Packing light for a long-distance relocation

Packing light for long-distance relocation is very important no matter how fast you need to move. You will be able to pack faster and easier and save on packing supplies and vehicles for moving. However, you will save much more if cooperate with a good moving company like Easy Move Kuwait.

Prepare for packing light for a long-distance relocation

The most important part of moving is packing and preparing for it. You must know what do you have to pack and where to put those items. More important, prepare for this process with professionals.

  • Long-distance relocation is not easy, especially import a car to Kuwait if you do not have a proper helper;
  • Packing light for long-distance relocation means saving time, money, and supplies;
  • It is important to rely on good moving companies and listen to their advice for moving.
a man packing light
Packing light for long distance relocation is very important for safety and saving money

Make an inventory list

The first step in packing is always making a plan and inventory list. Even though some people consider it unnecessarily and time-wasting, it is a very important step in packing. Not only that you will be able to make a good plan of packing, but you will also have a clue how many items you have and where to pack them. It is much easier to plan a budget and purchase enough boxes for packing and moving.

Lighten your load

Before starting with packing you should make your load as light as it is possible. It means that you should throw away all items that you do not need anymore. The key is in choosing the right items to take with you. Experts say that you should make three piles – for taking, throwing, and donating. Do not think too much about the piles, it is much easier to put items on one of three piles without thinking about them. If you are still not sure about this method, you can rent one of the storage units in Kuwait and put items away for a while.

Take your time

Packing for a long distance is never easy, and the worst part is preparing for this job. Do not leave it for the last minute. You will be better prepared and organized if you have enough time for this job. It means that you should start with packing as soon as possible and make pauses whenever you feel exhausted. Also, you will have time for changes and organizing shipping from Kuwait to the UK in meanwhile.

A packed moving boxes
Prepare as much boxes as you can

How to pack easily?

One of the most important steps is to pack fast and easy, so you will not lose time on boring jobs. Also, you will save money if you have a good organization.

Prepare packing supplies

It could be stressful if you start with packing and realize that you do not have enough packing supplies. In order to avoid these problems, you should prepare all upfront. However, it is not enough to prepare as many boxes as you can. You will need different sizes of boxes, as well as different types of them. For some items, you will need plastic boxes with a good closing system. Also, you may need plastic wraps and sturdy boxes.

Use all you have for packing

Packing does not need to depend on the packing supplies and the number of boxes that you have. You can use many other items for this purpose. Otherworld saying, you should use items that you will already pack and take with you, like suitcases and bags. However, make sure that they are clean and safe, packed well, and with a good closing system.

Do not pack large boxes first

You may feel logical to pack the biggest boxes first, but experts advise quite the opposite. You should pack your items in the smallest bag or box first. In that way, you will save as much space as you can. Packing in small boxes demands using the space creatively and avoiding empty spaces between items inside. In that way, you will be able to use all space that you may have. If you have chosen to use bags and suitcases follow the same advice.

Be careful of too heavy boxes

A person carrying boxes
Good moving company will equip you with good packing supplies

People who have too many books cannot avoid the problem with too much weight in the boxes. Packing boxes is very difficult because they take too much space and always make boxes too heavy. However, you can choose simpler alternatives, like donating books to the local library, or selling them on the internet. If you still want to bring all your boxes with you, make sure that those boxes are properly labeled, so workers know that they are very heavy. Otherwise, they are at risk to get discus hernia.


You can use some tricks

Experts recommend saving as much as you can when packing for moving, but also you can pack faster and easier with these tips. Do not forget to protect your items carefully.

You can use vacuum bags, too

One of the greatest inventors for homes is surely vacuum or compression packing tubes. Those packages are a little thicker than common plastic bags, so they can keep vacuum space inside of them. In that way, you can pack as many as possible items and decrease the space that they take. This method keeps items inside protected from humidity and dust. After the moving is finished you can easily open the bags and bring them all back.

Label boxes

Speaking about the labeling, it is very important to keep all organized during the whole process of moving. The first you need to do is to label boxes properly, so everybody that helps could know what is inside. You do not need to write all that is inside of the boxes, in case you are afraid of stealing. However, you should write if something sensitive and heavy is inside of the boxes. It will make unpacking easier, too.

Choose the right vehicle for moving

After you have finished packing light for a long-distance relocation, you still need to load the vehicle for moving. People usually choose smaller and cheaper vehicles for this, but sometimes you can make a big problem because of that. Before starting with packing make a plan and try to predict how many boxes and packages you may need. In that way, you will easily predict how large a vehicle you may need for moving.