The things Europeans living in Kuwait miss the most

Living in Europe and considering moving to Kuwait? Even if it sounds like a radical step, you are not alone. According to recent studies, there are about 18000 Europeans living in Kuwait. Believe it or not, for many expect around the globe, Kuwait is a popular destination. The main reason why so many people from Europe move here is looking for better job opportunities and of course, higher salaries. Luckily, for many Europeans, it is pretty simple to build their careers due to the constant demand in the oil industry but also financial sector. Kuwait is well known for its high standards of living and big salaries. So if you want to improve your career, meet new cultures and improve your lifestyle, stay with us. Our Easy Move Kuwait will help you prepare for this step. Also, you will find out what things Europeans living in Kuwait miss the most.

Prepare for moving and discover what things Europeans living in Kuwait miss

It is not so easy to prepare for moving from Europe to Kuwait. There will be a lot of jobs to do before you become ready for this transition. Even if you know you will be able to take many opportunities after the move, make sure to prepare well. Before you even start packing your belongings and hire custom clearance services Kuwait, make sure to look for a job first. Moreover, without having a job waiting on you, it can be hard for you to even move to Kuwait. Therefore, the first task of your preparations should be finding a job. That means you need to do a lot of researching, send emails to different companies, and schedule interviews. What you probably did not know is that expats working here must usually have a sponsor or Kuwaiti partner. So, you may miss your independence when it comes to working.

Woman packing
Get ready for the move to Kuwait.

Get ready for a fresh start after the move

Relocation to any destination has its upsides and downsides, and Kuwait is not different. After you hire a land transportation company Kuwait and get your belonging at your new address, you will need to adapt to your new home. No matter how phlegmatic you are, since you had always lived in Europe this is going to be a serious change in your life. However, there is nothing that you could not do if you want to stay here. Firstly, you will need to focus on the many advantages of life in Kuwait. Secondly, as better, you prepare as easier will be for you to adapt.

To help you start feeling good in your new surrounding, we will remind you of things many Europeans living in Kuwait miss. So, whenever you feel nostalgic, remember you are not alone. It is normal to miss all those things you used to. Nevertheless, to improve our life we need to change our habits, attitude and learn to live out of our comfort zone. So, let see, when it comes to accommodation in Kuwait, everything seems perfect here. A construction boom in Kuwait has brought many options for accommodation. That means expats could choose from many different apartments and villas. You will love the organization inside the building where you live. But parking space is one of the things you will miss the most. Don’t be surprised if you are left to find a space anywhere.

Things Europeans living in Kuwait miss the most when settling down

If you have any troubles with organizing your home, there is a solution for you. Our storage Kuwait is all you need to solve any space issues. Also, when you store your belonging in our units, you can be relaxed while your possession is safe and secured. If you had packed all of your winter clothes before the move, you can place them in storage, too. Unluckily, you will not need your winter clothes at all. But for sure you will miss wintertime, especially during the dry, hot summer days. So, take time and prepare for summer heat here.

Winter landscape
You will probably dream about wintertime often.

Mild weather is what Europeans living in Kuwait miss very often. Even if every building has air conditioning, it will take some time for you to adapt to the summer heat here. For instance, if you are coming from the United Kingdom you could even miss rainy days. Regardless of which country in Europe you are coming from, for sure you will miss the weather conditions you have been used to. The good thing is that the weather in Kuwait gives you plenty of opportunities for many outdoor activities. So, enjoy phenomenal summer days on the beach and take all advantage of the sunshine here. This will help you forget about the sadness and nostalgia for your old home.

You might miss your neat and clean neighborhood

Unfortunately, litter is a huge issue in many Kuwait cities and places. You will be surprised many people here will just throw the things and garbage out of their window, without considering taking time to find a recycle bin. The main problem here is that residential areas in Kuwait don’t have dustbins large enough comparing to the number of people living there. The garbage that sometimes overflows into the streets may be quite a shock for you. This could be pretty disturbing for many Europeans. So, you will like to remember your clean and neat streets very often.

A clean neighborhoods Europeans living in Kuwait miss the most
A clean neighborhood is what Europeans living in Kuwait miss the most

Safety in Kuwait

The perfect thing is Kuwait has low crime rates, generally. However, is not recommended for women to walk alone. If you are a woman, you will miss your liberty when you need to be alone on the streets. Not only you but also your family will find this pretty tough. When it comes to police, you should know they have a bad attitude in Kuwait. If any accident occurs and you need to file a report, police will not be in rush to assist. They can even show up at the scene of the accident late. Another thing Europeans living in Kuwait miss is police officers that speak English. Understanding you could be a pretty big problem for them. So, make sure to know Arabic or have a translator.