Transporting exotic pets during a move

So, you are planning to pack and move in Kuwait and you have an exotic pet you want to bring with you. Transporting exotic pets during a move can be very stressful for you and for your animal. If you are transporting your pet during a move you will have a lot of other distractions. You can’t fully concentrate on your pet and some animals are very sensitive. Some species will need extra care in this stressful situation. You will need to pick a right moving container or a carrier and create conditions suitable for your pet. Conditions will, of course, be different for different animal species.

Transporting exotic pets during a move to Kuwait – Requirements

Transporting exotic pets to Kuwait is possible but you will have to meet certain requirements. You will need to have a passport for your animal, health certificate and proof of rabies vaccination. There are certain vaccines you need to give to your pet a minimum of four weeks before arrival. That means you will have to start preparing your pet for a move at least a month before your relocation date.

Transporting exotic pet in a cage
When transporting exotic pets you need to start with preparations weeks before your moving date

You also need to count in the time for getting a passport and gathering any other paperwork. For detailed instructions on how to transport an exotic pet to Kuwait, it would be best to contact logistic companies in Kuwait. They will be familiar with all customs regulations regarding entering a country with an exotic pet.

Transporting exotic pets during a move – Preparations

When you are transporting exotic pets to Kuwait, or any other country, there are some things you should do to prepare. Preparing for a pet relocation usually starts a month or even two months before your moving date. That is mostly because some vaccines have to be applied several weeks before entering the country. Also, you will need some time to gather and prepare all the paperwork. Getting all the things you need for your pet will be costly so maybe you should think about that too.

Prepare a moving box for your pet

First thing you should do when you are preparing to transport your pet to Kuwait is to get a moving box in which you will transport your pet. Why should this be the first thing to do when your preparation starts a month before your moving date? It is because you want your pet to go through this process with minimum stress. And to create a familiar and stress-free environment for your pet you should let him get to know his “new home”. If you let your pet get familiar with his carrier it would be of great help when the moving day comes.

Transporting exotic pets – Vaccination

Vaccination has to be applied a minimum of four weeks before you can import a pet in Kuwait. Some animals you need to vaccinate against Rabies, Hepatitis, Distemper and many other diseases.

When transporting exotic pets there are some vaccines your pet will need to receive
There are some vaccines you need to give to your pet before moving to Kuwait

Of course, there are different types of vaccines that are required for different animals. Find an animal hospital in your vicinity and check if they can give you more info about the required vaccines.

Microchipping your pet

All pets entering Kuwait need to have microchips implanted. Microchips have to be compatible with international standards ISO 11784/11785, so watch out for that. Ask your vet to give you more information about microchipping your exotic pet for transporting to another country.

Preparing the paperwork

Moving to another country can’t go through without that boring paperwork. But if you are moving with an exotic pet there will be few more additional papers for you to gather. You will need a passport for your pet. To get a passport your pet needs to have a microchip, all required vaccines and USDA issued a health certificate. Besides the passport you will also need to prepare:

  • Pet import permit. When you are transporting exotic pets to Kuwait one import permit is enough for two pets.
  • International health certificate endorsed by the USDA. The vet will complete the health certificate for your animal. Then you send it to USDA for endorsement and that’s it.
  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of your ID

Transporting exotic pets

When you are transporting exotic pets, there will be some special requirements you need to fulfill regarding conditions in which they are kept. That is why you need to try to replicate those conditions as much as possible during a move. Not only to reduce stress but to keep your animal alive and healthy during long transport. Of course, if your animal lived in the large enclosure you can’t provide it with a place to run or fly inside the carrier. But certain conditions have to be provided. Picking right moving boxes Kuwait for your pet is crucial.

Transporting reptiles

Reptiles are very sensitive to temperature changes so you will need a carrier with climate control. Maybe you will need a water-proof carrier if you have an animal that needs moist.

Exotic pet reptile
When you are transporting your exotic pet you need to make sure that all conditions are met

Of course, it is very important for the carrier to be sturdy enough for the long trip. Also, watch for the air holes. You need to make sure they are opened and check regularly to ensure the regular air flow. Choose a carrier that is not too small to allow your reptile to move and not too big to prevent it to be tossed around the carrier in case of a bumpy ride.

Transporting birds

It is important to know that not all birds are allowed to be imported to Kuwait or maybe it is better to say that birds are not allowed to enter Kuwait at all. Except if you are importing birds that originate from certain countries like Albania, Italy, Ukraine, Palestine, Zimbabwe, Jordan and Thailand as an egg or a one-day-old chick. So if your bird is not a one-day-old chick from Albania you can’t hope for it to follow you to Kuwait. If you are planning to transport a bird in Kuwait you need to inform yourself about the species you can bring into the country. Again, if you can’t find the information you need on the internet your best bet would be to contact long distance movers Kuwait. And ask them to help you.