Ways to declutter a week before the moving day

There are a lot of ways to declutter a week before the moving day and some of them are simple and easy to achieve. The most important thing is to organize your items in a manner that respects your stuff and belongings, but also to keep all items protected from losing. If you have a problem with get ridding of the stuff, choose the best among moving companies in Kuwait and rely on their help.

How do declutter a week before the moving day?

There are a lot of ways to do this job easily. For some people it is not that difficult to get rid of stuff, while others need help.

  • There are a lot of simple ways to declutter a week before a moving day and avoid stress;
  • Thanks to the great international movers Kuwait you should be able to pack and transport all you have with you;
  • Do not forget to check each item before throwing away and avoid losing important stuff in your life.
A mess in the kitchen
Declutter a week before the moving day to make packing easier

Make a plan

It is not easy to start any job without having the right plan. When preparing to declutter a week before the move, you should set a time and prepare for it properly. There are great ways to do it without stress and delay. You can make a checklist, time by hours, or write on the paper all you can remember about the process. The aim is to have a precise list of steps that will remind you what to do next to avoid delay. If it is needed, you should rely on storage in Kuwait to put away items that you do not need right now.

Accept the idea of decluttering

Most of the process that you should do at this moment is connected to your emotions. You will hardly achieve any success in decluttering if firstly do not decide to get rid of stuff. We are living in a materialistic society, buying things that we do not use and wear, and keeping the stuff in the basement forever. You should choose the ways to throw things away when deciding to declutter. Some psychologists help in this, too. The moving company will use less packing materials.

Start with a clear head

The most important is to have a clear mind when starting with decluttering. Give yourself time to start with the cleaning and throwing away. You will be much more serious and have the right decisions, which are important in this case. Do not forget to prepare for the job in a manner that respects the items that you have and things you have bought at some moment in the past. They are not your enemies, more likely they have done their mission on this planet.

Where to start with packing?

There are a lot of things in our home that we should get rid of. However, do not forget that there are items that you use sometimes, so it is important to take them with you when moving.

Start with the kitchen

One of the easiest ways to start with decluttering a week before moving is to remove all that you cannot use anymore. It includes expired food, opened packages, and used boxes. In this way, you will need to first check what you have in the kitchen and then make a list. Some of the food that is opened and close to expiring you can eat during the moving days.

Even childrens’ toys should be decluttered

Check warranties and manuals

We are used to keeping old manuals and warranties for the devices and appliances that we do not use anymore. Some of the appliances may be broken or are not in warranty. On the other hand, you should be very careful when throwing away old papers, when some of them could be used again. Check all papers carefully and keep only those that are important.

Old media and books

Let’s be honest, keeping old CDs and DVDs is more like an old habit, than a need. Nowadays, when all are on the internet and on small devices, it is pointless to keep old-fashioned devices for music or movies. When it comes to books, there are two types of people. Those who have embraced the technology, switched to the e-book, while the other ones are traditionally-oriented and cannot read favorite books on the screen. However, now is time to choose the easiest way to transport and pack your items.


You will have a really difficult time if want to take all the kids’ toys with you when moving. However, your child will not be happy when seeing favorite toys packed into the boxes and bags. So, you should choose if you want to keep toys with you or get rid of them. If you have chosen to do the last one, you should wait until the kid sleeping.

Old medicine and cosmetics

You should not take old medicine with you, especially if its date is expired. However, if you have a chronic disease and take medicine every day, you should calculate if it is possible to take all pills on time. When it comes to cosmetics, you should throw away all you have, and buy new ones after moving.


One of the hardest things when decluttering before the move is what to do with the wardrobe. Experts recommend having three bags and throwing things without thinking about them. One bag is for donating, the second one for throwing away, and the third one is for items that you will take with you. As psychologists say, there are benefits of decluttering and it will help you to get rid of stuff without feeling sorrow.

Old furniture
Check if those items are really needed

How to organize this job easily?

One of the hardest things to do is to pack items that you need to use again. If you are not sure what to pack, check what is important to you.

Check if you need those items

Choosing items that you want to take with you or not is not easy. You should have the right reasons to keep them and take them with you when moving. The common rule is to check how long have you used those items and more importantly when you have used them for the last time. If you have not used it for more than a year, it is obvious that you should leave them behind. It is one of the easiest ways to declutter a week before the moving day.