services Kuwait and decide to move to a different country there are some tips and tricks you need to take into consideration for commercial cargo transport. Today everything and everyone is connected. Things that were deemed impossible just 40 years ago are now a reality. People can move from one side of the Planet to the polar opposite in a matter of days. Not to mention the possibility of moving your entire home from one part of the world to the other. Thanks to commercial transport, this is now possible. However, there are some tips and tricks we would like to recommend. If you want to make sure you get the cheapest possible solution for your belongings, whilst still maintaining reliability in the moving company… Make sure you follow these tips and tricks! Continue reading “Commercial cargo transport – tips and tricks”

Heavy lift cargo transport – tips and tricks

When it comes to heavy hauling (or heavy lift cargo transport) a number of things can go wrong. And given the nature of the items that you are transporting, anything that goes wrong is insanely costly. If air freight Kuwait is your preferred method of transportation, you would do well to familiarize yourself with various tips and tricks. The same goes for any method of transporting very heavy loads. Continue reading “Heavy lift cargo transport – tips and tricks”

Tips for choosing best cargo transportation service in Kuwait

Connectivity is the buzz word these days. Long gone are the days where transporting gave massive headaches to everyone. You can forget about the fuss that was being made when belongings were being shipped internationally. Now, today, it’s all different. Thanks to technological advancements in the field of shipping people’s dreams became a reality. Now, with air freight Kuwait it takes up to 2 weeks to relocate your whole home to a new location, wherever on the world map. Okay, so choosing transportation and relocating is easy. However, choosing the best cargo transportation service in Kuwait is not that straightforward. There are plenty of things that go into choosing the best one. And we here at Easy Move Kuwait are here to show you exactly what they are. Continue reading “Tips for choosing best cargo transportation service in Kuwait”

Effective ways to transport your business goods

Nowadays, there are many different ways to transport your business goods. Transportation is key to many businesses. So, it’s important to be informed about the different means of transportation that are at your disposal. You can go for one certain shipment method or combine a few different ones. The smartest thing to do is do diligent research on forwarding methods and make an informed decision, just like you would when searching for moving services Kuwait. The important thing is that your goods arrive at their destination on time and in one piece. Another thing to keep in mind is the prices of different transportation methods. These are some of your options:

  • you can transport business goods by air
  • road
  • rail
  • sea.

Continue reading “Effective ways to transport your business goods”

Prohibited items for international shipping

International shipping has many laws and restrictions. And if you are in the business of selling products online, surely you will be using shipping services. In that case, you need to be aware of all laws and regulations regarding international shipping. And you need to know which items can you ship. Naturally, you do not need to know everything. Nevertheless, before you call your air freight Kuwait, take a look at a list of prohibited items for international shipping. And learn about your type of merchandise. Continue reading “Prohibited items for international shipping”

7 things you need to know about the customs clearance process

If you are new to shipping or moving for the first time, the customs clearance process may look intimidating. And, most of the time it is. That is why it is important to learn about it before you get to customs. Of course, you do not need to learn about everything concerning shipping. You just need to know specifics concerning your type of cargo, needed paperwork, and rules and regulations of origin, transit, and destination countries. Of course, it will be easier if you are transporting your cargo via air freight Kuwait. There is less paperwork involved when using air freight to transport your goods. And there is a big possibility that there won’t be transit countries involved in the process. Continue reading “7 things you need to know about the customs clearance process”

Shipping machinery and machine parts – where to start?

Shipping machinery and machine parts seem like a complicated task. And it really is. But it doesn’t have to be. You don’t really need to know much about shipping machinery and machine parts. You just need to know the specifics about your machine and it’s parts. The rest is on your shipping company. That is why they exist, to help you transport your cargo. They will give you an estimate, and advice about what types of transportation to use. But first, you will need to find an appropriate air freight Kuwait services for your cargo. Continue reading “Shipping machinery and machine parts – where to start?”

How to ship musical instruments internationally with ease

Whether you are selling musical equipment online or you are a musician moving to Kuwait, shipping musical instruments require some special measures. Musical instruments are valuable, exceptionally delicate and usually very fragile. All that, together with their odd shapes makes them very tricky to safely ship internationally. The best way to ship musical instruments internationally is by using air freight Kuwait. They can also help you with all the required documentation, so your only concern should be to pack your instruments properly. Continue reading “How to ship musical instruments internationally with ease”