How to prevent package theft

With the rise of online shopping and e-commerce, the world has also opened up to a new risk that comes with it- package theft. If you turn on the television, you’re likely to see videos of ‘porch pirates’ stealing packages from doorsteps across the country in plain sight. When we are at work or on vacation, packages may sit on the front porch all day, so thieves have ample time to steal them. Despite the fact that porch pirates do not have to be particularly skilled, porch theft is a common crime. If you want to learn how to prevent package theft, Easy Move Kuwait has gathered some valuable information.

Ways to prevent package theft

Criminals often take advantage of the opportunity to steal packages. In cases like these, the owner is out of the house and unable to receive a package. The following steps can often prevent these types of crimes by creating visible and physical barriers around your property. The cost of some steps depends on the materials you use, while other steps do not require any investment.

Two persons holding a packadge
Theft of packages can be frightening, but there are plenty of options to keep your packages safe and to prevent package theft

Set up a warning sign

You can also deter burglars by posting a sign at a visible location stating that your property is constantly monitored. Every visible deterrent that will discourage a porch pirate from stealing your package may be useful in situations where porch theft is a crime of opportunity.

Set a more secure delivery location

If you are shipping to Qatar, you will want your package to arrive safely. Simply do not leave packages on your porch in the first place to avoid package theft. It is a safe and often free method of preventing package theft to have it delivered to an alternate location where someone will be there to accept it on delivery. Here are some ideas:

  • your office/place of work
  • a P.O. box (although expensive)
  • pickup at a local store to prevent package theft

Install a lockbox nearby

Various mailing companies are now building secure lockboxes. This will allow your packages to be delivered in a concealed and secure container. By securing packages in a weatherproof, locked container, this measure significantly reduces theft as they can’t be seen once they’re delivered. This might also cost extra money, but these are just some of the challenges of shipping internationally. There’s no reason why you should be worried though.

Specify the delivery instructions

Your order may be able to include extra delivery instructions in some cases. If they want to leave items by a side door, you can ask them not to let thieves easily notice them. As you click on the shipping information, look for the “delivery instructions” option. Add any additional information that could help your package. Many of these containers can be secured to your property and locked once delivered.

Camera on the wall
Cameras on the doorstep may deter porch pirates from stealing your packages, think of this as an investment

Install a safety camera to prevent package theft

Despite the fact that a camera or a video doorbell can’t keep thieves from stealing packages, it can act as a deterrent. You can speak with the delivery person and tell him or her where to leave the package when they ring the bell. Video doorbells also record videos of any person approaching your front door. They are motion-activated, just like a security camera. In the event that someone steals your package without ringing the bell, you’ll be able to give the police a video of the thief. It is a cost to get a video doorbell or a camera. Investing in a video doorbell instead of a package tracker is a smart decision when it comes to your home security.

Additional tips to prevent packages to be stolen

Receive delivery alerts. By registering with the delivery company, they will send you delivery alerts by text or email. When the delivery person drops off your package on your porch, you can track it in real-time and retrieve it before porch pirates can steal it. Unfortunately, you can only do this if you are already at home.

Opt for signature delivery. This way, the delivery company will have to get someone (you or a trusted person you chose) to sign the delivery and not leave it out in the open. This is a great way to prevent package theft, especially if you know you will receive a valuable item. Phones or jewelry are often the targets.

Ask a neighbor or a relative to pick up your package. Ask a trusted person to keep an eye on your package and to pick it up as soon as it’s delivered. Be sure to let them know the expected date and time of delivery so they can prepare accordingly. Additionally, you can find more options on how to fool porch pirates.

A person holding a package
If you order packages frequently and for a high value, this will help you choose the right steps for you

What if your package was already stolen?

If an unfortunate event has occurred, and you see your package missing, here is what you should do:

First, check to make sure the delivery person hasn’t hidden your package away from view (unintentionally of course). They might be near your garage, on your porch, or at the back door. You might want to ask your neighbors if they noticed your package being delivered or if the delivery driver mistakenly delivered the package to them. Make sure the package was sent correctly by contacting the shipping company. If the package is still missing, call your local police department and file a report.

If you are lucky- your package is found or not stolen at all. Make sure to keep all the information that you learned and keep your belongings safe. Thankfully, warehousing companies in Kuwait are there to safeguard your valuables. This way you won’t even have to worry about how to prevent package theft.