How to import a vehicle from Kuwait?

Are you wanting to import a vehicle from Kuwait? Kuwait has long been known for being a significant importer of new American automobiles. The Kuwaiti vehicle market is also proud to be the eighth-largest U.S. export market for automobiles worldwide. However, the process of shipping a car from Kuwait covers many different areas.  That being said, attempting to negotiate the process alone might not be the brightest idea. We strongly advise you to choose professionals experienced in the field so that everything can go smoothly. Luckily, at international car shipping, you will be able to find all the information you’ll need on hiring the best professional help for the job. And in the next few paragraphs, we’ll try our best to cover the basics of how to import a vehicle from Kuwait.

A step by step guide on how to import a vehicle from Kuwait

We will now let you in on all the steps you have to take in order to import a vehicle from Kuwait successfully. We at Easy Move Kuwait have extensive experience in shipping from Kuwait. If you follow the process outlined below, you are guaranteed to have no major issues.

importing a vehicle from Kuwait
To import a vehicle from Kuwait, you need to get to know the shipping and registration process first.
  1. Deregistering the vehicle before departure

    This is the first stage in the course of importing your vehicle from Kuwait. You are expected to pay a visit to the local RTA. So that you can apply for your export plates and therefore deregister your vehicle.

  2. Loading & shipping

    Our warehousing companies in Kuwait will import their own agents who will personally take your vehicle straight to the container and load them onto the ship.

  3. Paying the import taxes

    As with most things going across the borders,  there are some import taxes you’ll need to cover. However, if you will be moving permanently, in some places you might even be able to bring your car over completely free of any tax payments. The UK, for example. If your vehicle is a more recent purchase or if you have lived inside of the EU for the defined period, you will need to pay import tax and VAT based on the amount you paid for the vehicle. For classic cars and any vehicles that are over 30 years old, you will usually qualify for a reduced rate of import tax and VAT at just 5%. As long as the criteria in place in the country you’re moving to are met.

  4. Testing & modification before the DVLA registration

    Now, you are bringing your vehicle over from Kuwait. Know that there will be differences between its suitability for Kuwaiti roads and those in other countries.  That means that a number of modifications and tests are necessary before the DVLA can approve your registration. The most common modification is to adjust the headlight settings to meet the beam pattern requirements of the country you move to. Then to install a rear fog light if one is not fitted as standard. If you are moving to the US, you will also need to change the speedometer to mph.

  5. Registration and number plate

    After passing all the tests and completing all modifications, your vehicle’s registration application can be processed. Upon approval, you will then fit your new country’s number plates. For older vehicles, the registration process is a little bit different. To find out how to ship vintage vehicles overseas, visit this page.

a car on the road
Although importing a car from another country can be stressful, it is often a smart move.


If you would like our experienced team to take control of the process of shipping your car from Kuwait to your desired destination, don’t hesitate to give us a call. For more information on how to import a vehicle from Kuwait, you can visit their government’s official website for more detailed guidance.