Children’s Activities in Kuwait

Are you thinking about moving to Kuwait with family? After you’ve got all the documents you need to find international moving companies in Kuwait. It is a great decision. But, on the other hand, you are concerned how your children will spend their time. Children’s activities in Kuwait are fun as in any other country in the world. Do not worry about that. Where you move, children will find something interesting and fun for them. We are here to help you with preparation. Because moving is stressful, especially if you move with children. Your job is to be there for them and to give them support. They will be scared and confused. New country, probably a different lifestyle, culture etc. This can be a problem even for an adult person, not just for kids. So, help them to find activities and make new friends.

A superman-kid
Do not worry too much. There are plenty of children’s activities in Kuwait

The State of Kuwait is situated along the northern edge of Eastern Arabia. Also, get information about the costs of living in Kuwait. Utility costs, education costs for kids, renting…It has become one of the top locations for expats from all across the globe. About 70% of the workforce in Kuwait is made up of foreigners. Good quality education is at the first place, but kids must have fun. That’s their job, besides learning.

Bring their old toys before you find children’s activities in Kuwait

Before you move, separate kids toys. This will be helpful at the beginning, only until you fit in. When we’re talking about packaging, of course, you will need moving boxes Kuwait. Ask your kids to pick their favorite toys. It will be enough while you do your unpacking. But, just in case, learn something about children’s activities in Kuwait. It is important to prepare yourself and your kids, especially if you are moving overseas.

Before you find children's activities in Kuwait, give them old toys
While you are arranging a new house, take out kids’ toys. Do that first

Where can kids have fun in Kuwait? What to do and where to go?

Do not worry too much about how you will find fun activities. Talk with your kids and ask them what they want to do Maybe they can try something new. Keep in mind that the majority of the available options are in the capital, Kuwait City.

Academic activities

Children must work on their education. This will give them an opportunity to socialize with others and be part of the new community. Luckily, parents in Kuwait can choose to introduce their children to topics such as engineering or medicine when the children are young. There are plenty schools for that (The little scientist, Institute Francais, ArchiKid Academy, Young Doctor’s Academy, Engineering for Kids). If you come from a country where Arabic is not spoken, they should learn the language and take a course after school. 

Art Classes

Children are creative, mostly. They love to draw, paint, dance, sing, cook…There is a lot you can do to develop this talent in your little ones. Kuwait institutes have courses on different types of performing arts. Some of the classes are Artspace Café, Ballet for Girls, Center of Arts, The Cute Bakery, Dar Al Athar Al Islamiya Children’s Programs (DAI), Kuwait Music Academy and many others.

Kid cooking
let them explore themselves too. They can try something new. Cooking is one solution


If your kids were playing sports before, it would be nice to continue with the same sport or they can change and try something new. Sport is very important for health and body. Also, it is a great way for stress. Kuwait has a lot of sports clubs. The most well‒known sports are AC Milan Academy, Aqua Tots Swimming School, Arsenal School, Capoeira Kuwait, Checkbom Tennis Lessons, Horseback Riding at Natural Horsemanship &Equestrian Facility, Hoop Mountain Basketball. As you can see, your kids can choose between many sports. Even, the weather in Kuwait is hot, they have winter sports too. Promenade Ice Skating is a place where they can enjoy in winter sports.

Kids playing soccer on the playground
Sport is important for health. Also, they will have a fun activity with their new friends

Let them learn about Kuwait

Kuwaiti history is rich. Culture, tradition, and different religion are new things for them. Let them explore that. You can together to the Kuwait National Museum, House of mirrors, Tareq Rajab Museum of Islamic Arts, Grand Mosque, even to the shopping malls such as 360 Mall and Villa Moda. They can learn a lot of things, and you too. Together with them. Spend a weekend with family and explore this beautiful and rich country. Another weekend ideas for the whole family are:

  • Magic Planet – This is indoor area meant for children. We told you not to worry about children’s activities in Kuwait. There are several rides, amusements, and games.
  • Infinity – It is located on Level 3 within the 360 degrees Mall. Infinity offers an array of entertainment activities including roller coaster rides, drop tower, video games, rock climbing, bowling and many others fun activities for kids.
  • Colour Me Mine – This is a ceramic design and painting cafe. If your kids love art they will enjoy here for sure.
  • The Scientific Center – It has a world-class aquarium, IMAX Theatre, and Discovery Area. Food and beverages are available, so you can spend all day here.


Like any other country, Kuwait also has a lot of activities for kids. People are nice and the quality of living is satisfactory. Children’s activities in Kuwait are also fun. But, it has one advantage. In addition to being active, they will learn something about the new country. This has no price. Living in Kuwait is a priceless experience. You should have activities too. There is a lot of fun for expats in Kuwait. Ask them what they want to try, what to see, and where to go. Remember, childhood should be the best part of life. Your job is to provide them that.