Expats guide for moving to Doha

Most of the times, newcomers are very confused when they come to the new neighborhood, let alone a new country. New culture, tradition, and way of life can be difficult to overcome. Reading this article probably means that you are either thinking or plan on moving to Doha. Whether it is for a job, education or simply deciding to start your new life in Doha, there are certain things you as an expat should expect from Doha. Further, in our article, we will provide you with a simple guide to relocating and living in Doha.

Things you should know before moving to Doha

You should know there will be some cultural differences you must be aware before you decide to relocate to Qatar. If by any chance, you are moving from Kuwait and any other neighboring countries then you are in luck. There is no big difference between their laws and regulations when it comes to expats.  A lot of moving companies in Kuwait also provide you with good organization and planning before moving to Doha from Kuwait. Kuwait is a well-organized country with regulated business and laws regarding expats. Because of that, they do know how confusing and hard for foreigners can be to relocate to a new state. Before moving to Doha, check out what other moving services Kuwait provides you as an expat.

The video below will provide you with an areal view of Doha, which can prove useful in making your decision about moving to Doha.

If you are looking to move to Qatar with your family, get ready for some harsh criteria.If you are thinking about moving with your spouse and children, you won’t be able to move to Doha if you are making less than 1900 euros a month. These recent changes were made to be sure you can have a good job that lets you provide at list minimum living conditions for your family.  Also, do not expect to move in with your girlfriend or boyfriend. You must be married to be able to live in Doha. The law requires you to be married or you won’t be able to bring your children with you. Sometimes companies can sponsor visas for your spouse and family. In that case, when they arrive, they will go under a lot of medical exams.

Wedding rings on the floor
Moving to Doha requires that couples are married

Relocating to Qatar and choosing the right way to move

When it comes to moving to Qatar there are few ways you can do it. Especially if you are coming from some neighboring countries such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, or any other close European and middle eastern country. Then you have much more moving possibilities such as:

  • Moving to Doha by air,
  • Relocating by sea,
  • Moving to Doha by land.

Either way has its pros and cons. That mostly depends on the distance and the weight of the cargo you are transporting. Make sure to check all the conveniences your local relocating company provides you. Also, if your company is sending you to another country with their sister companies or other businesses they represent, see if they can provide you with any assistance with your relocation.

Moving to Doha using sea transport

If you want to move to Doha and enjoy the process of relocation than we highly recommend you use sea transportation. It will take you approximately a day and a half from the furthest part such as Kuwait. Commodity and speed come with air transport. If you are going for a quick relocation you should use the air transport. Have in mind, that commodity doesn’t go without its price, so check out the costs of air freights before you settle for that type of transportation.

Transport ships seen from airplane while moving to Doha
Sea transport is constantly developed

Everyday life and lifestyle of Qatar

Although Qatar is an Islamic country, its cultural attractions and entertainment are developed. A rich country such as Qatar cannot close itself to tourism and its foreign workers if it wants to thrive. But it is no different than any other country in the world. In order to adapt to their lifestyle, you will have to make some effort.

  • Making friends in Doha. It is very easy for expats to make friends in Doha. Expat community is small and very tight. All you should do is join some sports club or even start a conversation with your neighbor.
  • Winters are not cold at all. You can easily enjoy outside activities during the winter period. And we have to mention there are a lot of them.
  • You will have to drive to places you want to hang out. Since Doha doesn’t have any downtown pedestrian areas you can go.
Seashore and beach
Winters are warm enough to visit beaches

Healthcare and education in Doha

You can be sure you will have an emergency health care which is free of course. But most expats will recommend you to use International health insurance while residing in Doha. As a rich country, it is only natural that they invest in their health care a lot, putting health care standards pretty high, but also very expensive. The main healthcare provider in Doha is Hamad Medical Corporation. There are also several hospitals that are good for expats such as:

  • American Hospital Doha
  • Hamad General Hospital
  • Al Ahli Hospital
  • Al Emadi Hospital
Stethoscopeon a table
Make sure to have a health care when residing in Doha

When it comes to education prepare yourself with patience. Qatar educational system will always favor their own citizen. Other schools and universities meant for expats are already full. Our honest opinion is that you should apply for a place as soon as you finish moving to Doha. While you wait for an opening, be ready to do some homeschooling. But do not worry. The educational system of Qatar will provide you with all the necessary information you will need on how to teach your kids at home, and what are the most important stuff the should know.

Books on a table
Qatar provides with one of the best educational facilities


Moving to Doha can be exhausting and stressful. This article will give you all the necessary information you will need. Expat life is not that hard when you get the hang of things in Doha. If you have any other pieces of advice feel free to comment below and tell us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!