Packing checklist for moving from Kuwait

One of the most stressful aspects of travel is packing. When considering packing methods for moving, the first thing to do is to collect all the moving supplies you need and then move systematically from room to room until work is complete. We at Easy Move Kuwait are here to provide you with a packing checklist for moving from Kuwait, to make the whole process easier.

Packing checklist for moving from Kuwait

Packing is one of the most important phases of movement. Organizing items according to common features, space usage, or other factors makes it easier to track items in transit and unpack them in new locations. Here is a simple packing checklist for moving from Kuwait:

  • Pack the same items together – First, fill each box with a layer of padding. This can be newspapers, bubble wrap, or household items such as blankets and towels. Then put the heaviest item in the box first.
  • Label each box by room and content – this will also make things easier for your international moving companies which are helping you along the way
  • Pack your essentials in a box – Necessities such as screwdrivers, hammers, snacks, drinks, toothbrushes, changing clothes, paper plates, plastic cutlery and cups, first aid kits, medicines, and more.
  • Do not fill the box to the edge – This prevents the box from becoming very heavy and reduces the chance of the box breaking or falling during shipping. Once that’s done, use the packing checklist and tips to move from room to room.
a couple holding boxes
Make sure you have a packing checklist for moving from Kuwait

Start collecting moving supplies

The following moving materials are required for a successful move:

Moving Boxes: There are many ways to find cheap or free moving boxes. Use websites to find used boxes or ask your friends and family. Collect different sizes and make sure the packaging is in good condition. Also, your cargo shipping companies in Kuwait might be able to provide you with these packing supplies.

Bubble Wrap: Bubble wrap protects items on the move. And best of all, you can buy cheaply at office supplies and department stores, or find them for free online.

Dolly: Carrying boxes between locations can be tiring and can lead to falls. To prevent this, rent a trolley from a home improvement store or a moving company.

How to pack each room for moving

Start by cataloging the items you want to have with you.

Doing this based on each room-this will help you organize faster and keep track of your valuable possessions. When shipping from Kuwait to Dubai, the company collects everything you need to protect your belongings in transit, including packing and moving boxes, upholstery, tapes, and blankets.

a box with fragile written on it
Make sure you label your boxes properly

When packing items, try combining them by function.

For example, pack kitchen utensils together. Finally, don’t forget to mark the moving box. That way, you know exactly where you are in your new home. At the top and sides of the box, write down the name of the room, the contents of the box, and whether the items inside are fragile. For example, a box taken out of the kitchen may say “Kitchen/Dish/ Fragile“. This is also helpful when shipping from Kuwait to UK, since the movers will take closer care of your items.

Packing checklist for moving from Kuwait – summing up

Just follow the packing checklist for moving from Kuwait, and wherever you are moving, the process will become instantly easier. Contact your movers on time, and schedule your move. Leave the move to the professionals, and enjoy your new life.