Car shipping tips: How to prepare your vehicle for transportation

It is not difficult to prepare your vehicle for transportation, although it presumes some specified jobs. You will need to organize relocation in a way that does not damage your car but also consider the stage of your vehicle. It is not the same if you transport an old and a little damaged vehicle or a brand-new model. Also, it would help if you were careful with the items in the car. They can damage, too, or you can lose them during transportation. Do not forget that vehicles will be parked, but workers will drive them to the parking lot or when unloading the car. Professional Kuwait movers have a lot of experience, so you should rely on them in this case.

General preparation

Preparing for vehicle shipping is difficult, especially if you have an expensive vehicle. It presumes to prepare for customs clearance and follow the regulations. The first step, in this case, should be having all documents about the car. Also, you will need to prepare the vehicle for parking and do all the following steps. Depending on the distance and type of vehicle, you will need to organize parking and prepare accordingly.

Car shipping
You need to carefuly prepare your vehicle for transportation


You will surely need all licenses and documents that follow car ownership; how that look depends on the country and its regulations. Thus, international car shipping has some standardized demands that most countries follow. For example, you may need to translate your own or have a superb technical examination. Also, you may prepare a translation of the car’s technical documentation or similar papers—all you need to know about before preparing your vehicle for transportation.

Take pictures of your car

It is for sure that the transportation company will control the damages that happen during vehicle shipping. Good companies do all they can to prepare and protect the car from all types of injuries and scratches. However, it would be difficult to prove that damages on your vehicle after shipping were not there before it. The only way is to take pictures of the car that show how the car looks like if you want to prepare your vehicle for transportation. Make sure you have pictured everything, like the car’s corners, mirrors, and interior.

Take pictures of the odometer

Another part of the car that people usually forget about and it is a huge mistake. You may feel deceived when found out that people in the car service had driven your car while they were there. Imagine the same happens during transportation. However, professional shipping companies in Kuwait will surely not use your vehicle for driving adventures. Indeed, they will drive a car for a short distance, from the parking lot to the vehicle and back. If you see that they have gone much longer than that, you can prove it with the photos of the odometer.

The best way to avoid scams is to take a picture of the odometer

Prepare spare keys

It is for sure that you would like to keep the keys to your precious car with you. It is not impossible, though, if you want to prepare your vehicle for transportation. Shipping from Kuwait to Dubai can take much longer than you think. The company can change the vehicle or need to move your car to another place. They would need to have keys and fuel in the gas tank to drive it. If you worry about safety, you should take photos and rely on a professional company when transporting. Professional companies have workers in charge of driving and security so that you can give them keys freely without worries.

Record damages and scratches

You should take photos of the car overall, but you must take pictures of the existing damages. Although it saves the company from complaints, it will help you a lot, too. You will be able to control the process of transporting, especially when shipping from Kuwait to the UK takes too long. Even if you see damages after shipping, you will know when they have been made. In that way, you will know if the car had scratches before or if something damaged the car during shipping.

Port of call inspection

Car shipping is coordinated with the law and regulations, so you should rely on them. You will need to prepare documents that companies and customs clearance demand. In this case, you should fill the bill of lading, a particular document about the vehicle you transport. On the paper, you will write the car’s condition, a list of the damages, and any possible problems with the vehicle. This document is crucial even if something unexpected happens and you want to pass the border quickly and without problems.

Prepare for parking

When a company takes your car for transportation, they park on exceptional parking lofts. They will park the car on the vehicle, too. Since carriers can take a long, you should carefully prepare your vehicle for transport.

A car
It is the best if you take a picture of the car’s damages

Wash the car

It seems as not crucial for transporting, especially not if you want to prepare your vehicle for transportation. However, shipping from Kuwait to the USA can take very long. During that time, your car will be covered with dust and dirt. It would be even worse if they were dirty already before shipping. That is why you should wash the car before shipping.

Clean the inside of the car

For the same reasons, you must clean the car carefully before shipping. You can imagine what your car would look like during shipping to Bahrain. The vehicle usually contains empty packages, papers, or other small items. Also, you will need to organize careful and precise cleaning of the car interior. It presumes to empty the glove compartment, boxes, and other partitions. You will need to check if the interior has small rocks, dirt, and items you lost. The best is to clean the interior thoroughly and check for all details.

Remove accessories

Cars have a lot of additions and accessories that you will need to remove during transport. Shipping to Saudi Arabia can take a long and have unexpected problems. You must not leave them inside the car if you want to prepare your vehicle for transportation. Those include car radios, buttons, climate control, and similar details. Do not forget about loudspeakers if they are removable. Also, you need to remove the sunroof, convertible roof, roof rack crossbars, and antennas. You should know that your car will be in the parking lot for a long time, and many people can damage it.

Check the interior of the car and all parts

Leave a small amount of gas

As you leave the car in the parking, and then on the vehicle, where it can be very long, you should leave an empty tank. However, it should not be open since workers in the company will drive the car often. Experts recommend going for only a tiny amount of money; thus, it is safer and better for your vehicle. You do not want to cause damage or risk severe problems with the fuel that can explode. Also, energy can leak from the tank and damage the vehicle and other cars.

Deactivate alarm

It would help if you deactivated the alarm when you park the car on the vehicle. Imagine what it will look like if you leave the warning on and it activates during transportation. You can leave the car and keys to the workers in the company, and they will protect your vehicle. Do not worry about safety, especially if you hire a professional moving company. It is crucial if you want to prepare your car for transportation properly.

Visit mechanic

To prepare your vehicle for transportation and manage all problems, you should visit professionals. Mechanics have a list of the items they check when preparing vehicles for transport, so you should rely on them. Also, they will recommend all you need for these purposes, like special sprays for protection or oil for the engine. They will check for damages and resolve all they can. It should be one of the first steps when preparing the vehicle.

Safety preparations

If you want to prepare your vehicle for transportation, you should pay attention to safety. Do not forget that your car will be in the parking before loading the ship and parked on the vehicle for a long time. All takes too long, and you may expect damages and other problems. So, pay special attention to safety if you want your car in the same shape after shipping.

Check for leaks

Even the new cars could have suspicious engine leaks or breaks. Although you prepare your vehicle carefully, some minor damages can be missed. You will need to prepare your vehicle for transportation to prevent problems. After long transport, those leaks and oil can damage the brakes and other cars on the ship. Leaving the engine and breaking without oil can be even more dangerous. If leaks are small, you maybe not see them when preparing for transporting. However, you can check those details and resolve the problem on time. If you are not sure, ask the mechanic.

Check the radiator and battery

You need to check your battery and radiator before shipping, no matter how long your transportation can take. One of the essential parts is to check how they work and remove them if needed.

  • The radiator is essential for the car, but if it is too long in the car that does not drive, it can break;
  • Batteries can damage the car and cables if you do not use them for a long time;
  • To prepare your vehicle for transportation, you need to check all details and parts.

Check breaks

You will not need breaks when the car is parked on the vehicle for a long time. However, cracks can damage if they are not used for a long time, primarily if the car is not driven. Also, humidity and lack of oil can damage them and cause serious problems. You will need to organize transportation to protect your car and yourself after transporting it, too. The best way is to visit a mechanic and see what else is damaged or broken so you can resolve the problem on time.

You should visit the mechanic before preparing the car for shipping

Tire pressure

There is a considerable dilemma in preparing your vehicle for transportation, especially when sensitive parts are about. While one people claim that you will need to fill the tires to the end, others are convinced that you need to leave them a little empty. That vehicle will be parked on the ship; you should empty the tires a little. If they are over-pressed, they can damage due to long stands in the same position. You cannot leave them empty, as you will need to drive the car later. So, filled to the ¾ is the best option.

Lock the car

Do not forget that you will leave the keys to the workers in the company, but before that, you should lock the car. Workers will quickly open the door when needed, but they will be safe during the transportation. The reason is simple, you should protect the vehicle, even on those long transportations. You cannot be sure if somebody can access the parking lot or if somebody from the company can steal the car. Do not forget to lock the truck, and other parts, too. However, it would help if you were careful will locks since some vehicles have automatized locks that can close the car without keys. It can cause trouble later, so do not close the doors if you have not prepared the spare keys.

Take insurance

No matter how well you prepare the car, you cannot be sure that nothing will happen. If something happens, you will not be able to ask for the foundation from the moving company. It is confident that it will protect your items and belongings and keep you safe even if something unexpected happens. Make sure you have prepared for this process carefully and collected all details and papers in one place. It presumes to estimate the car value and other parts. For those reasons, you will prepare your vehicle for transportation if you take insurance.