Shipping companies in Kuwait- watch for the red flags?

If you plan on moving to Kuwait, make sure you plan your moving process in detail. There are many situations when rogue moving companies succeeded to scam people so you should watch out for the red flags. In that case, you should consider air fright Kuwait for shipping your belongings. You should always make sure you check the company’s credentials and validity. Most of the reliable shipping companies in Kuwait will give you all the information about the company you acquire. Nevertheless, you should be secure when checking all the moving services Kuwait that the company offers. There are many reasons why you should purchase moving insurance when shipping your belongings. Rogue moving companies are skillful in their scams but if you pay attention to details, you may be able to recognize the scam in time to escape it.

No real license or moving reviews

moving insurance
You should purchase moving insurance when shipping your belongings.

When you plan to hire shipping companies in Kuwait, make sure to check everything about the company. You should do the initial research of the company because that is the first safe step of hiring a reliable shipping Kuwait company. One of the first red flags you might see is that fraudulent moving companies fake their reviews. They tend to hire people or use their own employees to write them stellar reviews and positive comments about the company online.

On a first glance, the company might seem reliable and popular. However, that might not be the case. These fraudulent shipping companies in Kuwait want to make you and many other clients believe their company is top-notch when in reality it’s not. If you are not sure that you are dealing with fraudulent movers, be careful. Try to find other information online about that particular company. You could also try to find reliable shipping companies in Kuwait by following these steps:

  • Ask your coworkers for a referral – Asking your work associate or a friend for a referral is the great way to find good and reliable shipping companies in Kuwait. Most of the companies that ship their products might tell you about reliable companies they use.
  • Check online for more reviews – When checking thoroughly online about any shipping company, make sure you go to the websites that you can rely on. Several different online moving reviews on different websites should tell you more about the company you plan to hire. Before you call the company, make sure to read all the comments and reviews former customers posted. Watch out for the companies that have great reviews everywhere because no company is perfect and that may be one of the red flags.

Contacting the shipping companies in Kuwait

check online
Reliable shippers in Kuwait tend to tell you all the information about the company in your first interview.

When you contact the shipping company, pay attention to the details during the initial interview. A person on the phone should be professional and polite. One of the red flags could be this person using a generic greeting. If the person answers the phone and refers to the company as “movers” or “shipping company” without a full name and the address, that might be a thing to watch out for.

Most reliable shippers in Kuwait tell you all the information about the company. Rogue movers might try to avoid telling you the name of the company. After the initial call, you cannot get in touch with the company. One of the big warning signs is if the company transfers you to an answering machine. Most of the professional shippers in Kuwait provide the company name, phone number, and contact on their answering machine.

Be aware of giving deposits in advance

deposit money
You shouldn’t give your money to just any shipping company in advance.

Trustworthy Kuwait shippers won’t ask you for cash or large deposits in advance. Shipping companies in Kuwait will be paid the agreed amount after they deliver your cargo. Another sign of rogue movers could be them asking for large sums of money in advance. In other cases, they ask before they deliver your shipment to its destination.

In some cases, if the reputable Kuwait shippers may demand a deposit to reserve the moving date for your move. But you shouldn’t be alarmed because the reliable companies get busy during the busy moving season. The red flags only appear if the deposit amounts are large. No reliable shipping company in Kuwait will ask for huge deposits before the shipping process is finished. You shouldn’t trust your money with just any shipping company in advance.

Low-end quotes and estimates

Before you choose a reliable shipping company, make sure to check the company in detail.

You should pay attention when shipping companies in Kuwait give you a surprisingly low-ball estimate. That is one of the most common reasons why people make a mistake a choose fraudulent shipping companies. You can never be sure with low-ball estimates. On the other hand, new shipping companies offer low prices because they want to attract new business. Keep in mind that rogue movers tend to offer you prices that are too good to be true.

Rogue movers that attract customers with their low-end estimates can raise the price of the move. They usually do this after they pick up the shipment. That way they can blackmail the victim for any amount of money they want. Moving scams are unregulated and rogue movers don’t answer to you or any other authority.

What to do if rogue movers keep your belongings hostage?

moving boxes
If you become a victim of moving scam, contact the authorities and take legal action against the rogue movers.

Rogue shipping companies in Kuwait may take your belongings and keep them hostage until you pay more money. This is the worst scenario that could happen. The situation gets more complicated if your shipment is valuable. Fraudulent movers can disappear without a trace with your high-value belongings. To avoid this situation you should get shipping insurance for your cargo. Also, they can ask for huge amounts of money. If you become a victim of moving scam, contact the authorities and take legal action against the rogue movers.