Shipping from Kuwait to Dubai

Shipping items or goods from one country to another can be quite a complicated affair. Therefore, you will want to arm yourself with a good plan, patience, and a reliable shipping company. Easy Move Kuwait is the perfect choice when you are shipping from Kuwait to Dubai. With years of experience and skilled workers, we will make sure that your cargo arrives in Dubai safely. So reach out and contact us today – the shipping company you have been looking for is just a phone call away.

Dubai skyline
Welcome to the United Arab Emirates.

Do I need a shipping company?

One of the main questions we often get at Easy Move Kuwait is whether or not you even need a shipping company for your items. As you might know (or imagine), shipping internationally consists of quite a few steps. You will need to tackle a lot of logistics in order to achieve it successfully – even when you are shipping from Kuwait to Dubai or similar “close” places.

Sadly, this logistics isn’t something one person can do on their own. It requires the help of some of the most amazing logistics companies in Kuwait. This is because you will usually need to change a couple of modes of transport, and thus you will need to deal with a lot of people all by yourself. Luckily, full-service shipping companies like Easy Move already have these services for you.

This includes the obvious things, like shipping your items by road and rail. We will help you deal with the borders and all the paperwork you will need in order to get your items into the United Arab Emirates. There are also two more “specialized” ways of shipping – ocean or sea shipping and air shipping. These are somewhat more flexible, and you should think carefully about their advantages and disadvantages.

The difference between shipping from Kuwait to Dubai by sea and air

When it comes to international shipping, you will usually be able to find freight forwarding companies in Kuwait which dabble in sea shipping. During this method, you will usually pack your items into containers and send them by ship. The biggest advantage of this method is that sea shipping is fairly cheap. However, the disadvantages might discourage you from pursuing it.

a sea freighter can be used for shipping from Kuwait to Dubai
Sea freight might be cheap – but it also includes many disadvantages.

For starters, sea shipping is notoriously slow. It can take weeks for your items to arrive in Dubai. What’s more, it can often be tough to estimate the exact date. It can change based on many factors – like the weather, customs, duties, local delivery, etc. Furthermore, the items can get damaged, no matter how well you pack them, due to such a lengthy journey.

On the other hand, you have air freight companies in Kuwait. When you need to ship your items quickly, this is a perfect choice. Airfreight is fast – since it is done by plane – and your shipment might arrive at its destination in a matter of days. However, there are some disadvantages to be aware of here as well. For example, due to the difference between the transportation methods, you will be able to ship less with air freight. What’s more, this freight shipping method is more expensive, and therefore it is usually meant for special shipments.

Why choose Easy Move Kuwait when shipping from Kuwait to Dubai

So now that you know just how freight forwarding and shipping companies can help you, let’s talk about why we are the perfect choice for all your moving needs. Easy Move works as a moving company in Kuwait. However, we offer relocation and shipping services on a much larger scale. Therefore, when you need to ship your items from Kuwait to Dubai, we are the people who can help.

First, we have years of experience in the moving industry. We are professional, reliable, and trustworthy, and we work hard to ensure nothing awry happens to your stuff while they are in our care. When you reach to us for our moving services Kuwait, we will sit down and plan your move in detail. This way, you get a better understanding of the whole process, and exactly what is going to happen. By doing so, we deplete your stress level. There will be nothing to surprise you when working with Easy Move Kuwait.

What’s more, we are proud to say that we can offer you an amazing moving experience. We are very particular about our shipping methods. At Easy Move Kuwait, all shipments need to have accurate labels and secure transportation. Our packing services Kuwait include high-quality packing supplies so that your items have an extra layer of security during their trip from Kuwait to Dubai.

Welcome to Dubai

The city of Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is the city with the biggest population (3,4 million in September 2020) as well as the capital of the Emirate of Dubai. You will find it in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula, on the Persian Gulf coast. This location is what helps Dubai strive in its position to become one of the biggest commercial hubs in Western Asia. Also, this is why so many businesses are opening their shops here. The revenues from trade, tourism, and aviation are many, but the city also earns from real estate and finance as well.

Dubai skyline
Many call Dubai “the city of tomorrow” – and the reasons are clear to see.

If you are moving to Dubai – or locating your business here – then Easy Move Kuwait is the company for you. We can also help you if you are just shipping from Kuwait to Dubai too. With years of experience, reliable and trustworthy service, and safe transportation methods, we are the premier choice for all your logistics needs. So do not waste a second – pick up your phone and give us a call this very day.