How to properly prepare paperwork for cargo transportation?

When we are relocating, we all need to transport our belongings. And, with our cargo we need documents. Especially if you need freight shipping. Whatever the mean of transport you use, the paperwork that follows seem daunting. However, preparing your shipping documents correctly is very important. And also that is handled in the right way too. Additionally, it protects you from liability and losses. Also, it prevents unnecessary delays in your shipment. We at Easy Move Kuwait are here to explain how to properly prepare paperwork for cargo transportation. Continue reading “How to properly prepare paperwork for cargo transportation?”

Moving to Kuwait in 2021 – expectations vs. reality

Have you ever thought of moving to Kuwait? You wonder how is life there. What to expect from your job, where would you live, what is the social life there. Regardless of the country’s size, Kuwait is one of the most popular destinations in the world. So you’ll need the right guide! That is why Easy Move Kuwait is here to show you expectations vs reality. Here, there is everything you need to know about relocation to your dreamland. We’ll tell you about housing, visas, quality of life, and many other things. Let’s see how is it moving to Kuwait in 2021. Continue reading “Moving to Kuwait in 2021 – expectations vs. reality”

Steps for shipping medical equipment

Medical equipment, much like any other type of equipment, will need some specific care during shipping. This is nothing you need to worry about though. We at Easy Move Kuwait are here to offer the foolproof steps for shipping medical equipment. Following our steps will provide you with the safest option for shipping your medical equipment. Additionally, your equipment will be ready for use immediately! Continue reading “Steps for shipping medical equipment”

How e-commerce growth causes changes in warehousing sector?

There is a lot going on ever since the pandemic took off. Thanks to it, e-commerce became even more popular than it was ever before. Moreover, it affected dropshipping as well. That’s why now we will show you exactly how e-commerce growth causes changes in warehousing in a few words. Anyway, if you’re interested in shipping something yourself, be sure to check out our Easy Move KW page, and learn more. We are there to make your logistics business easier. Continue reading “How e-commerce growth causes changes in warehousing sector?”

Tips for storing your items before shipping

You’re moving and you’re worried about your items staying safe in their shipping units. That is an understandable thing to worry about. That’s why we at Easy Move Kuwait would like to offer you some useful tips for storing your items before shipping. It’s nothing that requires too much work, but the payoff will be absolutely worth it. Just follow our easy steps to get the best results. Continue reading “Tips for storing your items before shipping”

Benefits of using a warehouse in Kuwait

Whether you are moving a business or your family home, sometimes you have no space to accommodate all your items. At that point, people decide on using warehouses in Kuwait. It is a lucrative way of gaining a lot of space to store many various items for a long or a short period of time. But besides that, you still must work on your packing process, find movers, organize moving logistics, and find a proper warehouse Kuwait. So, let us today help you with all those steps and secure your investment and the safety of your business and your family. Let’s go. Continue reading “Benefits of using a warehouse in Kuwait”

How long does customs clearance take?

Not everyone is well informed about customs clearance. That’s why it’s necessary to gather all information necessary in order to ship your goods properly. Therefore, you should stick with us to learn some of these tips. Additionally, Easy Move KW will be there to walk you through every part of the shipping process. We will gladly explain to you how long does customs clearance take. Make sure to stick around long enough to find out. Continue reading “How long does customs clearance take?”

How to relocate bulky stuff?

How to relocate bulky stuff? If you ever thought about relocation, this question had to cross your mind. However, the answer is rather easy. You disassemble the furniture and move it in parts. But as you might’ve guessed, easy doesn’t necessarily mean simple. Especially, if you take into consideration all that it takes to prepare for a move. You need to plan and organize the move, pack your belongings, relocate and unpack. Just imagine that in the midst of that chaos, you also need to disassemble bulky items. It’s a lot to take in. And quite honestly, it can be overwhelming. Continue reading “How to relocate bulky stuff?”

Why you need professionals to pack your boxes for shipping

Depending on what you’re shipping and where you’re shipping your goods it can be a difficult process. However, if you don’t insist on doing everything you can actually make it easier. That’s why we from Easy Move Kuwait wanted to emphasize why you need professionals to pack your boxes when shipping them be it by air, land, or sea. Here are just some reasons why that can really be a good idea for you, your wallet, and even your family.

Continue reading “Why you need professionals to pack your boxes for shipping”

Relocating to Kuwait – room by room packing guide

Moving house isn’t a simple task you can complete in one day. Sure, maybe your actual moving day is only a few hours long, but there is so much more work that has to go into the entire process. Months and weeks of planning before moving day is what makes it all go so smooth and easy. Relocating to Kuwait is a piece of cake when you plan it ahead of time. For instance, you might benefit from having a detailed room by room packing guide to follow along the way! Since packing is the most tedious task of any relocation process, breaking it up into a few parts will make it seem so much easier. So, let’s get started and show you how you can pack for the upcoming move without any stress or rush. 

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