Tips for Cleaning & Organizing Your Storage Unit

You want your storage unit to be perfect. But, where to start and what to do? It is like you are organizing your Cleaning & organizing your storage unit can be a relaxing job. It does not have to be boring and difficult. With these tips, we will show to you how to organize your “life”. If you are thinking about renting storage units in Kuwait, you will not be disappointed, for sure. This will free up your space in the house and garage.  Also, living there is a great opportunity. If you want to move there, hire reliable logistic companies in Kuwait.

The most important things – Motivation and preparedness

Be prepared, because this will be not finished in one day. Start today, not tomorrow. Also, make a plan. Will you clean your storage unit after work or before?  Ask someone to help you, for example, friend or family member. So, you will finish quickly and have some fun too. Cleaning out sentimental items can be overwhelming, don’t beat yourself up if you become emotional.

Dirty storage unit
This is not clean and organized a storage unit

Start cleaning & organizing your storage unit

Open the storage door, and take a look. Start to open your boxes. One by one. Do not hurry.  Also, clean a house too and pack your items for a storage unit. Make three categories:

  1. Keep  – Separate things you want to save. But, be prepared to get rid of some old things. Of course, you will keep most of the things you have. Separate those items, and make subcategories if you want your storage unit organized and perfect.
  2. Toss –  You will throw a broken vase, glasses or scattered clothes. Put these items in the special box and after the cleaning throw it.
  3. Donate/Sell – Cleaning & organizing your storage unit can bring you some money if you sell old items. Also, you can help somebody and give clothes, shoes or furniture.


When you opened all the boxes and you decided what to keep or toss, label your boxes. That’s how your storage unit will be organized. For example, take a marker and write it on the box “books”,”fragile” or “kitchen”. Also, if you have furniture, cover it with cellophane. You can buy shelves and order all the boxes there. Separate items by importance too (important or very important). If you have a large family put their name on the box if it is their stuff in.

Where to find free boxes

You can get them for free in a lot of places. You should pack fragile items, and clothes too. For these things, you’ll need boxes.

  • Office supply stores – Visit them because they have a lot of boxes. Ask about the boxes that printer are shipped in or other packing material. They always order goods, and those goods arrive in boxes.
  • Grocery store – Of course they have a lot of boxes. And they are throwing them away.
  • Home improvements stores –  Try in a locally-owned small store. Staff is more likely to help you.
  • Restaurants – Glass, bottles, and cans are delivered in strong boxes. The liquor boxes delivered to bars are great for clothes.

How you can see, you do not have to buy it. Free boxes are everywhere. Cleaning & organizing your storage unit can be done without boxes.

Think about materials and weather

This is very important. Because, for example, paper documents not kept in plastic bins can curl up. Clothes and linens can get moldy if you do not put them in vacuum-sealed bags. Also, wood furniture or instruments can swell and fabric can develop mildew if not properly covered. So, think of the weather and how it can affect the materials.

How to organize your storage unit

Storage items in groups such as room, materials or person. Items needed often than other can be grouped near the front, so you do not need to search for them too long. Larger items such as equipment can be located where there’s room to store them safely. You can also organize all of your boxes. Label them, and the bigger boxes put behind and the smaller in front. Some people keep a diagram of their storage spaces near the door. You can take a photo of walls if the storage is not near to your house. These photos on your phone or in a file at home can be helpful before a trip to the storage unit to see if something is in there.

Organized documents and books in a storage
Organize your documents and books and you will have a perfect and clean storage unit

Professional help

If you cannot organize storage unit by yourself, find a professional organizer. Even the most task-oriented people can not do it A professional organizer has no attachment to your items. That’s why they can help you make rational decisions about items. Also, you can hire a service for cleaning out storage units. This is a great solution if you do not have a time for this. Or, maybe you are not physically capable of doing the clean out yourself.

A lot of boxes for cleaning & organizing your storage unit
If you can’t organize and clean your storage unit, hire a professional for that

Cleaning & organizing your storage unit is not so difficult job. With these few tips, we told you it will be much easier. Do it yourself, ask a friend to help you or hire a service for cleaning. However, in the end, point is to have a nice and clean storage unit. If you think about moving to Kuwait it can be a big opportunity for you and your family. You can also move your job there or find the perfect jobs in Kuwait too. It is the great place for education and family too. Good luck with cleaning and organizing. After that, you will be proud and happy, for sure.