How to recognize fake online shipping reviews on time

A smart thing to do before choosing a shipping company is to read a few reviews. All in order to get a better understanding of how the company works and to confirm if they are legit. Working with the best shipping company in Kuwait is important. Especially if you are shipping delicate and expensive goods. But first, you must find one. And today we will explain how to recognize fake online shipping reviews and avoid ending up with fraudulent or incompetent shipping companies. Let’s dive in.

You will recognize fake online shipping reviews if they are too good to be true

Right from the start, we will recommend Easy Move Kuwait as one of the better options in the shipping market. But if you still want to learn how to recognize fake online shipping reviews and browse your options, this is how it is done. The first thing to notice is extremely positive reviews. If a review is about pros only, then it can be comprised of the positive sides only. But real shipping reviews almost always have at least one con in them. Simply because no one is perfect and there is always a margin of error, especially when people are involved. So, if you stumble upon a review that will promise wonders and riches, it is definitely fake. More so if has a caps lock and many exclamation marks. After all, we are talking about shipping companies and not about rockstars and top-performing athletes.

recognize fake online shipping reviews if they are only positive
A shipping company with only positive reviews most likely faked the whole thing to boost ratings.

Excessively bad reviews might be fake as well

Sometimes, customers got the distance to launch a smear campaign against the shipping company they worked with. We can understand that a customer who had a bad experience writes a bad review. But if that review is long, overly descriptive, and without a single good word about the subject, then it is probably fake. It is another way to recognize fake online shipping reviews because no one in their right mind would spend hours assembling a wall of text that can ruin the reputation of a company unless there is something bigger behind it.

Usually, customers post reviews when they have a positive experience. Rarely do we find time for bad reviews unless we want a refund or some kind of compensation. And those who are in between will almost never post reviews saying, “nothing special but still good”. Those customers just move on because there is nothing to say. So, if you see a review that can say a ton of bad things about cargo shipping companies in Kuwait and not a single good one about them, stay away from it.

The manner in which the review is written will tell you much about it

Often people who are paid to write fake reviews have poor knowledge about the subject and they use bad language. They use jargon or simply write in crooked English and have poor grammar. This can have negative effects if you take it as an honest review. Especially if you are searching for something specific like car shipping Kuwait, moving to a different continent, or shipping fragile or highly valuable content. Therefore, if you spot mistakes, poor spelling, or incoherent sentences, the review is probably fake.

misspelled sign in the yard
Bad grammar and incorrect spelling will give fake reviews away.


Small details can help you recognize fake online shipping reviews

There is a general way to write a positive review as well as the bad one. The most honest reviews are usually a few sentences long with precise and concrete information. Yes, there is always a case of an overly descriptive review posted by an ecstatic customer. But it does not mean they are fake, but in most cases, it is proven they are. And if you pay attention to the smallest details, you’ll catch a glimpse of fraud and deceit. For example, when people use the names of employees they worked with. Or if a review becomes unnecessarily personal and provides irrelevant information.

All in all, you do not want to know if it was a sunny day or what George had for breakfast. You only want to know if the company you are about to work with is legitimate. And this is something you should confirm with a few sentences rather than reading a three-page-long review.

Now you know how to recognize fake online shipping reviews. Just remember, if a review is too long, overly descriptive, too good, or too bad, it can easily be fake. At least you have the power to filter the content you are reading, and we advise you to stick to short and precise reviews with relevant information. Good luck.