Types of Oversized Cargo and Shipping Options

Oversized cargo refers to items that are too large to be shipped using standard shipping methods. These items may include heavy machinery, industrial equipment, and other large items that require special handling. Shipping oversized cargo can be a complex process, as it requires specialized equipment, reliable cargo companies in Kuwait, and experienced personnel to ensure that the cargo is transported safely and efficiently. Read on and find out what are types of oversized cargo and shipping options.

Plan the shipping process

It is extremely important to plan the shipping process properly if you want to deliver your goods on time and in good condition. First, you need to assess your shipping needs. This means that you have to consider the type of goods that you want to ship and the destination of your shipment when choosing the best shipping method and shipping carrier. If you are shipping cargo abroad, you need to research international shipping companies in Kuwait and make sure that the company you choose meets all your needs. Consider factors such as cost, delivery time, and package tracking options when choosing a carrier. It’s also important to consider the shipping carrier’s reputation and customer service.

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There are different types of oversized cargo and shipping options

Then, create a shipping schedule. This will help you to stay organized and ensure that you ship everything on time. Consider how much time you will need for the packing process. Proper packaging and labeling are essential for ensuring that goods are delivered in good condition. There are many experienced packers and movers in Kuwait that can handle this part of the shipping process. They are familiar with packing techniques, have quality packing materials, and have the proper equipment.

What are the types of oversized cargo and shipping options?

As we have already explained, shipping oversized cargo requires proper planning. The cost and shipping method depend on the actual size of the freight. The oversized cargo includes items that are large and requires special handling such as agricultural machinery, industrial equipment, construction machinery, trailers, trucks, military machinery, aircraft, watercraft, etc. There are several options available for shipping oversized cargo, including flatbed trucks, lowboys, flat rack containers, container platforms, a deck of a ship, open-top containers, etc.

Flatbed trucks

A flatbed truck is the type of truck often used for oversized cargo that is too tall or wide to fit in a standard shipping container. Flatbed trucks are ideal for shipping oversized cargo as they have a large open deck that allows for easy loading and unloading of large and bulky items. They also offer the added advantage to load cargo from the sides or rear. This is very useful when loading and unloading in tight spaces. However, flatbed trucks are not always the most cost-effective option for shipping oversized cargo, as they are often more expensive to hire than other types of trucks.

Explore different types of oversized cargo and shipping options
Flatbed trucks are one of the best options when shipping oversized cargo

Step deck trailers

Step deck trailers are similar to flatbed trucks. However, they have a lower deck that allows for the loading and unloading of cargo at ground level. This makes them ideal for shipping oversized cargo that is too tall to fit on a flatbed truck. On the other hand, step deck trailers are not always the best option for shipping oversized cargo that is too wide or too heavy. They have limited loading capacity and may not be able to accommodate larger or heavier items.

Heavy haul carrier

Another option for shipping oversized cargo is using a specialized heavy haul carrier. Heavy haul carriers are specialized trucks that are designed to transport heavy and oversized cargo. They have specialized equipment such as cranes and winches that allow for the loading and unloading of large and heavy items. They also have the ability to transport cargo that exceeds legal weight and size restrictions. However, heavy haul carriers are the most expensive option and are not always available in all locations. Heavy haul trucking companies have specialized equipment and experienced personnel that can handle and transport heavy cargo, such as industrial machinery or construction equipment.

More types of oversized cargo and shipping options

When it comes to oversized cargo and shipping options, a great option is to use a barge or a ship. If you are, for example, shipping from Kuwait to Dubai, using ocean freight would be the cheapest option. Ocean freight is a cost-effective way to ship oversized cargo, as it allows for the transportation of large and heavy items at a lower cost than other methods. However, it is important to note that ocean freight can take much longer than other methods, and various weather conditions can damage cargo during the shipping process.

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Ocean freight is the best shipping method when transporting oversized cargo

How to choose a shipping company?

Shipping cargo abroad is a challenging process, especially when shipping oversized cargo. You need to obtain different permits and regulations before shipping oversized cargo. That is why we recommend hiring a reputable shipping company for cargo shipping to Saudi Arabia. The company should have the necessary equipment and personnel to ensure that it will transport cargo safely and efficiently. Also, it should have years of experience in handling and transporting large items. That is why it is important to research moving companies and check their online reputation. Choose a company that has a license and fits your budget.

In conclusion, there are several options available for shipping oversized cargo, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the size, weight, and urgency, one of these options may be more suitable for your needs. It is important to consider the cost, transit time, and handling requirements of your oversized cargo when choosing a shipping method.