How to throw a farewell party?

Moving away to your new home does not only mean that you are relocating your boxes and changing the address in your ID. You are packing your entire life and you are saying goodbye to your friends and relatives. This may be the single most emotional thing that you will do throughout the whole moving process. This is why it is an excellent idea to throw a farewell party. Have fun while you have professional movers from shipping companies Kuwait move your belongings.

Set the date in order to throw a farewell party

The sooner you know the date of your departure the better. Once you know the date when you are going to leave, set the exact date for the party. We highly suggest that you throw a farewell party several days before you actually leave, or even a week and a half before. In theory, it would be great to have a party the night before you leave. However, in real life, you will not be fully relaxed and committed to having fun. Your mind will be somewhere else completely, thinking about all the things that can go wrong when moving.

a calendar photographed up close
As soon as you know the date of your departure set the date for the party, a week and a half earlier is ideal.

Take your time

Organizing a farewell party will not take you a lot of time and it will help you mentally prepare for the move. Amongst all the other things you have to do when it comes to moving, make throwing a farewell party fun and exciting.  Enjoy yourself planning it, stop being an adult for a couple of hours, and forget about all the chores you need to do. In order to throw a farewell party that you will remember for a long time, you won`t need a lot. It is best to start planning it a month before, as you want to avoid additional stress.

Pick the location

If you do not want to throw a farewell party at your home, that is perfectly understandable and even advisable. Imagine your guests going to the bathroom and tripping over boxes.  Or, for example, not having a place to sit because you have already moved your furniture. It would not be a pleasant situation, and as we said at the beginning a farewell party should be as fun as possible. This is why you should feel free to choose your favorite restaurant or a bar. If, on the other hand, you still have not packed, make the farewell party at your home. You should leave the packing and moving to reliable packers and movers in Kuwait.

Farewell party
Throw a farewell party in your home or in your favorite restaurant, just make sure you invite all the people you love.

Make a guest list

Make a guest list for your going away party. This list should reflect your dearest friends and family members. The people that you will miss the most. Do not be afraid of your emotions, you are certainly headed for an emotional rollercoaster here, so make the most of it. There are two possible outcomes, either you will invite a whole bunch of your friends, or a handful of the closest ones. It is your decision to make, and both options are great, as long as you enjoy them. Saying goodbye to your friends is empowering, this night will be a great memory and you will forget about the difficulties of being an expat in Kuwait.

Invitations are important when you throw a farewell party

Once you`ve made the list, do not forget to invite all the people. It would be best if you could send the invitations three weeks before. This is the perfect timing, because if you invite people more than a month in advance, they simply may forget to come. It happens because at the beginning it seemed very far away. Whereas, if you invite them three weeks prior, you have the time to invite people that you forgot about. You can make invitations by yourself if you are up to it. Nowadays you can notify them with a call, or a message at social networks as well. And remember to tell your quests to confirm that they are coming at least a week before. In this way, you will not have any unpleasant surprises on the day of the party itself.

Prepare food and drinks

If you are throwing the party at a bar or a restaurant then this is all set. However, if you are going to throw a party at your house, then you have two options. The first option is to cook and prepare food by yourself. Although this may be time-consuming, it is also fun and you get to cook your favorite food and snacks. On the other hand, you can order food, and save yourself the trouble. Even if you are throwing the farewell party at your home, do not overdo it. In order to avoid tons and tons of dishes, you can order food and buy the following:

  • plastic cups;
  • plastic plates;
  • knives and forks – also plastic.

In his way, after the party is over, you can simply throw the dishes away in a bin. As far as drinks are concerned, it is best to check with your guests what do they like to drink. With that in mind, you can go to the store and buy everything you need.

a man standing in the kitchen chopping vegetables
As far as cooking is concerned you have two options, either cook by yourself or order food from the nearby restaurant.

Decorations are important when you throw a farewell party

If you want to throw a farewell party at home, you should go straight to the dollar store and buy the decorations there. Buy a lot of balloons, they will inhale life into your party. Also, you can buy paper lanterns or sticky wall decorations that you can throw as soon as the party is over. The most important thing about throwing a farewell party is for you to say goodbye to your dearest friends and to celebrate your new life.