Relocation Tips For People With Disabilities

Learn basic relocation tips for people with disabilities before you start with packing. You are surely aware of the differences between this relocation and any other. People with disabilities could have completely different needs. For some of them, it is a problem with hearing, for others, it is much harder to organize and pack them. However, sea freight companies in Kuwait have learned it and organize this job easily.

The most important when transport people with disabilities is to know what to prepare and pay attention on. People who are in a wheelchair needs special equipment and a trolley ramp. For others is only important to send an assistant that will help in packing and traveling. No matter what the type of disabilities is, you should hire a professional and a company with experience.

Father and son with dissabilities
There are a lot of ways to pack and relocate a person with disabilities

Preparing is one of the relocation tips for people with disabilities

The best way to understand the problem and your duties when relocating people with disabilities is to understand their needs. It is best if you can spend a few hours or a day with the person. In that way, you will be sure what they need and how to organize their transportation. For most people, it is more than packing and traveling. You should help the person whenever it is needed.

  • Walking for most people with disabilities is a problem and you should prepare for the situations when you will need help or assistant;
  • Relocation tips for people with disabilities should include wheels or any other kind of equipment – it would be harder to pack them, so prepare for that, too;
  • Many companies and vehicles have trolley ramp – however, inform about that on time;
  • It is for sure that people with disabilities will have assistance for this relocation – but do not rely on their experience and hire a special person just in case;
  • Maybe you will need special signs for blind or deaf people – international moving companies inform about standardized signs, too.

Make a moving timeline

It is more than ever important to have a plan and timeline for your move. People with disabilities usually have organized time during the day. However, there are situations when you cannot know how to deal with unexpected situations. It is the reason why moving companies in Kuwait make a timeline which includes possible delays and alternatives.

Set a budget

You are surely aware of the fact that your relocation will cost a little more than usual. People with disabilities are not hard for moving, but you should prepare for special occasions. It is for sure that you will need to prepare for possible higher costs and unexpected costs. Professional packers include a little higher price of packing materials, just in case.

Company with experience

No matter how well you are prepared for this job, it would be much better to rely on a company that already has experience in this job. It is not hard to find, though. Most of them have it included in their common offer. However, you will maybe pay a little higher price.

Parking for people with dissabilties
There are a lot of things that you should pay attention to when relocating


Even professionals sometimes forget that working with people with disabilities presumes to deal with emotions. Many sides are included in this process and each of them has its perspective. However, living well with disabilities include coping with waves of sadness and helplessness. You should adapt to their perspective, though.

Relocation tips for people with disabilities include packing in the right way

No matter how long and far people travel, they should pack at least basic things in suitcases. When relocating on long-distance, things are a little harder. It is hard to pack all they need, and you should prepare for the packing of the equipment. On the other hand, you should follow instructions that a person with disabilities or its assistant gives to you. It is for sure that there are things that you do not need to pack at all.


We are sure that every client has problems with downsizing. However, it is crucial when organizing relocation. When working with people with disabilities, you would maybe need more space for equipment. It means that you should pack only essentials. Prepare your clients on that.


You should avoid the risk of injury when packing for moving people with disabilities. It is for sure that it is not an easy job for anybody. You will need to pack all equipment and essential helpers in suitcases and boxes firstly. If you organize well it is not so hard. You always can use storage for large items and come back to it later.

Pack essential bag

You surely know that the packing of the essential bag is more than important in these cases. You should pack it for any type of relocation, though. For people with disabilities, it should include medicine, equipment, or helpers. You should start with the packing of this bag much earlier.

Relocation tips for people with disabilities are worthless if you do not have the right to assisting

People with disabilities usually have assistance in life which helps them in normal duties. When relocation is about, you might be forced to hire a person which will do only this. It is hard to know what they need and help them with every problem. So, you should prepare the person that will be the helper during this process. It would be best if that person is experienced in this job.


People with disabilities usually have helpers and people that help in the organizing of everyday life. It would be best if you can take that person with you when organizing relocation. In many situations, they relocate and continue to live with their clients. If it is not possible, you should recommend hiring a special assistant for relocation or you hire one of them.

It is good to have an assistant for a person with disabilities

Financial assistance

one of the relocation tips for people with disabilities should be finding financial assistance. Relocation is expensive and for most people impossible. Luckily, some funds and banks offer favorable help for people with disabilities. The company should also have discounts and services that will make this relocation easier and cheaper.