Kuwait-Dubai Relocation Plan

Planning to relocate to Dubai from Kuwait? It can be a good idea if you are ready for this glam city and high life. If you want Dubai to be your next home, you should start preparing and planning a few months before your moving day. You will likely need to hire one of the best moving companies in Kuwait, Easy Move Kuwait. Check out our Kuwait-Dubai relocation plan to have a smooth relocation.

Kuwait-Dubai relocation plan

We bring you a Kuwait-Dubai moving plan to make your moving process easier. Relocating isn’t just a moving day; there are also days before and after moving to Dubai. So, start planning your move to Dubai from Kuwait with our few useful tips.

Kuwait-Dubai relocation is not easy

Get a job before moving to Dubai

Before you pack your bags and call international movers Kuwait to help you relocate from Kuwait to Dubai, it is important to find a job if you want to be financially secure in your new country. So, take time and start searching for a job in the Emirates 3 to 6 months before moving. Start with your job hunt online. Or you can ask your current company if they offer some international jobs in Dubai. You will be more relaxed during your moving process when you know that you have a job waiting for you in your new country.

Hire moving services for your Dubai relocation

After you find a job, it is time to hire the best moving services Kuwait provider to help you relocate from Kuwait to Dubai. You need to pick a moving company that can provide you with moving services that fit your needs and relocation requirements. It is very important they have years of experience and expertise in Dubai relocation. Also, make sure your moving company has a license and the possibility of buying a moving insurance for international relocation. So, before you hire moving services, check the moving company’s reviews.

While you are searching for the best moving services for your relocation, don’t forget to learn more about Dubai and the culture there. Make sure you are ready to change your lifestyle. Perform thorough research if you don’t want to end up returning to your home in Kuwait in a few months.

Skyscrapers in Dubai
When it comes time to say goodbye to Kuwait, try to find a job in Dubai

Renting or buying a home in Dubai

Yes, Dubai is an exciting city, but you will need a lot of money to relocate from Kuwait to Dubai. Make sure Dubai isn’t too heavy for your wallet. Moving day isn’t expensive like living in Dubai after the relocation. You have to find a new place to live and buy things you need. You should know that rent prices in Dubai are 78.79% higher than in Kuwait City.

If you want to rent a property in Dubai, you must have a residential visa, work visa and bank account. When you have all papers you need to rent a place in Dubai, make sure to hire a registered real estate agent with Real Estate Regulatory Authority.

A building in Dubai surrounded by water
When you want to rent a home in Dubai, you should know that rent prices in Dubai are 78.79% higher than in Kuwait City

Cost of living in Dubai

Living and working in Dubai means living in the most important ex-pat destination in the Middle East. It sounds great, right? But you need to be ready for an expensive life. Especially if you have to find and pay for schools, hospitals, etc. Dubai is more expensive than Kuwait. So, when you are relocating from Kuwait to Dubai, you should be prepared for high prices and an expensive lifestyle. We will give you a few examples to compare Kuwait City and Dubai’scost of living. As we mentioned, rent prices are higher, but restaurant prices in Dubai are 31.19% higher than in Kuwait City. Also, prices for monthly utilities in Dubai are four times higher than in Kuwait City. There are many international schools your children can attend. But you will also have to pay a lot of money for these private schools. Regardless, you will get a great education and fabulous educational approaches.

Health insurance in Dubai

Before you relocate to Dubai, it is important to get health insurance same as getting moving insurance. Also, Dubai requires you to have health insurance before entering the country. Also, if you want to apply for residency, you must pass a medical examination.

How to save money in Dubai – use public transportation

For a successful Kuwait-Dubai relocation plan, you need to know how to save some money in your wallet. You can consider using public transport options in Dubai, especially if you are used to using Kuwait transportation. Because Dubai’s lifestyle is expensive, knowing there is a way to save money is good. You can do it by using the Metro or buses instead of a taxi for city rides.

Calculate the final costs of moving

You must find out how much your moving will cost, especially if you have a lot of things to do when moving. It is crucial to rely on the company that will explain all details. They will give you the most precise cost information and show how much shipping from Kuwait to Dubai can cost. Companies have moving estimates for free so that you can get the most accurate data from professionals. Once you define the price, you can add services you may not plan to use initially.

Dubai at night
When moving to Dubai, be ready for an expensive life

English is widely spoken

As the opposite of many countries in this part of the world, Dubai is known for its wide use of English. They use it in shops, malls, and companies where many ex-pats work. Therefore, you will need to improve this language, primarily if you work with strangers. It is crucial to prepare for many new contacts and friendships in this country since this is a country where many people from the West part of the world live.

Learn to live differently

Dubai has accepted ex-pats from all over the world. They have adapted to new habits and lifestyles easily and have taken many novelties we have yet to see in other countries of the UAE. It means that you will see more women that walk freely on the streets and different languages people speak. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about nations and other cultures.

Open to the women

We know many stereotypes about women in Islamic countries, but Dubai is entirely different. You will see women in restaurants, bars, and streets walking in groups or alone, without a male escort. There are women’s hours for women who do not feel comfortable with these customs. Restaurants, bars, galleries, and swimming pools have happy hours for women. This is not a special regulation in this country but more a choice that women and companies have made.

Kuwait-Dubai relocation checklist

If you want to have successful Kuwait-Dubai relocation from the first day to the last, try to make a moving checklist with our useful tips.

Preparing for Kuwait-Dubai relocation

  • Check that your passports are valid – yours and from your family
  • Apply for a visa if you need to do so
  • Check customs regulations in Dubai, and learn which things are prohibited from importing to Dubai.

Getting ready for Dubai relocation

  • Buy your tickets
  • Check if you need an international driving license
  • If you are moving with a pet, make sure your pet has all the required vaccines
  • Make sure to buy travel and health insurance
  • Sell things you don’t want to bring with you or store them in warehouse Kuwait has
  • Send your things to air freight forwarding companies Kuwait offers
  • Cancel your utilities in Kuwait: electricity, gas, oil, water, telephone, and internet
  • Close your bank accounts
  • Make sure to notify everyone of your new address, including your friends, family and business associates, when preparing for Kuwait-Dubai relocation plan.
Sheikhs and camels walking the streets of Dubai, which is a sight you might see after the Kuwait-Dubai relocation
Prepare all necessary documents you need for your relocation from Kuwait to Dubai

Dubai is a safe place to live in

Most people think the final decision about where to live with the family depends on safety. There are a lot of places in the world where you can choose to live freely and without fear. Dubai is one of them. As one of the top 10 safest places in the world, Dubai is the place where you can move with your family. They have the lowest crime rate in this part of the continent and effective regulations for ex-pats and their families.

Follow the rules

Like in any other country, you must strictly follow the regulations and laws. There are a few essential things to remember when living in Dubai. Otherwise, you can face serious consequences.

Remember what to avoid

There are a few things that you should learn before coming to Dubai to live. First, you must not take a photo of anyone without permission. Some rules are exciting and unusual for us, like you must not take poppy seeds with you or swear in public. Take these warnings in mind when preparing the Kuwait-Dubai relocation plan.