Who to notify when you move?

Apart from sorting out all the technical things when you’re relocating like hiring movers, packing your stuff and potentially finding a warehouse Kuwait, there are more things to consider. In order to have a successful move that doesn’t cause too much stress, you need to inform people about your move. Instead of waiting until you’ve already moved out, you should take care of this beforehand. Telling different companies and institutions, as well as friends and family, that you’re changing your address is an important step in your relocation. You shouldn’t postpone this, wait until the last minute and then have to rush. So, if you need some help, here’s who to notify when you move.

Notify the post office when you move

Mailbox on a wall. Notify your post office when you move.
Make sure to notify the post office about your relocation. You don’t want your mail going to the wrong address.

No matter where you’re moving from and to, you’ll need to notify the post office. You don’t want all of your personal mail going to your old address. Fortunately for you, you don’t have to go to the actual post office in order to do this. Instead, you can change your address on the official USPS website. If you aren’t able to do this before the move for some reason, there’s no need to worry. You can set up a postal redirect with Royal Mail. That way, all the mail that gets sent to your old house will be redirected to your new address. However, you can only rely on this solution for three months, so don’t stall for too long. So, the post office should be on your list of everyone you need to inform when you move.

Inform your workplace

A handshake
Make sure to inform your coworkers, boss and the human resources department about your upcoming move.

Unless you have quit your job in order to move or you are moving because of your job, you need to inform your employer. Your change in address might not interest your colleagues, but your boss might want to know. Chances are your boss already knows about this, but the boss isn’t the only one who you should inform about the relocation. The human resources department should definitely know about your relocation. Even if your paycheck isn’t mailed to your home address, there are other documents that might arrive at your home. That’s why you should make sure to notify the workplace that you are moving to avoid your personal information getting in the wrong hands or getting lost. So, start mentally preparing for the move and make sure to prepare the people at work as well.

Who to notify when you move? Your bank!

Credit cards in back pocket. Who to notify when you move? Your bank and credit card issuer.
Inform your bank and other financial institutions about your move. Amongst other things, this will prevent your information from getting leaked.

When you’re thinking about who you need to tell that you’re moving, you definitely can’t forget about your bank. Your bank and other financial institutions hold a lot of personal and confidential information about you.  That’s one of the reasons why you should inform these places about your new address. You should do your best to protect important and sensitive information like this from getting leaked in some way. Just like the post office, you can notify your bank and other institutions online, so the distance can’t stop you from doing this as soon as possible. Don’t forget to inform tax agencies as well. There are many things that can go wrong when you move, and you don’t want to contribute to the list by not letting your bank know you’re moving.


It is crucial to change the address for your utilities. You definitely don’t want to end up paying the bills of the person who lived in your new house before you. If you want to avoid this mishap, make sure to change your address.

The basics

  • Electricity: Let your energy provider know that you are moving and changing your address. Electricity is one of the most important utilities, and you don’t want to mess this up. It takes the provider up to 48 hours to update your address, so make sure to do this ahead of time. In some cases, you might get charged for ending your contract early. Ask around and see if you can simply transfer the deal to your new home if that’s the case.
  • Gas: Notify your gas provider about your move and do a reading of gas and electricity on the day of the move. This way they won’t charge you for electricity and gas used after you’ve moved out.
  • Water: Your water provider should also know about your moving date so that they don’t charge you for the water not used by you.


Home office with electronics
Don’t forget to notify your Internet, phone and cable providers that you’re changing our address. You don’t want to have any issues with your electronics.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to live without a phone and an Internet connection. Your electronics are probably very important to you, as they are to most people, and they are basically useless if you don’t have Internet access. Be sure to give your updated address to your Internet, cable and phone providers.

Who to notify when you move

If you’re worried about all the people and companies you need to inform about your relocation, there’s no need for it. In case you’re not sure who to notify when you move, you can always check if you forgot anyone by asking friends or checking online. Though important, updating your address can be a little bit stressful or irritating. Try to stay calm and remember that there are many other things during the move that might cause a headache. Notifying people about the move requires much less work than researching other aspects of the move and, for example, finding shipping companies in Kuwait. After you let all of these places know that you’re moving, you can see if there’s anyone you left out.