How to ship small packages overseas?

Are you looking to ship small packages overseas and you’re trying to find out what is the cheapest way to ship them? If you make a quick Google search, you’ll discover that the US Postal Service offers the lowest international shipping in 2021. What’s less evident is that this only applies if you’re shipping domestically within the United States. So what is the case for other countries? You’ll find out in today’s article. We at Easy Move Kuwait are here to help you.

a small package
Shipping small packages overseas is not all that hard.

What is considered a small package?

When used in association with shipping, the term “package” refers to any sort of cargo. Including tubes, envelopes, padded mailers, and packages of any size or weight. “Small package” usually refers to envelopes or bundled packages weighing less than 150 lbs. Packages can contain virtually any cargo and can be transported for virtually any cause. It’s possible to even ship a car with our car shipping Kuwait. Small packages are usually shipped by individuals and companies around the globe that are mailing modest objects or documents to loved ones, acquaintances, or corporations. Or business owners who ship their customers a small item that they ordered.

Types of small packages

  1. Tubes are perfect for sending rolled-up materials such as blueprints, posters, or artwork, but they may also be used to ship rolled-up shirts, fishing poles, golf clubs, or telescopes. Tubes are often not subject to extra charges, as long as they do not exceed the weight restriction of the shipping service you choose.
  2. Envelopes and mailers with padding: While envelopes and cushioned mailers are less expensive to purchase and send, they are also less robust and prone to damage. They are perfect for single goods or smaller, sturdy cargo that can be carried safely without fear of harm, such as textiles or paper products.
  3. Boxes are more expensive to acquire and send than envelopes or cushioned mailers, but they are more durable. Boxes are good for fragile things that require more protection than an envelope can offer, as well as multiple-item shipments. You may even be allowed to offer your own packing, depending on your delivery provider.

How to ship small packages overseas?

  • Properly Package Your Items: Let’s start from scratch. Though most tiny things come in packages, it’s always nice to add your own unique packaging to help brand and protect fragile items.
  • Calculate small package shipping prices. You’ll need to know the box’s specific measurements. It’s critical to accurately measure your package’s length, breadth, and height. A cubic number divides the volumetric or dimensional weight. This measures a parcel’s size. Of course, prices change from time to time. To find out how freight rates have changed in the last two years, go to this page.
  • Be precise. Small packages have a smaller tolerance for mistakes, therefore precision is critical.
  • Weigh Your Package: You will need to know your package’s weight. Weighing in pounds or ounces is common for little products. In logistics, this is termed dead weight.
  • Calculate Rates: Enter the package’s weight, origin, and destination addresses into our shipping rates calculator. This will calculate precise delivery costs for you.
  • Book and Pay: After selecting a courier based on price, click “Ship” to book and pay.
  • Print your mailing labels and any customs papers if you’re sending a small cargo overseas. Attach your printed shipping labels and customs documentation to the box using high-quality clear adhesive tape. Finally, drop off or wait for the next pick up. To avoid running into shipping issues, you can read more about the most common ones here.
a man preparing a small package
If you have a brand and you want to ship small packages overseas, it’s important to package it nicely.

If you want to ship small packages overseas, follow these instructions and you won’t have any problems. And if you are thinking of relocating to Kuwait, we at Easy Move Kuwait are always here for you. Don’t hesitate on contacting us.