How To Prepare For A Move Overseas

Moving long distance can be so stressful and difficult. Even if it is your dream to live in the country on the other side of the world, it can be challenging. Prepare for a move overseas and everything will be much easier. For this big step, you should hire best international moving companies in Kuwait. Explore the world, try something new and fun, but be prepared.

A globes for moving planing
Explore the world and move overseas. Pick the country and go.

It is time to pack. Prepare for a move overseas and make it easy

You have already decided to move and live in another country. The question is what and how to pack? Begin a little bit earlier than you think it will be enough. Especially if you have little children.

Tips for packing

Follow these few steps and prepare yourself.

  1. Decide what you want to move – Go through every room in the house and decide what to move in your new home.  Emotions may overcome you, so find help. Ask your friend or a family member to help you with this decision. Do not take too many items, especially not the furniture. The size of the new apartment will be different. So, maybe it will not fit there.
  2. Find boxes – Of course, you will need a lot of moving boxes. Find quality cardboard boxes in Kuwait and prepare for a move overseas. You can find them for free. Also, you will need a bubble wrap for fragile items, for example, and vacuum bags.
  3. Moving company – You can’t move your stuff by yourself overseas.  It can be a huge problem. The solution for that is to hire a reliable moving company. One month before the big day, get written confirmation from the company of your moving date, and other details you will need. For example, moving a piano overseas cannot be done without a help.
  4. Sell or Donate – Make some money and sell things you do not need anymore, or just donate them.
  5. Luggage scale – for the final days of packing and preparation for the airport, this item is a “must have”.
  6. Toiletries – Pack enough toiletries for about two months. You do not want to run out of toothpaste right away. Also, pack antibiotic cream, cough drops, nose and eye drops, in one-word first aid box.
  7. Empty the fridge – Eat everything in the freezer and fridge that you cannot move. Do not buy groceries if you have a full freezer.

    A box for moving.
    Find free boxes and start to pack.

Learn the language

Take a language course that you will need in a new country. French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, German etc. Learn a few new phrases in your new language. This is also important for getting a visa too. Most of the countries (especially in EU) are looking for a certificate if you want a permanent visa. The course lasts for approximately 3 months.

Prepare all the documents

There will be a lot of paperwork. For you and your family too, if you are going with them. Also, paperwork for your company. Tons of paperwork you have to finish before moving. The smart and the safest solution is to get a lawyer who can help you. Find one who understands expats. Speaking of taxes, find a professional who can do overseas taxes.

Do not forget to visit your doctor before the moving, too. Get clear and official looking shot records for everyone in your family. Call the banks. Tell each bank where you have an account that you will be moving overseas and give them exact dates if you have them. There are a lot more documents, including passports, visas and other. But, this is different from country to country. It depends where you move. Do not forget to change your address. Go to your local post office and fill out the form.

A checklist for moving
Create a checklist for the documents because there are a lot of them. It is easy to forget something.

Read about the new country

Read about their culture, tradition, and history. That will help you when you get there. You won’t be lost and scared. Study a map, make a must-see travel list or ask your family what they want to see. Make a plan together and prepare for a move overseas completely. That’s how they will be excited too. Organizing your family for relocation is also the important thing.

Condo or house

You should decide where you want to live and what can you afford. Find a good real estate agent and tell him your wishes and what is your budget. Tell him how many bedrooms and bathrooms, do you want open concept kitchen, living room etc. Search online and get information about the rent. Maybe at the begging, it is better to rent an apartment close to your job. Be prepared for compromises. Try to save money when you get there. Do not pay space you do not necessarily need.

Plan your trip from the airport

If your new house is far from the airport, you have to plan a trip. Especially if you are moving with children. They will be tired and nervous. That’s why you should have a good trip plan. Also, keep in mind how will you transport all your luggage and do you need to rent a van?

Prepare for a move overseas by making a trip plan.
Make a plan what to do after you land there and how will you get to the new home.

Moving is difficult, but it can be done with no problems. Prepare for a move overseas and the half of the job is over. It is a big change in your life. New job, new country, new people, and culture. At the begging, it will be challenging and difficult, but you will get used to it. Every beginning is hard. We hope that we helped you with your move. Good luck and take care!