International Shipping

To our clients that are looking to transport any-sized cargo overseas, Easy Move offers international shipping services.  Regardless of whether it is residential relocation or a commercial consignment of goods in question, our logistics professionals will handle the shipment with care and deliver it on time no matter the distance. We combine packing, handling, transportation, storage, and freight forwarding to deliver our clients high-quality logistics service – an international shipping service our clients can trust. If you want to ship your cargo overseas, give us a call. We will prove to you why we are one of the finest international shipping companies in Kuwait.

international shipping companies in kuwait and their ship
Easy Move offers shipping services worldwide

We are one of the top international shipping companies in kuwait

Easy Move is an international moving company from Kuwait. We provide local and international relocation and shipping services to individual and commercial clients. If you are moving locally or overseas, we offer a team of international movers Kuwait is proud of. We will transport your household belongings anywhere in Kuwait. Or to any of the major distribution centers in the world. Moreover, the same implies to commercial shipments. Regardless of whether your company is looking for a one-time service or a long-term import/export solution.  We are one of the best international shippers in Kuwait. Delivering you a professional service you are entitled to.

We will make a plan that suits your requirements

Our clients, sending any type of cargo overseas, get a complete shipping service. The first thing we do, however, is preparing a custom plan. A plan that will ensure the safe and quick delivery of your goods. Yes if you decided to hire one of the best shipping companies in Kuwait to transport your items internationally, we will make sure that we prove our reputation. And the best way to do it is the set a detailed logistics plan tailored to suit your consignment.

Regardless of whether you are doing international car shipping, moving your home, or sending a commercial cargo, we will decide on the loading spot and schedule with you, and further, develop a plan that will ensure a safe and quick transport all the way down to delivery to the consignee. We will decide on whether it will be intermodal shipping or full-truck-load (FCL), choose the best route, and the best type of transportation to ensure that your cargo is delivered as you requested.

Choose transportation type according to your needs

We combine multiple transportation types to deliver the best possible logistics services to our customers.  When you hire Easy Move, one of the top international shippers in Kuwait, you can choose that your cargo is transported by ground, sea, or air. Depending on your requirements, naturally. Also, you can leave that decision for us. We are shipping experts with years of experience in the freight industry. And we can determine which type of transportation will suit your shipment the best. If you need your cargo to be delivered quickly, air-freight is the best option. On the other hand, maybe you are looking for the most affordable solution, we will ship your cargo by sea. No matter what your transport solution we choose, one thing is for sure. Your items will be delivered undamaged and on time.

illustration of transportation types
We offer a variety of transport solutions

As one of the best international shipping companies in Kuwait, we can handle your paperwork as well

Our customers can count on the full set of logistics services. This also means handling complicated paperwork. International shipping laws and regulations can be confusing tour customers and we understand that. That is why our freight forwarders will help you.  If you are having trouble understanding what exactly is required for your type of shipment, our experienced freight forwarders will know. Trust us with your next international shipment and you not have to worry about complicated documents no more.

You can rely on our professional packing services

To ensure the safety of every shipment, whether we are talking about residential relocation or commercial shipment of goods, we offer our professional packing services Kuwait. Overseas shipping can be very stressful for your goods. Particularly if you are transporting your items in a container on a cargo ship. Weeks on the sea and rough weather can get to every shipment no matter how well it’s protected.

However, our team of professional packing experts is specially trained to pack and secure all types of household and commercial items that will be traveling as sea freight. Your items will be packed, wrapped, and strapped to prevent them from moving as much as possible. We are using high-quality packing materials and special packing techniques to provide your items with the best possible protection.

You have our excellent storage solutions  at your disposal

Our customers also have high-quality storage services Kuwait at their disposal.  We offer short-term storage solutions to ensure the complete safety of your items. If your items need to be stored at one point, it will in our high security, climate-controlled storage facilities. Our storage is clean, dry, and also pest-free ensuring a high level of security for your cargo.

warehouse in a desert
Keep your items in one of our secure warehouses

You can schedule a consultation with one of the best  international shipping companies in Kuwait if you want

If you have any questions or uncertainties regarding your next international shipping process contact us. Moreover, we can schedule you a consultation with our international shipping experts from Kuwait and give you all the answers you are looking for. No matter whether you are moving your household or you want to start a long-term cooperation with our company we are waiting for your call.

Call us today and ensure the safe transportation of your items

Remember, whenever you need help from international shipping companies in Kuwait, call Easy Move. We are an international moving company in Kuwait providing superior relocation and shipping services worldwide.  If you have something to ship overseas, give us a call today.