Types of Road Vehicles for Cargo Shipment

The shipping industry is the backbone of the global economy. If we didn’t notice that before, the pandemic made it clear. With the shipping industry falling off balance, everything did too. Even though two years passed since its beginning, we still feel the consequences worldwide. The majority of movers Kuwait are also getting back to business as usual, that’s why they are available for hire, whether you need moving or logistic services. If you need logistics services, we know how confusing the different types of road vehicles for cargo shipment can be. We are here today to shed light on the topic and help you choose the right one for you.

What are the different types of road vehicles for cargo shipment?

A cargo transportation chain is very complex. It can include different means of transportation, whether by airplane, ship, or road vehicle. Even though road transportation is used mostly for shorter-distance shipping, it can also be partially used for bigger distances. Whatever the distance that you need to cover, there are various types of road vehicles for cargo shipment that our land transportation company Kuwait use. Some of the most used ones are:

  • Tanker transportation
  • Car carrying transportation
  • Curtain sided transportation
  • Flatbed transportation
  • Box truck transportation
  • Temperature controlled transportation

Tanker transportation

This type of transportation is used only for certain industries, as it carries liquids, chemicals, and gases, which can even be hazardous. Straight trucks or semi-trucks can haul the tanks.

Picture of one of the types of road vehicles for cargo shipment
Certain industries need special trucks

Car carrying transportation

Many people entrust their vehicles to international car shipping companies because they use special open trailers that can fit 5-9 cars, making it an environmentally friendlier means of transportation. But keep in mind that the cars will be affected by the outdoor factors.

Curtain-sided transportation is one of the most popular types of road vehicles for cargo shipment

This type of transportation is without a doubt the most popular one. Its ease of loading and unloading makes it the most efficient way to transport road haulage. It is the same as a flat deck carrier, only that it has additional coverage from the PVC curtains.

Flatbed transportation

A close second in popularity to sustain-sided trailers are the flatbed trucks. They are generally used for large cargo, that doesn’t fit in any other container. People enjoy the various benefits it offers, like faster unloading and loading, better security options, and more weight capability.

Box truck transportation

Even though box trucks have the same shape as curtain-sided trailers, they have one big advantage – their metal structure. Companies can transport more delicate goods on these trailers. Anything from household goods to home appliances can be transported since they are 100% safe from the weather.

Temperature controlled transportation

Temperature-controlled transportation is gaining popularity among freight forwarding companies in Kuwait. This is because they have one leading advantage over all the others means of transportation – the possibility to control the environment inside the truck. The built-in refrigerator system keeps temperature-sensitive items safe, at a steady temperature during the whole process. Many products can lose their value, or even go bad during transport, leading to huge financial losses. This is history thanks to these trucks.

Picture of a snowflake illustration
Some types of road vehicles for cargo shipment can control the environment inside the trucks

So, what types of road vehicles for cargo shipment are right for you?

All types of road vehicles for cargo shipment have their unique pros and cons. You need to find the one that benefits your business situation the best. Multimodal transportation might work best, so explore all your options well. We wish you good luck!