Most common questions about Kuwait customs regulations

Moving your home or company to Kuwait requires careful planning, especially when it comes to importing inventory. If you plan to ship your belongings to this country, you should get to know more about Kuwait customs regulations. We made a short guide for you to understand how this process works. Getting to know more information about shipping inventory to Kuwait will help you avoid many troubles and save money. Before you hire a professional shipping company to pack and transport your goods, keep reading the following article. Here is some basic information about Kuwait customs regulations you should know about.

Things to know before importing to Kuwait

Import and export regulations in Kuwait are quite strict, so you should get to know them before shipping any goods to this state. If you are relocating any commercial inventory, know that only Kuwait individuals and companies which are in the register of this state have authorization for this process. In other words, if you plan to import in Kuwait, you should be an owner of a Kuwaiti company and have a proper license.

Make sure to prepare all necessary paperwork and documentation before shipping goods to Kuwait.

The process of import and export in this country also requires certain paperwork and documentation. If you hired a company to handle the shipping process, you will need to prepare all necessary documents for this process. Keep in mind that warehousing during the shipping process also has strict rules individuals must follow. Before hiring a shipping company, do thorough research so you don’t miss anything. One missing paper could cost you to pay additional fees or handle shipping delays and other complications.

Free import, prohibited, and restricted items

Whether you are moving your household belongings or relocating a company to Kuwait, you should know which items you can import to this country. There is a list of some free, prohibited, and restricted items you should look for online. Before you ship your valuables to Kuwait, here are some items you should pay special attention to:

  • Inventory for free import – things such as certain amounts of cigarettes and tobacco, perfume, essential medicaments, and industrial farm products are free to import in Kuwait.
  • Prohibited items – Some items are strictly prohibited to import in Kuwait. Some of them are drugs, weapons and illegal medicines, alcohol, plants and fresh vegetables, animals, and others.
  • Restricted items – Some types of food, alcoholic beverages, and medicines can be imported in Kuwait, but with a special license. The same goes for animals and pets.

Why should you hire an international shipping company?

No matter what type of inventory you plan to ship, there is an easy way to understand Kuwait customs regulations. By hiring reliable experts for international shipping Kuwait has to offer, you will have an easier time with this process. Professional shippers handle the import process on a daily basis, so they’ll help you prepare your inventory. They will let you know which items you can or can’t ship.

shipping containers
If you hire an international moving company, they will help you prepare inventory for the shipping process.

Besides their knowledge of the shipping process, there is another benefit of hiring a professional shipping company. Both residential and commercial shipping can take a long time, especially when moving inventory internationally. Shipping delays and other complications are not uncommon, which is why you should plan this process carefully. An international moving company in Kuwait will know how to handle this process one step at a time in order to help you avoid these complications.

How to prepare your inventory for shipping

An important step of every shipping process is getting inventory ready. In order to keep your shipment safe during long-distance shipping, you should take special care during the packing process. When moving commercial goods, finding the right packing supplies will be difficult without professional assistance. Packing, crating, and handling fragile items are just some of the things movers can do for you. The most benefit of hiring shippers is a better understanding of Kuwait customs regulations. By choosing a shipping company, you will also be provided with a certain insurance policy, which is a necessary part of the process.

While getting ready for shipping, there is another factor you should consider. If you are shipping internationally, your goods might need to be stored in one of the shipping docks. For this process, it’s recommendable to hire one of many warehousing companies in Kuwait. While your inventory is in the warehouse, it should be safe and free of any damage. Make sure to ask your shippers for more details about finding the right warehouse solution for your needs.

How to calculate customs duty?

One of the most common questions about Kuwait customs regulations is related to customs duty. It might seem like it’s complicated to understand, but there is an easy way to calculate your customs duty. The first thing you should know is the percentage rate on the inventory you plan to ship. This calculation is determined by adding up the overall value of inventory, costs of freight, and shipping insurance. If there are any additional costs involved, your shipping company will explain them to you. In the end, you should multiply the total amount by the duty rate. This should help you make an estimate of your shipping costs and customs duty.

Ask your shippers for more information on Kuwait customs regulations.

If you are not familiar with the Kuwait shipping process, don’t stress about it. Professional shipping companies will explain further details of Kuwait customs regulations and help you understand import requirements and documentation. When planning to ship any type of inventory to Kuwait, the more you know the easier the process will be.