How to export a truck from Kuwait to Qatar

It is not so difficult to export a truck from Kuwait to Qatar if you have help from professional moving companies in Kuwait. You can do it by yourself as long as you follow the procedure and gather all the necessary documents. Before you begin the exporting procedure, you might want to evaluate if it is worth exporting your vehicle, considering the value of the vehicle and whether it meets the conditions required in Qatar.

What do you need to export a truck from Kuwait to Qatar?

First of all, you need a residence permit to import a vehicle to Qatar. And you need to get familiar with the customs and exporting procedure. In order to export a truck or other vehicle successfully, you should know what documents you need. If you want to skip all the commotion you can find truck transport companies Kuwait. Having professional help will simplify and expedite the procedure. 

trucks waiting for shipping
The easiest way to export a truck is to use a removal company and ship the truck.

To export a vehicle from Kuwait, you will need a technical check for the vehicle, along with the insurance document. These are requirements only to begin the exporting procedure. After that, you will need documents concerning a buyer.

Here are the documents required for the export:

  • Certificate of origin for the truck
  • Invoice from the purchase or receipt
  • Registration
  • Insurance document
  • Shipping bill
  • Customs declaration
  • Customs Invoice

Importing to Qatar can be complex and often the rules and regulations can change, so usually customs require that you have a removal company that will assist you. Also, you could consider shipping to Qatar and have professionals finish the paperwork instead.

The export and import fees

Usually, the customs duty for importing vehicles less than 5 years old is 5%. You will also have exporting fees like license plate and change on the export license plate fees and variable and fixed export fees.

The main reason to hire a land transportation company Kuwait is to have assistance with these fees and regulations. A good removal company will know exactly what to do and have to do or pay. It will save you time and potentially money to have professionals export a truck from Kuwait to Qatar.

How to import to Qatar?

When you want to export a truck from Kuwait to Qatar, you have to follow the export procedure. If you have a buyer in Qatar, then he will import a vehicle and respectively provide the necessary documents. You need the proforma invoice for selling the truck.

Proforma Invoice to export a truck from Kuwait to Qatar
Prepare Proforma Invoice for a buyer, to export a truck.

Only residents in Qatar can import to Qatar. And they need an export-import license for this. In case you have a partner in Qatar, they have to be registered with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

To export a truck from Kuwait to Qatar is a complex procedure and if you aren’t familiar with it, it is better to hire a shipping company or freight forwarder.