Tips to Help your Kids Cope With Moving Stress

It is time to move. You have to do a lot of things before movers arriveBut with all the problems you already have you should help your kids cope with moving stress. They are probably confused and scared. Your stress affects them too. It does not matter how old are they. Try to spend time with your family and talk with them. Listen what they have to tell you. If you do not know what to do, continue reading this text and learn a few tips that could help you.

Writing a word stress on a paper
Dealing with stress is not simple. Find the perfect way to help your kids

Include your children in preparation and packing

It is important that they do not feel rejected. Maybe you do not pay enough attention, and of course, you did not want that. It is normal with that tress you have with paperwork, packing, cleaning, to forget about your children’s feelings. When we talk about packing, include them too. First, you will need boxes. Pick the right moving boxes Kuwait and ask for some help. Tell your kids to separate their toys and clothes. What do they want to keep or toss? Explain how it is important to donate some toys to other children. Also, ask them to label boxes and to draw something it.  Pack and move in Kuwait with your kids’ help will be fun and easy. You have to help your kids cope with moving stress in all ways. 

Sad little girl stressed because she is moving
Include your kid with the organization. Do not let them feel alone and sad

Announce moving in time

The key is to prepare them. A child did not make this decision, and he/she can’t imagine what it will mean for his/her life. Explain this to your kids, but not try to talk children out of their feelings. Their stress will be lower if you announce moving in time. That’s how they will have enough time for preparation. They will leave friends, classmates, school and you have to understand them. It is a big change for you and them too. It is important to avoid injuries during your move. Any kind of injuries. Physical and mental.

The clocks
The clock is ticking. Pick the right time to announce moving and prepare your kids

Help your children understand what moving could bring to them

If it is possible, visit the new place. Take your kids to see their new school, for example. If you have a little girl, go to the mall. Stop at the local library or green market to buy a fresh fruit. Explore a new neighbor with them before the moving. 

Make plans together. It is a great way to help your kids cope with moving stress

They can make plans for the future home. Let them design their future bedrooms, for example. What do they want? What color, carpet, toys etc. They will be excited for sure. For example, your kids can make a wishlist. Also, read together about the new place you will live. The neighborhood, explore what museums, theaters, and parks the city has. Take your child with you to look at potential neighborhoods and houses. If your child can’t join you, take a phone and turn on the video call. Also, make a plan for a new school. Prepare them for that big step.

Let them have a party with friends

Do not call it “goodbye party”, call it “see you soon party”. That’s how they can exchange phone numbers and a new address, so they can stay in touch. Helping children say goodbye is important. Plan a trip back to the old hometown so they can visit friends. Sadness is healthy and it will make their adjustment easier. Also, you can go to favorite spots in your town to say goodbye.

What to do after the moving

Help them to adjust. Be supportive and they will be happy. There are some tips how you can help them with stress.

  • Set the kids room first – They should participate. Decorate the room together. With older kids, give them a budget, so they can make a plan for themselves. The rest of the house may be in chaos, but your child will have a calm and safe space. It is more important.
  • Go to the playground and find the best food – You have to help your kids cope with moving stress, and the best way to do it is a sport. It has been proven that sport and physical activity have an effect on mood. After football, basketball, tennis etc you can go to eat a pizza or burger. Take the whole day just for them. It is not a waste of time.
  • Find a group for them to connect with other children – They should stay in touch with their old friends, but on the other hand, the new friendships are also important. For example, they can be part of extracurricular activities in school or start to practice some sport. There are a lot of solutions.
  • Visit the new city – Go to the theaters or museums. Let them meet the new city. You can make a picnic in the park. Also, the good idea is to invite your new neighbors to come with their kids.

    Girls room. Help your kids cope with moving stress by letting them decorate their bedroom
    Your children will be happy and excited because they can decorate a new bedroom however they want

Moving is difficult for everyone, especially if you have kids or you need to relocate your pet. Your job is to help your kids cope with moving stress and to prepare them. Let them tell you their feelings or maybe the ideas for the new house. We know how it is difficult to spend time with children when you have hands full of work, but try to be there for them. In the end, this is the most important things to do.  Good luck with new life. Remember, your kids cannot be happy if you are sad.