How often should you revise the possessions you keep in a storage unit?

Whether you need to store things temporarily when moving or long-term after downsizing, renting a storage container is a great space-saving option. For anyone in need of storage, warehouses can provide a safe, convenient, and easy-to-find solution. However, you might be asking yourself how often should you revise the possessions you keep in a storage unit. Easy Move Kuwait offers all the answers to you regarding storage units and any concerns you have about using one. We would happily meet your needs, whether they are personal or business-related, both when you’re relocating and when you only need to store a few extra items. Continue reading “How often should you revise the possessions you keep in a storage unit?”

How to import a vehicle from Kuwait?

Are you wanting to import a vehicle from Kuwait? Kuwait has long been known for being a significant importer of new American automobiles. The Kuwaiti vehicle market is also proud to be the eighth-largest U.S. export market for automobiles worldwide. However, the process of shipping a car from Kuwait covers many different areas.  That being said, attempting to negotiate the process alone might not be the brightest idea. We strongly advise you to choose professionals experienced in the field so that everything can go smoothly. Luckily, at international car shipping, you will be able to find all the information you’ll need on hiring the best professional help for the job. And in the next few paragraphs, we’ll try our best to cover the basics of how to import a vehicle from Kuwait. Continue reading “How to import a vehicle from Kuwait?”

The things Europeans living in Kuwait miss the most

Living in Europe and considering moving to Kuwait? Even if it sounds like a radical step, you are not alone. According to recent studies, there are about 18000 Europeans living in Kuwait. Believe it or not, for many expect around the globe, Kuwait is a popular destination. The main reason why so many people from Europe move here is looking for better job opportunities and of course, higher salaries. Luckily, for many Europeans, it is pretty simple to build their careers due to the constant demand in the oil industry but also financial sector. Kuwait is well known for its high standards of living and big salaries. So if you want to improve your career, meet new cultures and improve your lifestyle, stay with us. Our Easy Move Kuwait will help you prepare for this step. Also, you will find out what things Europeans living in Kuwait miss the most. Continue reading “The things Europeans living in Kuwait miss the most”

Supply chain disruptions typical for 2021

International shipping is hard. It’s a logistical nightmare if we are being honest. There are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration and stay on top of. For example, you need to make sure the client’s belongings arrive on time, you get custom clearance, that you handle all the necessary paperwork, etc. This in and of itself can be an extremely arduous and exhausting task. Especially, if you take into consideration that sometimes you’ll need to tackle the problem of supply chain disruptions. However, don’t fret Easy Move Kuwait is here to help. Today, we are going to show you what supply chain disruptions are, what are the most common in 2021, and what you can do about them. So, without further adieu, let’s get started. Continue reading “Supply chain disruptions typical for 2021”

How to bring your used car to Kuwait?

Listen, we all know. Moving can be an extremely arduous process. From having to organize and plan the entire move, to the actual relocation. And everything in between. However, one of the hardest parts of the move is relocation is knowing how to ship your vehicle. In fact, knowing how to bring your used car to Kuwait is quite a complex procedure. However, it doesn’t need to be like that. Continue reading “How to bring your used car to Kuwait?”

Best practices of global shipping – 2021 edition

Being a successful company that deals with global shipping in today’s day and age is proving to be ever-growing more difficult. You need to comply with customs regulations, industry practices and choose the right transportation options. However, doing that can be overwhelming, to say the least. Given the fact of the daily, ever-changing circumstances. In the hopes of smoother sails, we’ve drafted this guide with the best practices of global shipping. So, with that in mind, let’s show you exactly what you need to do to thrive in today’s industry. Continue reading “Best practices of global shipping – 2021 edition”

Leaving Mexico for the Middle East

Are you planning on leaving Mexico for the Middle East? If so, there are probably a lot of questions running through your head. From how to plan your move, pack your belongings to relocation, and unpacking. Overseas relocation can be hard. However, don’t fret. We are here to help. Continue reading “Leaving Mexico for the Middle East”

Relocating to Kuwait – Complete guide

Easy move is a company that helps you relocate to Kuwait stress-free and avoiding moving troubles. We bring you a complete guide with tips you should consider before relocating to Kuwait. You will learn how to move, and what to expect from this great country and how to get a visa. Our moving services fully cover Kuwait moving process. Continue reading “Relocating to Kuwait – Complete guide”