Items that are most difficult to ship by air

Shipping your belongings to another country can be a task that requires patience, skills, and some preparation. But, some items are most difficult to ship by air. And you should know more about this topic. Easy Move Kuwait is here to help you out with it and guide you through the whole process. All you need to do is keep reading and find out what you need to expect from it.

Things to know about the items that are most difficult to ship by air

Preparation is the key to everything when it comes to the shipping process. There are some steps you will have to take if you want to keep everything in line and not miss on something important. And also, you need to know what are items are commonly transported by air. These items are:

A plane holding someItems that are most difficult to ship by air
Learn what kind of cargo exists before you find out what items that are most difficult to ship by air
  • General cargo items – These are the types of items that are usually transported without any special preparation. These items do not require some special packing materials or handling while they are transported. It includes consumer goods, retail, dry goods, textiles, and some hardware. To make it simple, these are the items you are using daily.
  • What are the items that require special handling – These are the items that require some time to prepare. Sometimes it can be complicated to move them, so we will dedicate a part of our article to tell you more details about it.

Shipping these items can be complicated if you don’t know how to do it properly. Especially when you don’t have a good shipping company helping you out. Only with the help of professional air freight Kuwait can you be sure that your items will be transported safely. That being said, make sure that you contact them before you do anything.

What to pay attention to when shipping special cargo

When you are about to ship these items, you will have to make sure to follow certain guidelines that can be sometimes complicated. These are the goods that can be hard to prepare for shipping because their dimensions, weight, nature, value, and other factors play a huge role. This means that these items will require special packing supplies, documents, some labeling, and special handling while being moved. And to transport them, you need to follow a lot of guidelines and regulations. These items are:

  • Perishable cargo
  • Wet cargo
  • Items that are temperature and time-sensitive
  • Dangerous goods that can be hazardous
  • Live animals
person signing papers
There are some strict regulations you will have to follow

These are some of the most complicated items you will ship by air. You will have to follow a lot of steps to do this safely. And nothing would be possible without the help of cargo companies in Kuwait. With their assistance, this process will feel like a breeze.

Shipping dangerous items can be difficult

There is a global manual that many shipping companies follow when it comes to shipping dangerous items by air. There are some standard procedures and regulations that everyone needs to follow. It will give you everything you need to do if you wish to properly prepare, classify, handle and accept dangerous items for the move. These rules are updated every year and you will be able to cover everything there is about it. It is a sure way to ensure everything is going according to the law and regulations.

What to do when shipping them

Some items can be really dangerous to ship by air. But, they still can be shipped if you follow certain detailed guidelines. And these items can be shipped only by cargo-only aircraft. It doesn’t matter what kind of aircraft is transporting them, the rules remain the same. So, the first thing is that there are limitations when it comes to the number of dangerous goods you are planning to move. It can be a good idea to learn more about the Kuwait Shipping Laws. This is especially important when shipping flammable items, gasses, petrol, and other items. These items have to be checked daily when being transported.

Shipping your items is something that you should do properly and with care. Especially when it comes to dangerous items that can be flammable. That is why you need to learn more about the 2022 shipping regulations you need to follow. It will help you better prepare for your upcoming shipping process so you can avoid any possible problems.

How are dangerous items classified?

There are 9 categories of this classification. And they are made because it is easy to organize everything that way. Every category requires a different approach to packing and shipping. These categories are:

  • Class 1 (C1) – Explosive items
  • C2 – Gasses
  • C3 – Highly flammable liquids
  • C4 –Solid highly flammable items
  • C5 – Chemicals
  • C6 – Toxic items
  • C7 – Radioactive products
  • C8 – Corrosive items
  • C9 – Other dangerous materials
image of chemicals on the table
Shipping chemicals can be really complicated

There are also subdivisions of these categories, but they still have to follow the same regulations when shipping. And sometimes it can take time to prepare them for the shipping process. In that case, you should consider renting storage units Kuwait where you can keep them safe for time being. This can be a really good idea since not many storage units can provide your belongings with protection. So make sure to think about it before planning anything.

These are the items that are most difficult to ship by air that you need to know more about. With this article, you will be able to ship your belongings fairly easily. Read our blog if you are looking for more interesting moving, packing, and shipping tips and tricks you can follow. It will help you with your plans a lot.