Tips for a Successful Long Distance Move

Moving can be so stressful and difficult, especially if it is a long distance move. But, it is not a reason to cancel it. You just need to be prepared. If you are moving with your family, talk to them. Get support from each other. However, you will need few tips, to handle it better.

A road in desert
Be brave and take the first step. Moving can bring you a lot of opportunities

Long distance move doesn’t have to be difficult

Most of the people are afraid of long distance moving. And it is reasonable. But, you do not have to be afraid, just be prepared. Get the right information about your move and ask for help. Follow these few steps. Here is what you should do before the moving.

Paperwork, the most important step

Check if you have all documents toy need for you and your family. Hire a lawyer who can help you. Passport, visa, document for your company and school for kids. Some countries are looking for a medical record that you are healthy or a proof that you have no criminal record. Make sure you have everything you need.

Check the documents of you want successful long distance move
Hire a lawyer and make sure you have documents you need

Make a plan before the move

A long distance move is a major event. That’s why you need to make a plan and your move will be successful. For example, hire moving company in your area about 3 months before you are planning on moving. Also, find shipping companies in Kuwait.  Plan ahead to make sure you are not forgetting anything important.


The cost of your move is going to be based on the weight of the things you will ship. When we talk about shipping, freight forwarding companies in Kuwait are specialized to help you to store and ship your goods. Before the move, go through every room in the house and decide what to take with you in your new home. But be realistic. Do not let emotions overcome you. Ask your friend to help you with this decision. Consider holding a garage sale before your move or donating unneeded furniture and clothes. Keep in mind that new apartment will be a different size, so your furniture may not fit in. If your new home is smaller than your current home, plan what items will go into each room. Pack and move furniture you will need for sure.

Living room with furniture
Go through each room in your house and decide what to take with you. Keep in mind that your furniture may not fit in

Also, think about the weather in the country you are moving to. If snow falls steadily, you will not need all summer shoes and dresses.

Search for moving companies

Do some research about your mover. For long-distance moves, it is also a good idea to move with a large established van line, for example, because these van lines have significantly higher hauling capacities.

In-home moving estimates

When you decide what to take, get in-home moving estimate, from the local moving company. This allows them to give you an accurate price and also helps you get a feel for the moving company you are considering hiring.


Start to pack a little bit earlier than you think you should. If you are packing yourself, then you should know how to do it:

  • Label – Label all boxes. If you want successful long distance move or any move, you should do that. Write on the box what is inside. Fragile items, shoes, kitchen, toys etc. This will help you after the move.
  • Plastic wrap – This is very important for packing fragile items. Wrap them in the plastic wrap and newspaper and protect them from breaking.
  • Food – Empty your fridge and freezer. Cook everything you have. Do not buy unnecessary groceries.

    Boxes for packing and moving
    Label boxes. It will be easier for you later

Read about the new country you will live in

It is important to search for information about your new country. Read about their history, tradition, culture, and food. Make a  list what you want to see and visit there or your family if you are moving with them. It is good to be prepared. It will be much easier when you arrive. Learn the language, take a course. It can be a requirement for obtaining a visa.

Also, it is important to make a plan how you will get to your new home after you landed. Do you need a van for your suitcases? Or, someone will wait for you?

What to do after the move is over

You’ve come to your new home. But, what next? For the successful move, you have to be prepared for the things that come after.

  1. Check major appliances and furniture – Make sure all appliances and electronics are working such as dishwasher, TV, a stove etc. Do not forget that your insurance policy has a limited time in which to make a claim.
  2. Unpack the things you need immediately – You will need clothes, shoes, shampoo, plates to eat for example. Do not unpack everything you brought right away.
  3. Update new address – Maybe you can update your address online. If you cannot do that go to the local branch. Also, transfer your medical record and all of the documents you need for school or company, your family etc.
  4. Enjoy – Visit the places you wanted. Relax and take time for yourself. Go to the restaurant and try their food. Meet new people and neighbors. Walk around the neighborhood. You deserved a break after that stress you had.

    Man walking after the move
    Relax. Take a tour around the neighborhood.

A long distance move is a big step in life. That’s why we hope that we helped you with these few tips. Remember, be prepared because some things will not go according to plan. So, good luck and enjoy in a new country. Explore their tradition, culture, and food.