Packing checklist for moving from Kuwait

One of the most stressful aspects of travel is packing. When considering packing methods for moving, the first thing to do is to collect all the moving supplies you need and then move systematically from room to room until work is complete. We at Easy Move Kuwait are here to provide you with a packing checklist for moving from Kuwait, to make the whole process easier. Continue reading “Packing checklist for moving from Kuwait”

Gadgets that can help you move with ease

Moving to another home is a big deal for you. International moving is a huge change in life. If you planning to prepare your belongings for transport and hire shipping to Saudi Arabia, there will be a lot to do before the big day. There is no doubt, you will need to prepare on time all belongings you want to transport. Besides, you will need to pack and protect your belongings properly. Whether you will get help from your close friends or family, this is not going to be so easy. Luckily, there are certain gadgets that can help you move easier than regularly. Those items will simplify packing, hauling, lifting, and moving your items. Also, some of the gadgets will help you improve your organization for the moving day. Keep reading and consider what gather you may need before you start conducting your move or transport. Continue reading “Gadgets that can help you move with ease”

How to bring your used car to Kuwait?

Listen, we all know. Moving can be an extremely arduous process. From having to organize and plan the entire move, to the actual relocation. And everything in between. However, one of the hardest parts of the move is relocation is knowing how to ship your vehicle. In fact, knowing how to bring your used car to Kuwait is quite a complex procedure. However, it doesn’t need to be like that. Continue reading “How to bring your used car to Kuwait?”

What is a reverse culture shock and how to deal with it?

Returning to your home country might leave you feeling out of place or slightly disoriented. You might feel the same way that you have felt when you were relocating to Kuwait or leaving it. This is called a reverse culture shock. It is completely normal to feel this way for a while. Read the text below to find out how to overcome this feeling. Continue reading “What is a reverse culture shock and how to deal with it?”

How the pandemic influenced import and export restrictions

At the end of the year 2019. the whole world started struggling with a pandemic caused by the virus Covid-19. Various measurements were taken around the whole world. People were in lockdown. Everything stopped working for a moment. This doesn’t focus only on travel restrictions, closing the bars, canceling the gatherings, and so on. This pandemic influenced import and export restrictions too. And this is probably one of the worst things that happened. Luckily, now is everything slowly but surely coming back to normal again. If you are interested in shipping something to another part of the world, don’t worry. International shipping Kuwait can get you covered with that. Feel free to take a look and figure out if the services you need to use can be used. Continue reading “How the pandemic influenced import and export restrictions”

Most common questions about Kuwait customs regulations

Moving your home or company to Kuwait requires careful planning, especially when it comes to importing inventory. If you plan to ship your belongings to this country, you should get to know more about Kuwait customs regulations. We made a short guide for you to understand how this process works. Getting to know more information about shipping inventory to Kuwait will help you avoid many troubles and save money. Before you hire a professional shipping company to pack and transport your goods, keep reading the following article. Here is some basic information about Kuwait customs regulations you should know about.

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What should your bag of essentials contain when moving to Kuwait?

Every move comes with a lot of challenges. As you’re preparing for a move to Kuwait it can be hard to think about everything you need. However, that’s why we are here to help you and tell you what your bag of essentials should look like. We at Easy Move Kuwait made thousands of moves in Kuwait and we know all the difficulties people all over the world face when they come here. Here are some things you need to have by you during your move to Kuwait.

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The items that are better bought than shipped to Kuwait

Moving long distances is a complicated process, and handling inventory is usually the hardest part. If you are planning a relocation to Kuwait, you should know which items you are allowed to ship in this country. Some of them are too big to transport. Others present a potential danger during transportation. There are also those items that are forbidden by import-export laws. After moving into a new home, sometimes it’s easier to buy new items than to move them long-distance. Take a look at some items that are better bought than shipped to Kuwait.

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How to pack your glassware for shipping

When relocating to a new address there is always a lot to do. Packing your belongings is not always the easiest task. However, there are a few tricks that may help you pack more efficiently. We all know that packing your home appliances requires your skill. The same goes for moving and packing heavy and bulky items. On the other hand, packing everything in your kitchen requires special attention. Use tips from professionals and pack your glassware for shipping like a professional. Continue reading “How to pack your glassware for shipping”

Relocation Tips For People With Disabilities

Learn basic relocation tips for people with disabilities before you start with packing. You are surely aware of the differences between this relocation and any other. People with disabilities could have completely different needs. For some of them, it is a problem with hearing, for others, it is much harder to organize and pack them. However, sea freight companies in Kuwait have learned it and organize this job easily.

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