Guide to relocating your furniture from Kuwait

Relocating your furniture from Kuwait will be a process that takes time, money, and effort. It is crucial to organize it accordingly and follow the guidelines from professionals. When moving the furniture, you should have a lot of details in mind. One of the most important things is making the process more efficient, faster, and more straightforward. Professional packers and movers in Kuwait usually start by making an inventory list and planning the whole process. It could be the best advice for individuals, too.

Prepare items properly

Although the first step should be decluttering the items, most professionals recommend preparing first. Check furniture thoroughly, especially details, loose parts, and damages. Also, remember all scratches and cracks, and try to prepare and protect those parts first.

It is crucial to disassemble when relocating your furniture from Kuwait

Start from the equipment

As every professional and the best shipping company in Kuwait will recommend, you should start with equipment. Each company needs the proper tool and equipment for shipping, especially if you do not have it. Therefore, you should avoid the problem by relying on a professional company. They will have all you need and know how to use it. However, if you need proper help, try to learn from professionals.

Prepare packing material

Although you may feel that many large boxes for this purpose are good enough, it is more complex. There are a lot of small items, screws, and nails that you must pack into small boxes and bags. Also, prepare all needed packing material.

  • You will need a lot of duct tape, especially for the large and big boxes;
  • Do not forget plastic wrap, Styrofoam, and enough soft material for protection;
  • For relocating your furniture from Kuwait, you should use the best air freight Kuwait.

How to start relocating your furniture from Kuwait?

There are many ways to organize relocating your furniture from Kuwait, but no matter which of them you choose, start with planning. It will help in managing the process and prevent losing time and items. Packing is time-consuming, especially when you need to declutter the furniture.

Empty the furniture and remove loosened parts

It is for sure that each piece of furniture has parts that you can easily remove. The key is to remove all that can fall off during transport. If you do not do it on time, you can get your precious drawer or table without those parts. Also, for the same reason, you should check if the furniture is empty. Only send pieces of furniture with clothes or small items inside. You cannot control the transporting, or if some doors can open.

Disassembling the furniture

Before relocating your furniture from Kuwait, you will need to learn more about the furniture and disassembling. Although we look at the pieces of furniture as one piece, they can separate into smaller parts. Even if you transport with sea freight Kuwait, you must pack minor items. Make sure that you have removed all removable elements. Otherwise, they can fall off, and you will lose them for good.

Learn more about the antiques

If you have antiques in your home, you should be extremely careful. You cannot pack and protect those pieces as other ones. Also, you will need unique packing material, especially if you have expensive frames or detailed tables. Those details can damage you, and you can lose expensive pieces. It is good to estimate the moving costs and the value of those items before packing.

You should be carefuly with fragile and sensitive items

Mirrors and glass

Pieces of furniture usually have fragile parts, most of which have glass. As for the mirrors, works with glass, and you must protect them with special care. There is excellent packing material for those purposes, like wrapping plastic and paper. Do not use newspaper, which can leave dark spots and marks. Also, you can use towels and blankets to protect fragile parts.


On the one hand, mattresses can take up a lot of space, so people usually leave them behind. On the other hand, you can use them for protection. If you put the mattress on the bottom of the vehicle, you can safely pack fragile items on the top. On the other hand, you can set the bed on the side of the car and still protect items. People usually leave old mattresses with stains and buy new ones after moving, so consider this, too.

Be careful with moving

Although the furniture is large, you can get a lot of small pieces after disassembling it. However, move your table with help. There are a lot of situations when you can end with serious problems, like back pain or even worse. The best way to transport is to call friends or professionals who know how to lift and move large pieces of furniture.

Make sure that you have protected all properly

When moving furniture, the biggest problem is not packing itself and protecting it. As the furniture company will transport separately, you need help controlling the process. It may be damaged, or you can lose something during transport. For that reason, make sure that you have protected all.

Protecting depends on the transportation

Your furniture will be protected during transport if you have done everything correctly from the list above. There are low chances that something will damage or loss. However, you cannot control the process, so you can end up with scratched or even broken doors or edges. For that reason, you should protect items adjusting with the vehicle. There are differences between air and sea freight, so act according to that.

Avoid lifting the furniture alone

Rely on company

The company will do the vast job and whole procedure instead of you. Feel free to rely on them for this, or even leave the most challenging position to them. You will see that the whole process is much more straightforward and efficient when you have the help of professionals. They have the equipment, organize transportation to the ports and airports, and can always jump with advice and support. Make sure to make relocating your furniture from Kuwait easier than it is.