Moving Fine Art and Antiques Overseas

You are moving, and it is great. But, it is not easy, especially if you are moving fine art and antiques overseas. Prepare for a move overseas in every sense of this word. With the right help and tips, everything will be fine. Do not worry. You should hire a moving company, and talk with them about your delicate items. Check if your moving company has:

  • Expert packing – If you do not know to pack it by yourself, they must do it for you
  • Shipping art and antiques – Moving fine art and antiques overseas are not simple. You probably cannot do that all alone. Vehicles for shipping art and antiques are also important.
  • International agents – Workers are the most important point. Without them everything is irrelevant.
  • Security and insurance – Of course, you are worried about your belongings and you do not want to see damaged items when you open up the boxes.
  • Climate-controlled storage – If you do not have enough space in your new home, you can always search for warehouse Kuwait.

Packing and moving fine art and antiques overseas

As we mentioned before it is a delicate job to do. First, you have to pack your antiques. How to do it? The easiest and safest way is to hire a professional moving company for packing and moving. But, if you want to DIY, then you should follow simple tips. It can be fun and not difficult at all.

How to pack fine art and antiques

Antique red chair.
Antique furniture deserves a special packing, like this old and beautiful red and gold chair

Use the right packaging material. You need to wrap each piece individually for maximum protection, whether the shipping is by land, sea or air. The material you will use is air-bubble foil, corrugated cardboard, loose polystyrene chips, foam sheeting, and paper.

Wooden crates are the best for artwork and antiques, but if this does not work made a custom-built crate that fits squarely around the piece. Also, lining the crate with foam that will provide extra protection. Fragile items such as glass and porcelain wrap in paper individually and pack them inside a crate filled with poly chips. Protect the frames with tape. Give to corners extra padding. Painting should be wrapped in porous paper, which allows the canvas to breathe. And when we talk about antique mirrors and glass panes, these should be protected with bubble airfoil and layered with thick cardboard.

Custom Crating

Making a custom box for moving
You can make a custom box to secure your items. It is not too complicated

If your items are unusual in size then you should make a custom box for them. A custom crate can be adapted to accommodate any item.  A crate can even be disassembled for easier unpacking. Usually, plywood or pine are used for crates. You can make it if you have experience, or you can order them too. Not just for moving fine art and antiques but also for shipping large and heavy items internationally.

Moving your fine arts and antiques

After packing it is time to move. Freight forwarding companies Kuwait have experience with everything you want to move. A reliable moving company is a key to the successful move, especially if it is a move overseas. Tell them if you have special items to move. Overseas mover representatives will be there for you before, during and after your relocation. That’s what you have to check moving company you want to hire. You can also move a piano overseas.

What should have one international moving company

Two packing boxes
The best, easiest and safest solution for moving fine arts and antiques overseas is to hire an international moving company with experience

How to hire a reliable moving company and what should they have? Moving company must provide clarity of international costing which means you know there are no hidden charges. Also, movers should respond to clients’ needs by assigning a dedicated experience international mover representative. If moving company is offering the most experienced packing crews who use the correct packing techniques and materials, then you know they are good and reliable, for sure. Moving fine art and antiques overseas is a delicate job and you cannot give it to anybody.

If you are moving overseas it is little complicated to move fine arts by yourself. You can find affordable shipping companies. You already have enough problems and obligations, and you cannot carry furniture with you, especially not antique furniture and fine art. Hire a reliable moving company in Kuwait and explain to them your request.

Storage for your items

Storage units - in case you need them when Moving Fine Art and Antiques Overseas
A storage unit is a great place where you can put all items you do not need right now. Make sure the storage unit has the appropriate equipment

You may need your items stored for just a few days. Or even longer until your new home is ready to receive them. Some people do not have a space for everything in the new apartment, so this is their only solution. You can put there an old antique desk or watch. The storage unit must have climate maintenance, security management, and fire prevention. Not only for valuable things such as fine arts and antiques but also for any other items you have. Cleaning and organizing your storage unit is important especially if you have valuable items inside.

We hope that we helped you with moving and packing tips. Moving fine art and antiques overseas worth any penny, for sure. You deserve to have your old items in your new home in Kuwait or anywhere else. Good luck with it, after all, you will be happy to be surrounded by your beloved items.