How to prepare your car for shipping?

First, you need to find a special moving company for car transport. For that job, you can get help from shipping companies in Kuwait. So, it will be much easier. Now you just need to prepare your car for shipping. What is important and what to do? Especially if it is your first time, we understand how high is your stress level at this point. Do not panic. With few tips, it is simple and it is not difficult. It does not matter what car you have, every car is valuable for you, and it must be valuable for shipping company you will choose. If you want to ship any heavy and large items you can.

General information about your car

Before you start to prepare your car, you should know some general information about your car. 

  1. Your vehicle must be operational. If your car does not work, additional fees or methods can be applied. Moving or shipping companies cannot accommodate inoperable vehicles on most routes.
  2. If your vehicle has, for example, 4×4-lift kit, oversize tires, camper shell or vehicle lowered, you must tell that to the company you will hire. When you want to prepare your car for shipping, everything must be checked.
  3.  Your car should not be larger than 6’6″ in height and must have a minimum of 6″ from the ground. So, they can safely load and unload your vehicle. If it is not a case, it must be shipped on a different type of trailer.
  4. The transit time will vary depending on the distance of your move. So, when you receive your quote, at the same time, you will receive the typical transit time for your move.

Prepare your car for shipping by following these tips

Preparation is the key for everything you do. So, start on time and make a list, something like a checklist. That’s how you will not forget a step. Before you move, make sure you buy or rent a home with a garage. It is the best for your car and tools. Especially when the temperatures are high. But, if you do not, do not panic. You can rent storage units in Kuwait and the problem is solved.

Wash your car

Washing a car to prepare your car for shipping.
The body of the vehicle must be easily visible for the inspection, so wash the exterior and interior before they come

Wash everything inside and outside. A car should be clean. You do not need to spend hours of your time or lots of money to have your vehicle clean. But, it does need to be clean so that the physical inspection can be conducted. The best is to clean it one day before the physical inspection. A simple drive-thru wash or a quick home car wash is enough for that. Just so the body of the vehicle is easily visible for the driver’s inspection. The body of the vehicle must be easily visible for the inspection.  It is much easier to find damages such as scratches and dings on a clean car.

Take photos

After the wash, check for any damage. Take photos,  for your records, with date stamps of each scratch, dent or paint chip. Anything you find so any transportation damage cannot be subsequently disputed by your car transportation company. When your car is picked up for shipping, have these photos ready and you can mark them on the “Bill of Lading”. The bill of lading will be received at the point of origin and also at the destination of the vehicle.

Remove personal and valuable items

Do not leave your items in the car, because workers or a company are not responsible for anything loose inside your car. Phone, navigation, DVD player, sunglasses, clothes, tools or anything you leave inside is not safe. Also, do not forget a toll tag.  If you leave it in a car, it will likely pick up the fees of each toll your car passes through. It is recommended to remove or disable the alarm system. This rule applies to the exterior of the car.  Remove your antenna and fold your side mirrors in. Make sure the top of the car is secured and you will avoid any possible damage from weather.

Empty gas tank and inflate the tires

You can not completely prepare your car for shipping if you forget to empty a gas tank. You do not need to empty a whole tank. It should only be 1/4 full of fuel. On the other hand, it will only add up unnecessary weight. Your car will not be driven other than to be loaded and unloaded from the transport truck, so do not leave too much gas. Also, make sure you inflate the tires properly.

gas reader
You do not need to empty the whole tank. You can leave 1/4 gas in the tank

Extra keys

A set of all keys for the vehicle is provided to the carrier because they will need keys to drive it on and off the truck. If you do not have an extra pair of keys, make a copy. You do not want to give them the only keys you have.

Extra pair of car keys.
Make a copy of your car keys. Do not give the only keys you have

The final check before shipment

It is our advice to replenish coolants, transmission oil, antifreeze and other fluids if you want to prepare your car for shipping properly. Also, check your car’s odometer and record its readings so you will know if someone was driving a car. If you do not know how to check everything, you can call an auto mechanic. Be sure to know about any mechanical issues or leaks. Mechanical issues can cause many delays. Before your movers Kuwait come, be sure to prepare everything. It is also important because if you move to another country, you will not find immediately an auto mechanic you can trust. Do a car servicing before you move and then you are calm before you find a good car service.

Auto mechanic is checking a car.
An auto mechanic you trust can check everything in the car for you