Storing furniture the right way: tips and tricks

Sometimes we have more furniture than we can handle. Maybe you are moving to a smaller home and do not know what to do with the excess furniture. Or simply you accumulated more over the years and exceeded the limit. Whatever the case is, the solution is renting storage in Kuwait. Having more space will help you in all those situations. Even if you are supporting your business and must move furniture around. But before you rent one, you must know what storing furniture the right way looks like. And today, we will tell you all about it. Let’s dive right in.

Find a nice place to store your furniture

The first step is to find a reliable storage unit provider It can be a storage-only company or movers and packers Kuwait. Both options are viable depending on what you need and how much money you can invest. But whatever you choose, you must ensure your storage unit is safe and clean. Consider the following:

storing furniture the right way is easy when you have a good storage unit
Find nice and tidy storage that suits your needs and your budget.
  • Units located in municipal areas are safer but more expensive. Find a middle ground depending on your needs.
  • Choose an appropriately sized storage facility where you can start storing furniture the right way.
  • Budgeting and maintaining storage is easy as long as you are working with a legit provider.
  • Never sign a lease longer than a year. Even though it is cheaper, it is better to renew it unless you have an amazing offer and an even better storage unit.
  • Consider investing in climate controlled storage units. Such a unit is easier to clean, and it will keep all your furniture in its original state.

Now, find your storage unit provider online and negotiate the deal. Options are vast and we are sure you’ll find one within an hour or two.

Disassembling is storing furniture the right way

Some furniture you can disassemble to take up less space in your storage unit. Those are usually wooden, and pieces made from plastic. Usually, all wardrobes, desks, tables, armoires, and beds can be taken apart. So, check what you have and disassemble furniture before taking it to storage. Also, prepare your storage beforehand and find a nice place for all the furniture pieces. If you do not have a big enough garage, attic, or basement, you’ll have to go with this option. Disassembling furniture will give you the option to rent a smaller unit and save a lot in the long run.

Packing for storage

You will be storing furniture the right way only if you pack it properly. And you are not only storing furniture but transporting it as well. This means you must pack furniture for moving and get it to the storage unit safely. Use regular packing materials for this task. Simple cardboard, bubble wrap, and corner pads should keep all your furniture protected. Disassembled pieces should be wrapped individually and secured in larger boxes. You can use the same package and store it inside the unit like that. Just make sure to label everything so you can find it when you need it. Also, keep smaller pieces like screws and bolts in designated baggies. You can’t lose any of it if you want to assemble your furniture again. Finally, the bigger and more delicate furniture should be covered with a tarp, blanket, or sheet. It will keep the dust away.

two people wrapping a chair in bubble wrap
Use better-quality packing materials to keep your furniture safe inside the storage unit.

Storing furniture the right way with professional help

You’ll need some help to transport your furniture safely to the storage unit. You can do it yourself if you have a proper vehicle and a license to do it. But probably you’ll have to hire the moving company to do it. Now, you are already renting the storage unit through them, they can transport your furniture as well. It is more than convenient so simply check their moving services Kuwait and find the best moving package for you. No one will pack, transport, and store your furniture better than professional movers. Find them online and ensure they are licensed before you sign anything.

You are ready for storing furniture the right way and now all you must do is go out and purchase all packing materials required. You can find everything in your local store or from the moving company you are renting the unit from. Just ensure your furniture is nicely wrapped and can sit inside the storage for a long time. Good luck.