Shipping to Saudi Arabia

Your plan to relocate to Saudi Arabia, or to make a shipment? Regardless of the reason, one thing is certain, you will use freight services. What is important is which company you choose and do business with. To find a reliable shipping company is imperative. Here at Easy Move KW, we assure you that your shipment will be well taken care of. Our international movers Kuwait logistics department is versatile and experienced in sea, ground, and air shipments. Let us show you what we offer and how we handle the shipping to Saudi Arabia.


We are working out the logistics.

All countries in the world have shipping and importing regulations. KSA is no different. This depends on the content of your cargo and its weight. A fine example is a vehicle that mustn’t be older than 5 years of its manufacturing date. There are many examples and a lot of papers and documents to file in order to ship and receive goods. But do not worry. Shipping to Saudi Arabia was never easier. Here at Easy Move KW, we will cover the complete process and the logistics behind it. Even if you are a permanent resident of one of the Gulf Cooperation Countries, you might miss some of the regulations set in place.

We will work out the logistics for your shipping to Saudi Arabia
Let us work out the logistics and organize the best shipping service possible.

Contact us today and we shall guide you through the process. We communicate with our customers closely, listening to their requests and evaluating the situation. Contact us and get informed of all the steps you must take, to legally import a shipping container via sea freight Kuwait. To have a knowledgeable and experienced counsel in this situation is priceless.

Services that Easy Move KW offers.

Shipping is an important aspect of our business. Our moving services Kuwait will provide enough versatility for you to ship your container without any obstructions. Next to the shipping, we offer other highly useful services:

  • Moving – To relocate your home or business will be our pleasure. Our team possesses the tools, technology, proper transportation vehicles, and enough experienced workers. Let us move you swiftly and safely.
  • Packing – We will pack, color code, label, and make sure your package is tracked and safe all the time.
  • Logistics – Our logistics department is equipped with the latest technology and precise coordination. Our team will cover the full-circle. We can transport your goods to the loading docks, pack, prepare, and ship. Whatever you desire.
  • Storage – Depending on your needs, we rent storage units of all sizes. Here you can rent a climate-controlled storage unit with the highest level of security and surveillance.

Easy Move KW provides shipping to Saudi Arabia of the highest quality.

We approach our customers’ requests with care and understanding. The importance of your business is well-known to us and we tend to accommodate each customer respectively. Therefore, by working together and making a plan we will achieve the results you expect. Our moving plan consists of detailed organization, packing, transporting, and shipping. Including the detailed inventory list along with the list of special shipping instructions. No matter what the nature of your business is, we always strive toward the resolution. If you are shipping personal items, vehicles, hazardous materials, or consumables, do not worry. We will guide you through the legal process and work together to resolve any obstacles along the way. Your cargo will find its way.

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us.

What is the nature of your business?

Our shipping company is licensed, legit, and insured. We work internationally with a huge variety of different customers. All you need to do is to present your project to us, and we will take it from there. Our customers can purchase moving, packing, and shipping services. With us, you can ship furniture, vehicles, any kind of equipment, and even motorhomes. We have the means to do it. Our cargo and freight services are what you need. Place your business in the hands of experienced shipping experts. You won’t regret it.

Shipping to Saudi Arabia and how we do it.

The main service we take pride in is the container shipping. Your goods are sealed, well protected, and ready for the ocean voyage. On one hand, we have a consolidated container where you share your space with other users. We take extreme measures to keep the content of each container inspected and sorted adequately. Our shipping company does not mix items that shouldn’t travel together. On the other hand, we hold highly regarded exclusive container service. In this case, you won’t wait for the container to get full. You simply load your cargo and ship it on the next departure. This is a highly lucrative service where you do not mix your cargo with anyone else but have a private environment for your goods. Consider this option if you want the best for your business.

Our cargo shipment is well-organized, secure, and swift!

We offer only realistic prices.

Easy Move KW has many useful services and realistic prices tied to each service. Although, you must know that there are a set of rules and different factors tied to each situation. A common example is a country you are shipping from and the distance cargo must travel. Usually, when shipping to Saudi Arabia, it takes from five to eight weeks for your cargo to reach the destination, no matter where you ship it from. Longer the voyage, higher the price.

Also, consider what kind of cargo you are shipping along with the container you are using. But worry not, we will guide through the process with the idea to keep your budget healthy. Our goal is for both parties to be happy and to develop a long-lasting working partnership. Our prices are competitive and we always take a step further to make our customer happy. Give us a call and give us a chance to prove our worth.

Now you know that we are your best choice for shipping to Saudi Arabia. With Easy Move KW you’ll achieve only the best possible results. Give us a call today and let us provide free estimates. You can rest assured that your cargo is taken care of and that will reach the destination intact. Let us share our business with you.